To The Mat L&G+MM Shoulders+Icy Core 2


WOW-All 3 of these ROCK!!! As I am sitting here typing I can feel my bottom half & my shoulders are spent. I loved every single exercise in all 3! The only thing that I wasn't used to was starting out without some sort of cardio warmup. You start out sitting on the mat for the warmup/stretch and my muscles were pretty cold just waking up and going in the cold basement, but it wasn't a problem. I don't do enough mat work and always mean to do more but it either ends up at the end of a leg workout for a short time or not done at all so this is great to have a whole workout dedicated to this. It really shows you where your weaknesses. I also have back issues so I had to rest for a few reps here & there as I felt some in the lower back. Between using the ball, band, fw loop and mat, everything was completed exhausted. There are familiar moves and lots of new ones. They were all fun & challenging. The pivoting child's pose planks & L position lift/knee-to-toe rotations were tough!

The muscle meltdown shoulders consisted of 3 rounds of 5 exercises. All awesome & felt like all areas of the shoulder were worked.

Icy Core 2...LOVE IT! Really tough! I guess from working the shoulders just before, they were burning towards the end with all the different planks but I love the torture! The only move I can never do is the side plank clam ext-I don't know why, it just hurts my hip so much that it's uncomfortable to do but I'll keep trying till I get it. Loved all the new moves & all the plank variations.

Thanks again Cathe-these workouts are AWESOME!!!
I am traveling now, and am hoping to have an early present in the mailbox when I get home. I just wanted to second your comment about mat work...I too do not do enough. I did Great Glutes yesterday and feel the workout is toughest once you head to the floor.


I just finished this one and I feel great, a little tight in the hip area, but really good. I'm glad I didn't do this first thing in the morning because I think the warm up would not do me any good. But since I already did cardio at 7:30am and just played with my dog outside, it was great. I loved the pace of everything she does and the stretching in between so we don't get to tight. I had a few issues with the leg lift on the ball but that's because my ball is pretty big and my fingers will not touch the ground, so I made it work for me and really felt the burn. I loved the calve/tibiails with band. I loved this one and cannot wait to play with all of these in the blender.


Thanks so much for your review. I've been looking forward to this one so, so much. In response to the sore/stiff hips, I always do dynamic piriformis stretches for longer than any videos show. I have to sit too much for my work so they need to be warmed up and feeling open.


I just did this workout and the time just flew. I think you can make this workout as easy or as hard as you want.

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