Today's Abs Diet Checkin


I haven't seen a checkin for the Abs Dieters, yet, and I couldn't here it is! :)

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me:

-WW toast with B&B spread for breakfast
-Figure 8 protein shake for snack
-almonds for snack
-Faux Fried Chicken (recipe is in the Abs Diet Guide) & salad for lunch (I forgot my dressing, so I had to eat some "bad" dressing - eeewwww)
-I got weak and had a snack bag of mini m&m bite size cookies ( I know - I know -- bad catwoman! Silly me forgot to take more almonds to work for my pm snack)
-Veggie pizza from Donato's + breadsticks (not the greatest dinner, but I was super-pressed for homework time and didn't have time to make dinner, so I at least got the veggie pizza, which isn't too bad...but the breadsticks didn't help)

Okay, so yesterday was an "okay" day foodwise. Not the best, but not the worst, either.

But here's the great news: I weighed myself this morning, and I've lost another pound. My digital scale was actually fluctating back and forth between two weights, which usually means I'm on the edge of more like a 1 1/2 pound loss. And I'm retaining water right now!!! I can't wait until the bloat is gone to see what my weight loss REALLY is!


My Abs Diet book and Guide just arrived yesterday. I've read most of the book and I love the writing style and all the great info! I'm already eating pretty similar to the Abs Diet, so this should be an easy transition. Ordered the Abs Diet workout with Tom Holland too. It comes out next month. :)


Hi friends. Good to hear of the loss Catwoman. Pupswife, I'm excited to do this with you! Today is day one. My fiance & I just made some of the recipes for the week to come & froze them. Here's todays food:
B- Power shake
S- celery with 2 tbsp. pb
L- turkey sandwich, apple, 1 cup high calcium ff lactaid
s- almonds & strawberries
D- Matso Meatballs (recipe in book)
S- power shake
I also did Cathe's legs & glutes today. LOVE that!!!


C4, sounds like you've got a good food plan!

I flipped thru the Abs Diet Eat Right Guide today and was really happy to see that I'm eating the Stoneyfield Farms yogurt (have been for awhile) and when I need a smoothie on the run, I go to Jamba Juice (Tropical Awakening with a protein and immunity boost is my fav). I'm 45 years old and that belly fat has been hanging on for 10 years now. It's pooch central! :( If this program gives me a six pack I will streak thru my backyard! (hey, I'm a coward and don't want to get arrested! lol :p

Did either you or cat order the Abs Diet workout dvd?


Hi Ladies,
I didn't see this thread anywhere so I thought no one was interested, glad to say I found it on the next page:)
Eating didn't go as planned yesterday. I went to my MIL was dinner and she made my favorite and I ate to much:eek: And today my belly feels really weird. I just ate my dinner and I probably (again!) ate to much. I am not worried about it though b/c I am working night shifts this weekend and I won't eat anymore until tomorrow afternoon. When I weigh on Monday I will probably have 3 lbs gone just from working night shifts.
I did PLB yesterday and a early run today:) My arms are still sore from GS Wed and now my Legs hurt from yesterday. Tomorrow I am going to do Imax3 and CTX UB. Hopefully I won't sleep to late and I will fit it all in.


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Hey catwoman,
What is B&B spread and figure 8 ps? Where do you get the ps? I have been using the eas advantage but haven't tried another? I started back running today- didn't run much but did 45 min of cardio, and I have been starving all day. This is what I have eaten.
b-smoothie with bananas, whey protein, yogurt, and milk
s-protein shake
l-lean ham on wheat bread and an apple
s-balance bar
d-1 hot dog and reduced fat chips and pound cake
I did bad at dinner but I was just so hungry. I also did GS lower leg workout today too. Could I get someone's input on what I should do? Can I add another snack or should I just tough it out? I was so hungry that I felt weak. Please help? I am looking to lose 10lbs and I really think the abs diet will do it I just need some advice.

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