urgent help needed.


Hi everyone,
Need your opinions again.I am recovering from hip bursitis and have been recommended to keep it low impact for a while.So i'dlike to get a few dvds.
I think i've already decided on
low impact circuit,
travel fit,
high reps(i was going to get as i can use that now as i have been told i can do upper body work,in the upper body section of the dvd do you use your legs much)
now i've looked at the MMa boxing and thought that looked low imapct and the one legged hops could be done on a trampoline,with the jumps over the rope too ,i can jump side to side on the trampoline.
The two am unsure about are the
low max(which people have said to too difficult to crasp and the body fusion and low impact step combo.

I'd like to get them while there on offer so any opinion would truly be apprecaited.many thanks all,mel


You are right on target with your selections! I had hip bursitis over the summer and lived on a rotation of MMA Boxing, Lowmax, LIC, and Low Impact Step for cardio. You may need to skip sections of the blast in Lowmx if your doctor has told you to avoid squats & lunges. I didn't skip them I just kept the movements really shallow. I think you'll like all the workouts. They still give you a decent workout while protecting your joints. ;)


You may want to check out Anni Mars' Cardio Force workout and Gin Miller's Classic Moves, both are almost entirely low impact but still get your heart rate up there!


thanks girls.I've written those down and I'll look them two dvds up on amazon later.Lisa ,could i ask a question did you exercise while it still hurt or did you give yourself rest.also booked in for the injection ,in both hips.How long before you could exercise comfortably,how did you start back exercising again,if you stopped.Sorry for all the questions its been two weeks of pilates and upper body and planning the comeback is the only thing that keeps me sane.best wishes,mel

sorry forgot to ask is the low max quite tricky.also just when i get abit stronger the intensity dvd has HIIt lo on it is it worth buying it just for thatisthat hiit low impact but high intensity ,how long?many thanks girls,mel
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You may want to take a look at MMA Kickbox, depending on your approved activity level. It is lower impact that Boxing, is fun and the moderate impact moves are easily modified. Depends on your hips though. Check it out.


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Workout suggestion

My favorite low impact workout (where I still get a workout) is Gilad step and tone. The hand weights really boost your heart rate up. No need to jump!

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