Turbo Fire & ChalLEAN Extreme Rotation?


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Has anyone ever done the Turbo Fire & Chalene Extreme Rotation? I just got both of them but not sure how to combine them. I've never done either workouts yet but needed a bit of a change up in my routine. I did do a search but couldn't find anything.



I've done both Chalene Xtreme and Turbo Fire and loved each of them and still like to through in Turbo Fire workouts, both are fun and effective. In page 57 of the Turbo Fire book you will find a hybrid schedule with Turbo Fire and Chalene Extreme, it is behind the Turbo Fire class schedule. I hope you find this ok and have a blast!;)

Enjoy the FIYAH!:)


Roxie 1965

The Turbo Fire kit comes with a book that has a hybrid rotation using these two systems and I think Chalene has one on Beachbody.

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