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I had my well woman check-up last week (3 months late, didn't have the $$ in December when I normally go, have insurance, but also have a high deductible and couldn't afford the full office visit) and my gynecologist said my uterus felt enlarged and was pretty sure it was a fibroid so he ordered me to go for an ultrasound. Luckily was able to get that worked out on a payment plan with Kelsey Seybold. So, I found out yesterday that I do have one small fibroid. I'm 37 and my mom has them as well. Good thing is the doctor doesn't need to see me back, his nurse just said if I have any problems, such as period problems to let them know. I wouldn't have known otherwise, fortunately, I don't have any period problems and I'm thankful that I don't get cramps, PMS, or anything like that during the time of the month. When I was 16 and got serious about working out, all that stuff disappeared.

Just wondering if anybody else has dealt with these?



Hi Amanda,
I have a fibroid too. I was diagnosed with it last year. So far, my only problem is heavy bleeding, but even this isn't every month. I would say, go with what your doctor says. Don't worry about it unless it is causing you problems.



Hi Amanda,

I was diagnosed with 3 uterine fibroids last year (I'm 44). I had all 3 laparoscopically removed. In my situation, I was having multiple problems. Major cramping during high intensity exercises, painful menstrual cycles, and discomfort during ovulation. For me, the obvious choice was to have them removed. I am so happy that I did, because I'm no longer experiencing those symptoms.

I also agree with Melissa, there is no need to worry unless your in discomfort. Fibroids are very common, as many as 3 out of 4 women have uterine fibroids sometime in their lives, most are unaware because they often cause no symptoms. Fibroids are also hereditary...



about 5 years ago I had the Novasure procedure done (they go in and remove the uterine lining) to try and stop my HEAVY periods. Did not work. Last year I went in for my annual checkup and my doctor say "uh, that's interesting..." I had a fibroid cyst protruding from my uterus into my cervix...had it removed (was the size of a golf ball). THis was in August...did lighten my periods...and YAY I haven't had a period the last two months!!!!!! Looking back thru my records, I had a vaginal ultrasound done in 2011 and they did notice a small fibroid...just keep an eye on it...I had no pain, no clue it had gotten so big.


Last year my fibroid was causing my uterus to be the size of a 16 week fetus. I'm pretty sure it's grown since then. I don't have any ill effects from it(bleeding, cramps, etc). At this point the sheer size of it is becoming a problem. I can feel it when I lay on my back and I'm pretty much at the point where I need to do something about it. Not looking forward to whatever that might be.


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I have three fibroids but my doctor did not remove them because he said it would damage my uterus. I was trying to conceive at the time and didn't want to risk it. My symptoms have almost disappeared with a healthier diet and exercise.


My uterus was the size of a 20 week pregnancy. I went through menopause 6 Yeats ago. Unfortunately, they did not shrink.

Recently, it was decided that I needed a colon resection. It couldn't be done due to the size of my uterus. So, out came the uterus through a full open. Couldn't do it laparoscopically due to scar tissue.

Anyway, I didn't realize that this uterus was pressing on my bladder and colon. Had it out and boy is my body functioning better. Haven't had a diverticulitis attack since.


Oh boy! This is sore subject for me. I had an 8 cm fibroid and it caused pain and heavy bleeding due to where it was located. I tried everything under the sun to avoid a hysterectomy. It was too big for ablation to be helpful. I had an embolization done, but that only helped for so long. My fibroid did shrink, but it ruptured and I ended up having an "endless period". I ended up getting the hysterectomy after all. If it isn't bothering you, just keep on keeping on. There are many different "opinions" about what causes them and what makes them grow. If at any point your doctor recommends a procedure or any sort, please get a second opinion. Best wishes! :)


I have not had any issues with fibroids, but I am currently reading 'What your doctor may not tell you about premenopause' by Dr. Lee. I'm finding it very enlightening. I would highly recommend this read as it does mention this issue and ways to manage it. It has certainly given me some interesting things to consider.

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