Thumpety-Thump-Thump: Look at those CHEETAHS go!


OK, OK. Sorry! Couldn't resist just one more holiday thread title. Ever since Carole went downhill ice-skating I've been wanting to say "over the hills of snow." :D Hopefully we're a little more sleek than Frosty, however! And I'm actually the one Cheetah who is a far cry from the snow. I guess I'm needing to live it vicariously through you all. ;)

Today was speed drills, and I did decide NOT to try to do one mile speed drills. Instead I did this--

one mile warm up
4 miles of drills in the following pattern:
800m (flat road) "sprint" (approx 4:20)
100m (steep uphill) walk
700m (gentle downhill to flat) recovery jog

That worked well. It's just hard to find totally flat ground here for running since we're at the base of a mountain, so I do the best I can. There's a one mile circuit that is mostly flat except for that steep 100m, so it's getting lots of use when I need flat space for speed drills!

And I ran with my Camelbak (I had only used it for biking before). I was afraid it would jostle, but it really stayed put. Can I just say that having water with me while running was HEAVEN!

OK. BBL for personals.
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Morning, Laura, and the rest of the cheetah gang!

Christinesorry I missed responding to you yesterday in my personals. DOH! How did that happen?...How were the sweet 16 festivities? Hope all the animals behaved…I’m not knowledgeable about wine, either, so I’ve taken notes on the recommendations you and Posh have been kind enough to make. Good to know for gift-giving!

Judyyou’re welcome. :) I was very happy with it. I believe Posh has the same one. How is the sesamoiditis situation?

Karensending more (((HUGS))), prayers, and strength to help get you through the difficult days ahead. We are here.

ShellyI have had a couple of Christmases where I just never did get in the spirit. Hope you get a nice, relaxing stretch off to recharge your mind and spirits!!

Carolelol at what you said to Christine about the male bashing being on. Yeah, the waterproof case WASN’T cheap, but I was afraid I would wreck my Nano out on the ski slopes, especially that first season when I spent a lot of time face planting! *lol*…Awesome job running 17+ in steady rain!!

BrightonYeah, I have been reading about the avys happening on in-bounds runs—yikes!! Sounds like a good workout plan for while you’re away. Hang in there, and don’t stress too much about your training. Once you get up there in your long runs, I think you will experience more peace of mind that, yes, you can and will do this!!

I’d planned to begin a new rotation today, but now that I have CLX on the way (and presumably STS soon thereafter!), I think I will just wing it this week, have FUN with my workouts, and do whatever I feel like.

I also have to attend a viewing this morning (the mom of one of my co-workers passed on Christmas Eve). Poor guy. He's been through a lot lately with other very serious health issues in his family. But the amazing thing about him is he's never down, he never loses his sense of humor. I admire him so much.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!


Hi Friends-

Karen- did you manage to get some rest last night? Staying busy yesterday was probably a good move. (((hugs )))

Carole- Wow you did well with you rainy run. FYI I put my ipod in a ziploc baggy to keep it dry. I know it is ugly that way but it works.

Brighton- We will 'see' you after New Years! I could send you some thawing temperatures I would! The skiers here do not want these balmy temps.

Christine- How was the sweet 16? I like the idea of visiting the zoo for the day!

Shelly- You need some (((hugs))) too girlfriend! Lets just get on to 2009 already and fagettaboutit. I hope you get some much needed time with off with DH. Have you picked a spring marathon yet? Have you considered the rock Hill HM with Wendi and I yet? ;)

Cathy- I had an almost*( see WO below) total rest day yesterday too. I spent the afternoon on the couch napping and watching football with DH. Then even though we had a fridge full of leftovers, the kids had a hankering for chinese food so we ordered in and even ate in front of the tv during FB. Total slothville! It was so needed. I am sorry about your coworker's Mom.

Linda- I trust you made it to your destination and are having some well deserved R&R

Wendi- Enjoy you Christmas with DSO tonight. Did Mom and Grandma make it home safe?

Jackie- How are the sniffles doing? Have you been able to enjoy some outdoor runs?

Wendy- Yes IA we all need to hug our loved ones a bit more today and every day. Thank you for reminding us. Good job on your 6 miler on Saturday.

