Tommy girl is here (it's about time)


For all who are stil waiting keep working out I really think it helps when it counts.

I had a beautiful daughter on 03-30-2000 at 3:29 pm. You all were so supportive, thanks so much this sight is responsible for keeping my dedication to exercise even when I thought I'm too
tired, too bulky, and I just don't want to do it.
I could pull up this sight and get all the encouragement for me and ten other women. (btw she was 6#'s and 18.5 inches edd 04-03-2000)

The delivery it self was 15 min and natrual (not by choice got the epi but no meds with it, by then
I did'nt care labor hurt, not pushing the baby out). After having 2 babies that spent time nicu
and a c-section this failed vasectomy baby was the perfect pregnancy and delivery what a way to end.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL, and happy memories and a fast




Congratulations Jessica and Family

Way to go! You did it!! Congratulations to you and your family.

Keep doing those kegels!

Sheila Watkins


Congratulations Jessica!

Congrats on your little bundle of joy. Glad to hear it all went fine and I'm certain that your exercise truly helped! Take it easy working back up to your normal level and keep us informed on your little one!

Cathe Friedrich

So happy for you!

Hi Jessica! Another healthy and beautiful baby. Wow, this is really exciting. What is your baby girl's name? I'm glad everything went so wonderfully well for you. Keep us posted on your postpartum progress. Congratulations Mom, Dad, and family!

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