Video Clip Of Cathe's Fit Tower Cardio Legs Live workout


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This video clip is from Cathe's Thursday, September 28th "Fit Tower:Cardio Legs" live workout and is our 167th live broadcast. Get ready to work your legs to the ultimate level!!! Rounds of barre based cardio exercises, followed by barre based leg/glute sculpting exercises, followed by traditional dumbbell strength training exercises. W.O.W....or should I say OW !!! Come ready to work!

Equipment Needed:

Fit Tower (optional chair if you don't have a fit tower)

10 or 12 pound Dumbbells

Firewalker Band (fitness loop)

Fitness Mat

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For anyone who is interested, this is more or less the same workout we did Saturday morning at the Daytona Road Trip. We were using chairs rather than the Fit Tower, and we were limited to 5 pound dumbbells, but it was still a great (and fun!) workout.

I had a feeling when I saw this workout on Live that I'd be seeing it again at the Road Trip, and I was right! :D I'll definitely be doing this one again!


"Shallow, Deeper, Lower"....words that invoke fire in your thighs, calves oh I can't feel those legs, YOWZA! Cathe may have missed a few reps but she certainly made up for it at the end!

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