Yesterday I did not want a heavy energy workout. So I pulled out core synergy and did it as produced. Fifty five minutes of balance stabilization is different and challenging. Then as I mentioned to Cathy, I had a total rest day on the couch. I have been reading The Omnivore's Dilema, but I really am not into it much.

OK. Cheetahs I am on the fence. All along I have been against spending money on STS. Now that the deadline is here and I have a bit of Christmas money, I am on the fence. Part of me still thinks it would be selfish to sepnd that much on a DVD series, the other part has looked at the YouTube clips and it interested. I'll have to make a decision quickly here.


Good Morning Ladies. :D

Sorry I never got back here last night. We got home later then expected.
Well Santa did not bring me the AOS dvds I asked for so I will have to see about buying them for myself at some point. ;) I did, however, get a vest (outerwear type). I had been thinking about picking one up for myself and must've mentioned it to my mom so she hurried up and gave it to my sis as a Christmas idea. Funny thing is, I forgot I had even mentioned it and almost bought one for myself at Kohl's while I was Christmas shopping there!

Cathy: No I haven't checked out any of Posh's wine recs as of yet. My next trip to the liquor store will be happening soon though so at that point I will see what I can find out of what she suggested. So did you make it to Target for the GH game y'day? :D I didn't even realize you were interested in purchasing CLX. You will have to let me know how you like it. Sorry about your mom's former co-worker. Sounds like he was a wonderful man.

Carole: Good job on your 17.25 miler y'day. Hope you enjoyed the afternoon watching FB. That's what was on at my mom's house all day y'day.

Wendi: Yay for the run yesterday AND for not getting caught! ;):D

Christine: How was your trip to the zoo? Did it rain on you and and the Birthday girl?

Judy: I've taken a liking to every kind of wine but have been most interested in finding a fave red wine. I have no pref of type yet (merlot, cab, etc) so the playing fileld is wide open as as far as that goes. I do, however, prefer wines with a bit of sweetness to them if that helps.

Laura: LOL. I'm not what you call an expert on coffee. I just LOVE it. I do, however, know how I like to drink it. I am a strong coffee girl. My mom makes her coffee pretty weak. I tried to have a cup last night and just couldn't do it. ICK. I am also all about the half and half. Milk just doesn't cut it.

Brighton: Hugs to you. So much grief going around this holiday season. Sorry you are in the middle of it.

Shelly: So is DH back home with you yet? How was his Christmas with his parents? Sorry work was so crazy but I guess that's kinda normal (unfortunately) around the holidays, huh? So do you and DH exchange gifts?

Well, that should catch me up! Gotta get ready for work now but I'll be back later. Today's work out will be B&G or a premix there of-I haven't decided yet.

Later Taters!:D


Judyevery once in awhile, a day like that just hits the spot! Not sure I get why it would be selfish to buy ourselves STS.

Wendyis AoS still having a sale? I haven’t gotten any emails in, ohhh, about 24 hours, so I’m outta the loop! *lol* I did go to Target yesterday and picked up GHWT. Haven’t played it yet, though…Ha! I WASN’T interested in CLX 'til I clicked on some of them danged threads around here. *lol*…Better put on your reading glasses, girl. My co-worker is still very much alive and is a great guy. It’s his mother who passed.


Cathy: OMG, I guess that's what happens when you read the thread through bleary eyes first thing in the morning. Sorry for the confusion on who had passed-:eek: We are taking the Wii and GHWT down to AC with us in hopes that we can can hook it up in the hotel room and play. How sad is that!? :p Oh I've been readin the CLX threads but have actually managed to control myself on this one. The reason being is that although I love my Turbo Jam cardios, I am not a fan of the weight work she does in them. I know CLX is supposed to be different but I am still hesitant so I will wait it out until I get more reviews from folks like you, Laura and Diana from the Cabs thread.


Good morning ladies!

Super quick fly-by cuz i have to get back to work. I am loving this schedule of going EARLY to feed and muck and then coming home and getting my workouts in. It gives the coffee time to kick in and works as an awesome warm up.

I went easy today and just did LIC UB Circuit cuz, I'll admit, the legs were feeling the run yesterday. Oh well, that's how ya get stronger:D. It actually feels *good* to have DOMS again...yay!

Okay, gotta split. See yas tonight!


Good morning cheetahs

Laura...cute title today! Good job on the speed drills. Glad the camelback helped.

