Turbo Fire Revisited


For those of you who invested in TF over the summer, what did you think of it? Is it worth the purchase or did you get bored with it? Anyone still doing the workout?


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I enjoyed Turbo fire. I like Cathe's HIIT much better. I do like turbo fire's music!! Gets ya going.


I love TF. I'm still doing the workouts, especially when I don't have much time and need a shorter workout (2-3 times a week). Chalene's HIITs aren't nearly as tough as Cathe's, but they're still decent. I got the advanced workouts as well as the regular ones, and I quite often do the Upper and Lower body workouts, which are just 20 minutes each but pretty thorough. And I just love the dancy kickbox workouts.

So for me, it was a worthwhile investment.



I love the music and energy in Turbo Fire. The HIIT workouts and 45EZ are my favorites. I appreciate the different lengths of the HIIT workouts (15min ,20, 25,30) because I can add them on to workouts or do them when I am short on time.


I did the workouts this summer and I am doing the workouts again this month for the second time.

I agree the music gets you going.
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I followed the TF rotation, well the cardio part, for 10 weeks, I absolutely loved the workouts, but all of a sudden, I just did not want to do them anymore. I never should have done a rotation like that, I get too bored easily, but was truly amazed I made it to 10 weeks before I hit that wall. I did not like any of the strength dvds, but I don't like working with a band for a full 30 minutes, I find it really boring. However, I still am very happy with my purchase, and am just taking a break for a while from these so I can enjoy them again in the future.

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