Too Much Off the Beat, Not for Me


I like the fact that I have to focus on what I'm doing with "off-tempo" moves. It prevents me from using momentum and going into that auto-pilot state. It is just another way to confuse the body and brain and make new neural connections. I think of it as Neurobics :).


I love this new series and that it is off the beat. This is something that I haven't seen Cathe do and it makes perfect sense that want to confuse the body particularly since these are shorter workouts. There are a few moves in this series that I can't do off the beat but because I am on carpet and can't get myself to spin around in time to keep up, so I modify the movement. I also like having music in the background so glad she continues to add that part. Off the beat movement gives me another level to work towards and after having done all the workouts now RWH is one of my favorite series to date.

Thanks Cathe for all the hard work you put into putting these together. There are only a few fitness instructors that I like and you are my number 1. I can't wait to see what workouts you come up with for 2015.

Thanks again :)

P.S. thanks for getting the ab workouts on all discs, so I can go to it whenever. That was the only thing about X-Train is I don't remember which discs has the bonuses and challenges so I forget until I end up doing the workout (which could be months in between). If you all can add that feature going forward would be great!


I did low impact 1 again this morning, and to be honest I really don't even notice the beat. I'm always off beat anyway, so this is just one less thing to worry about. When I'm doing Hiit or drill-type cardio, I really don't pay much attention to the beat: I'm just trying to do my best.

I want to echo the thank you for having the ab workouts on all the discs. This is a big help.


Thanks for the response, Cathe.

I wouldn't know a beat if it smacked me upside the head!!! So if you say we're on or off the beat I just agree!! For these fast moving workouts, I just go as fast as I can go. And for the low impact, I find some are easier if I modify or take my shoes off, because I'm on carpet and my sneakers stick on some of the moves.

For traditional step and things that are on the beat, I just set my timing to everyone else's. I'm just beat-challenged.

Nan :)


I'm glad I'm not the only stumbling over their own feet when trying the keep the pace of Cathe and the girls. As someone else said, I think carpet does make some moves harder to keep up with. At least that's what I try to tell myself. I don't use a mat either, just an "imaginary" space which I don't have a problem with. I DO wish the music was faster as I find it easier to move to the music...;)


I'm always off beat anyway, so this is just one less thing to worry about.
:) Murfmom, I'm also off the beat more often than I care to admit!
I wish I picked up choreography faster . Since I began working out with Cathe, I've got better but still have a long way to go.:)
That said, moving on the beat ( or at least trying to / working to improve sync with the moves ) is very important for me. It increases the fun factor of the workout immensely!
It is possible to move on the beat during HIIT workouts - Turbo Fire is a good example for this.
I find in Turbo Fire, the music fits the speed & changes of the movements perfectly and solves the problem with Chalene's far-from-perfect cuing.
(I hope I'm not breaching the forum rules .admin, please delete it if needed.)
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You can only do an exercise to a beat that works with a beat. Not all exercises or exercise sequences work with a beat and unless you want the video to sound like a bunch of drunken musicians this is not possible. Also in a "true" HiiT workout the idea is to go all out based on your ability. Since different people perform a maximum movement at different speeds, it is not possible to select a tempo that everyone can max out to. If everyone can follow the beat of the music then many of the exercisers are not pushing as hard as they should. In a steady state workout this is fine, but this is not always true or desirable in a HiiT workout or in a heavy weight workout. Hence the reason we don't always follow a beat for every exercise in these type of workouts.

We have hundreds of videos that strictly follow a beat and a 32 count phrase, but we also have videos that contain exercises where following a beat is not done because it would take away from the effectiveness of the workout.

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