Cathy...I will check on the Nano waterproof cases locally first. Today should be just cloudy so that will be fine. Winging it sounds like a good idea until you get your new workouts. Thanks re: my rainy run. Sad about your co-workers Mom. I always admire those faced with so much stuff and keep their sense of humor, he sounds like a great guy.

Judy..I did think about the ziploc baggy, just not sure it would work full proof. I have always looked at STS as a great deal for that many DVD's.

Wendy..thanks re: my rainy run. I did enjoy FB and won the picks over my DH...:D..Enjoy B&G today.

Brighton...thanks re: my run, it really was a wet one and I am hoping for no rain next sunday!

I am staying with endurance upper body workouts this week as my right shoulder has been a bit sore and I want it better before STS. So something endurance for my upper today, abs and then a 5-6 mile run.

Have a great day...:)


Morning Ladies,

First, I have to send Karen (((HUGS))) and more prayers. I'm so sorry, but IA with everyone who said that you mom is in a better place. I know how hard this is, but you're right you have an angel now. :)

Well looks like we've gotten rid of the pink eye and ear infection. DS5's cough has gotten better since we added the Singular. I really don't see how I can keep him in when the others go out to play...for a whole season!! :eek: However, I do see the direct correlation to the weather. :( I wonder if he keeps a scarf around his nose and mouth so that cold air doesn't hit is lungs directly??? I guess I might have to test that out.

We have such a good time playing Rock Band 2. The kids were quite impressed with my guitar skills. :p:D;) I still need to work on the drums. I even belted out Eye of the Tiger. LOL

Cathy ~ You're right, it's all the way we handle things. There's always going to be ups and downs in life. Boy, can I attest for that right now. :( Sorry about your coworker's mom. :( There's nothing wrong with being spoiled!!! Glad you're enjoying your gifts! :)

Wendy ~ Enjoy that B&G premix! I have to decide if I'm going to keep that copied AOS or send it back. It just makes me mad!:mad:

Judy ~ I have had that book loaned to me on my desk for sometime. So, you don't like it? I've had a lot of low energy days...I keep thinking it's because I need to RUN!!! :confused: Maybe it's just being cooped up all the time. Thanks for the well wished for DS5. It surely doesn't slow him down. :p;)

Christine ~ Yes, I'm definitely picky about my sushi too. ;) I had some nice bootay DOMS from AOS for two days. I think I feel somewhat normal today. ;) You and Wendy are funny! I joined you w/o even knowing it for a glass of wine Sat. eve. ;) So, you still went to the zoo in the rain??!?

Laura ~ You still got in a great interval workout, even if you tweaked it. I have the hydration belt, and it took some getting used to. However, you're right it's better than getting dehydrated. I also picked up the hand held, but have yet to use it. :confused: Our illnesses are really nothing serious too. TG! You just hate to see your kids sick over the break. I told them they can have friends over today. I have to tell you DS5 got a talking globe for Christmas when he touches Africa, I always think of you. :)

Linda ~ IA, not enough hours to do all the workouts we want to do! ;) Oh my, how's your back?

Gloria ~ Isn't it nice though, to have all that stupid ice melted by the thunderstorms. I'll admit during the wind the other night, I thought the roof might just come off. I actually don't have to ice skate to get the mail now. ;) Hope you enjoyed that 1 warm day!:confused:

Wendi ~ Thank you! Glad you were able to get your run in. :)

Carole ~ WTG on your 17.25 miler. lol'd about your MP3 player taking the place of male bashing! :p

Shelly ~ Hope you got some rest!

Jackie ~ How's your bil? How are you feeling? Hope the cold stayed away!

Brighton ~ I imagine that you're extremely exhausted! (((HUGS))) Oh, see's nothing serious and nothing has kept DS5 down!! :D I'll figure something out to let him play outside a "little" bit. We had just the one warm day, but I was so happy as it melted all that ice we couldn't chip away.:) It's cold again, but it doesn't feel that bad after having the -32 temps. :eek: Hope things calm down for you now.

Posh ~ What have you been up to busy mama!??!


Oh, I forgot to post my workouts. Sunday was the EXT and a stretch. Y-day, P90X - C&B, ARX, Tracey's yoga premix. Today, I'll probably meet my friend at the stairs. I have not been there in ages, so I'll do half of what we normally do and there will be no intervals of jogging/running on them. I have to get busy and plan what I'll make for New Year's Day.

