Time to Celebrate! We're Now Finished With Ripped With HiiT!


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We’re excited to tell you that we finished the editing and authoring of the entire Ripped with HiiT series in record time a few days ago. We spent every minute we could get out of this weekend proofing each DVD. This is a very time consuming and detailed process, especially true because of all the premixes and chapters. We still have about two or three more days of proofing and correcting any mistakes, but masters will be sent off to the duplicator later this week.

Once the duplicator receives the masters from us they will produce stampers and make a few sample DVDs for us to test again. Once this is done and we sign off on the project the duplicator will give us an approximate production date. At this time it looks like we will be shipping presale orders somewhere between the end of November and December 7th, but this is not a firm date yet and only our best guess at this point in time.

We’re also going to extend the current presale prices just a few more days to Nov 21st so we can have some time to post some video clips from the workouts and catch our breath.

If you have moved since you pre-ordered, make sure to contact customer service with any address changes. After Nov 22nd all orders will be locked and no further changes will be allowed.


Beautiful, both in the work you've done and the pic you posted here! Thanks for all the updates along the way!!


Woo Hoo! Thank you so much for all your hard work and all the updates!! So looking forward to this series!!!



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