Todays lesson a trampoline is not a rebounder

NRG Woman

Today a friend and I got to go to a local trampoline park using a Groupon I had purchased.

OMG, what a hoot. I thought I would be really good at it because of my fitness background and by having a rebounder. Ha!! I hopped onto the first trampoline, right in front of all of the watching parents, and bounced directly on my face :rolleyes: Then I tried to go from one trampoline to the next and tripped over the padding :rolleyes: It was the funniest thing. I think several people got video of it so I may see myself on YouTube :eek: :eek: Over the next hour we managed to get the knack of it and had a great time. In fact we are planning on going again next week. I have to say it was such a fun activity for the two of us to get away from life for an hour and just let loose. We both came away with a complete attitute adjustment. They even have fitness classes that we are thinking of taking.

If you get the chance to go to one of these places I recommend you give it a try.


I love trampolines! I had one in my backyard growing up. A place just opened near my house that does group bootcamp classes. They look really fun! Expensive, but fun. If you do end up on YouTube, you have to let us know!


Loved, loved, loved the trampoline as a kid and young adult. We had a trampoline park here, and it was always a treat to get to go. Unfortunately, it was closed for liability reasons and none ever opened again. I'm surprised to hear they are still around. I hope you get to enjoy yours again soon. Fun!


What fun

After reading your post, I did a search and there is a place here in San Francisco! Now I just have to convince someone to go with me.


They sound and look like fun. However, our local news station just did a long segment on the dangers of trampoline parks. I'd be surprised if these last. There have been quite a few accidents........ :)


We're taking my my oldest for her birthday this weekend. I'm sure there will be much carnage with 3-6 year olds, 2-9 year olds and 2...well 30 somethings bouncy around. I can't wait!! :)

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