Oh, and GO CHARGERS!!!
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Dallas--Thanks re: the intervals. I really enjoyed today's workout. Glad that your kids' illnesses aren't serious. Yes, sickness over the holidays is a bummer. When DD4 got her little runny nose she said, "Am I going to be sick for Christmas?!!!" Thankfully she wasn't. :) That's so cool about your son's globe.

Carole--Thanks re: my speed drills. It was a really good workout. The drills always remind me of my high school track days--I haven't done anything but basic 3-6 mile runs since then. Thanks, too, re: my thread title.

Wendi--I love the days when I can get the day started and then come back to my workout. (Unfortunately, I CAN'T do that with my runs right now because I've got to do them before the sun is up. Sigh. But on Cathe video days, that's still my MO.) And yes, it gives the coffee time to kick in. :) Glad your schedule is better for you. I know what you mean about being glad about DOMS. I was feeling that way yesterday about my mild DOMS after the Sat 8 miles.

Wendy--ITA about the coffee. Mine has to be strong enough to be diluted milk, cream, or creamer. And yes, milk is the last choice.

Judy--I haven't heard of that book. Is it about Veg eating? As I've mentioned, I've been getting into that. IA with Carole that STS is a good deal for so many DVDs.

Cathy--Sorry about your co-worker's loss. Hope you have fun with your workouts this week. Sometimes it's so nice to just do what you feel like doing.

Brighton (and Wendy)--I'm getting so sad hearing about your boys and Thomas. My DS6 is gradually phasing out of Thomas. He's getting "too big" and is in to Spiderman and Transformers. Sigh. He's not totally tired of them--but the day is coming. :(

About to head out for dinner with DH. There's a great Indian place in town that is a real hole in the wall but has delicious food. Last week we discovered that you can access their roof and so we ate up there. It was much cooler than the main restaurant and has a great view of the mountain. It was actually really romantic (which is kind of hard to come by here!).


:)Hi Cheetahs!

The power was out most of the day yesterday due to the wind and rain we had the night before. The warm weather we had quickly turned to a refreeze, so no workout since I don't own ice skates. DH and I are already growing weary from this winter we're having.

Karen: My deepest sympathies to you. I am not good with words in these kinds of situations. Just know that I am thinking of you and your family. (((HUGS))).

Cathy: When do you go back to school? We go back on the 5th. Your friend sounds like such a wonderful person. I have not heard of this CLX. I believe having fun working out is what it's all about. That's why I like Cathe's workouts so much. :)

Linda: I would love to try Indian food. I would be happy to ship some snow to Uganda! :) Great workout!

Judy: Sounds like a relaxing day for you yesterday. I'm not ordering STS for a couple reasons. I do not think it is selfish to get it though. It is an investment in your health IMO. I am trying to read The Omnivore's Dilemma too and I am having a hard time with it. It is really boring so far. Right now I think I am going to bag it for some fiction.

Wendy: I don't drink wine anymore because it makes me sick for some odd reason. I always liked the Yellow Tail variety and it's about $10 a bottle. I love wearing vests. Is DS still interested in his new toys?

Wendi: I bet you feel great working out again. :)

Carole: I would say you are more than ready for your marathon with all the great runs you have been doing! :) Hope the shoulder mends quickly.

Dallas: Yeah, the warm weather was short lived. Now on the ground we have hard packed snow and ice. I have been thinking of you. How is your hip lately?

Christine: How was the zoo with your DD? I bet she loved it! I like it when places aren't really busy too. When does dad depart?

Shelly: I am sorry you have not enjoyed the holidays much this year. :( Thank you for doing the job you do. :)

Brighton: I am sorry you are going through a rough patch right now.

Today I will be running and doing errands. Our friends are here from MT and they will be leaving tomorrow. They have been dating for 6 years and they are having some relationship problems. We are close with both of them, so a few nights this week one of them will come over and talk about whats going on and then the next night the other one will come over and do the same thing. I think it will be a really long drive home for them. I hope it gets worked out.

Anyway, hope all are doing well. Take care Cheetahs! :)


I am back for a quick reply. Today's workout was AOS Firepower (4 alarm premix). It requires 2 KB in many places and so two dumbbells were used instead. Also, a heavier KB was needed for the lunges where you change hands at the bottom of the lunge. I used a 20# Db for this and broke two nails, ouchie! But the 20# is the right weight, so I'll be modifying with DB unless I do not buy STS. Then I'll get a few heavier KB. Oh, I am so undecided!

PS - I do not consider getting STS selfish for most people, but I have 4 kids to think about. And I just spent a lot on Christmas and myself this month. However, this is money that was gifted to me. My other idea for this $ was to custom frame our new 16 x 20 family picture.

Edit to say hi Gloria! In Omnivore's Dilemma I am having trouble getting past the corn issue. He got long winded in In Defense of Food also, but I plowed through to see if his point was believable. I hope your friends can work out their differences.
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Good morning Cheetahs!

DD should be back on the road now. Life should get back to normal now. I'll start from today trying to catch up with everyone. Santa brought me a cold for Christmas and I thought I had been a good little girl. :mad:

Laura - Like the title this morning. :D Good job on the speed drills. Enjoy dinner with DH.

Cathy - You're getting CLX too. I really need to read up on everything that came with the workouts but just haven't had time. So sorry about your co-worker's mom. Praying for his strength.

Judy - I'm still sneezing and sniffling. I don't feel bad but it is aggravating. I hope that is the extent of it all. The rest day on the couch sounds heavenly. I'm of no help with your dilemna on STS. I didn't order it - not yet anyway. If you think you will use it though, it will probably be worth the money.

Wendy - I see Target has kettlebells on sale. I thought about you. I love wearing my vest when running. My arms don't get as hot. Enjoy your workout today.

Wendi - Glad the work schedule is allowing you to get in some good workouts.

Carole - Do hope the shioulder is ok. My DD was doing P90X+ and using a weight that was too heavy. Told her to use lighter weights and do the exercise with good form instead of going too heavy and injuring her shoulders. Enjoy your endurance workout and run.

Dallas - Glad DS cough is better. BIL is getting stronger every day. He'll probably be off work for at least 6 weeks to 2 months. He sounds more upbeat too. I'm putting him a goodie box in the mail today from the family. Have fun with those stairs.

Gloria - My sis and her family had to drive back to MI. Glad they didn't have any problems with the snow. Have a good run. Sure hope your friends can work out their problems. Nice of you and DH to try and help out.

Saturday, RP and I managed a 3.5 mile run and I came back and did 1/2 of P90M Cardio Intervals. Did some laundry and didn't feel like doing anything else afterwards. DD and I sat around the rest of the afternoon and watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Really comical. DBF and I had a nice time at the black tie affair. It was pouring down rain when we left and I didn't want to get wet. The rain had stopped by the time everything was over. Yesterday was a rest day. This morning's workout was round 1 of Super Sets and an easy 20 minutes on the EXT. I didn't want to push myself too hard with this cold.

Need to get back to work. Enjoy your day ladies!


Karen - So sorry to hear about you mom. Yes, you now have an angel. ((((HUGS))))) You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Whew, today is first day of quiet in my house. LOL I must say, although it has been a busy week, I’ve enjoyed every minute of my family, friends and feasting! LOL. I have cooked, cleaned, visited and shopped til I may drop! Today is lazy and catching up on stuff. I also have been doing some online shopping as well….hee hee hee…ETA: started typing post last night but got diverted to other household happenings, so I’ll just start from where I left off….

Wendi – Yeah! so cool you got to run outside! Glad you’re able to adjust the schedule to suit your workout needs.

Laura – I have the same water bottle as Cathy – love it! I also include a 1 mile warm up and cool down for intervals. OH I am LOL’ing re: the coffee/wine snob chatter cuz I am the A-one top coffee/wine snob here! Won’t touch the instant or Folgers type coffee with a ten foot stir stick, and will not go near the vinegar/kool-aid type wines…lol. Although, I do agree there are some fairly inexpensive tasty wines out there for under $20.

Cathy – Hey Slice! I ended up caving on the CLX too! Got me some Christmas cash and it was burnin’ a hole in me pocket! LOL. Think these workouts are going to be right up my alley for the busy Jan-Feb ahead of me. I know your schedule is crazy hectic like mine so guess we’ll have some fun with Chaleen in between, huh? LOL. Lol’d re: comment about picking Chaleen out of a police line-up…

Wendy – LOL re: looking for a drinkin’ buddy online. Well, I would toast one with ya but me thinks you’re long fast asleep by the time I settle in with a glass…(half a Hey, Christine has some good recs – the Seghesio Zin is good. Also, I hear the Yellow Tails are nice as well and not too expensive. I don’t like too much sweet but seems like the Shiraz would be sweet enough for you and it is a red. The Australian Shiraz I buy once in a while is Rosemount or Lindeman’s – both inexpensive. My mom sips a glass every once in a while and she enjoys a sweet Gewurztraminer. Read the back labels because there you can find a description of the wine flavors. Do you have a BevMo near you? If so, join the club (no charge) and buy during the 5 cent sale to sample a variety of wines. We’ll make a wino outta you yet! LOL

Judy – I say get the STS! You’ll probably wish you had come the day all of the Cheetahs are talking about it. You work hard at your fitness goals so why not reward yourself? Gosh, I’m such an enabler, huh? LOL

Karen – Sending you hugs and wishing you and your family comfort and peace…

Christine – Hey! Happy B-Day to DD! Hope you had a blast at zoo with DD and Dad. Love them sweet 16 days. Reminds me of what we did to Keith last summer when he turned 16. He was complaining about the special treatment his two older sisters received on their 16th b-days, so we picked him up a special Sweet 16 pink sparkly candle and plates for his birthday cake/party. It was a riot because his girlfriend was here for the dinner and cake. Hey, that La Crema Chardonnay is a tasty choice. Although popular, didn’t care too much for their Pinot Noir. Guess I’m too picky when it comes to me Pinots ….lol.

Carole – Hey there! As suspected, your training is going very well! GOOD JOB! I was thinking about you and the runs with our No Cal weather we’ve been having. You’re your shoulder feels better. Glad to see you got the ipod…nice! I have been getting some goodies with my Christmas $$ as well. I’m so spoiled, I tell ya. Got a great set of Henckels knives – in love with I cook a lot so it was a great investment. Don’t wanna discuss ….Romo, who? lol

Dallas – Been thinking about you with all that ice – wowza. Sorry about DS5, poor lil’ fella, I too have asthma but not to the extreme he does. I can’t tolerate the really cold air for very long either. I sometimes have to bag my outdoor run if it is super cold out because I end up coughing and wheezing my azz off. Perhaps the thick scarf can give him some relief outdoors. Hey, funny, why you rootin’ on the Chargers? Shouldn’t that be the Bears? LOL… just kidding…

Gloria – Been wondering about you too with all the winter snow and ice up there. Perhaps I should send you my 25 year old pair of ice skates I have in the garage? LOL. Sorry to hear about your friends – hopefully they’ll work the issues out on the way home.

Jackie – Sorry you got a cold for Christmas. Santa tried to push one of those off on me but I whacked him good with an airborne and he changed his mind. lol. Glad to hear DBIL is doing better – still wish I could Charles Bronson they azzes that did this! Glad you enjoyed the black tie affair. Real Housewives sounds like it would be comical. I’ve seen the listing for the OC (Orange County) version which I’m sure if VERY comical (and barfy). LOl

Linda – Hello! I always seem to post on days you don’t…lol. Hope all is well for you!

Brighton – Hope the New Year brings better times for you.

Shelly – Hope your day is a better one today!

Hope I didn’t miss anyone… it is nice to be off of work and play on the computer a bit, but I also have lots I want to get done before I go back to work next week, so I better get off me bootay and first get jiggy with taking down what little Christmas we put up (due to the painting projects). Then I might whip something up from my new Giada cookbook my mom gave me for Christmas. Yay!

Have a great rest of the day, ya’ll!

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Hello fabulous cheetahs! Sorry for the rather terse and downcast post from yesterday:( Had a rather difficult work stretch and was facing one more night. I have a couple off now and got in good workout after my nap this morning so I'm in a better frame of mind now. Sorry for being a tad crabby... but you guys understand and are great for venting!!! ;)

Laura- I'm amazed that you were able to run the distances you did without water! I find it impossible to go much more then 3 miles without rehydrating. Glad they camelbak is working out for you. I like using the fuel belts myself.As you get into the longer distances you may want to consider carrying a sports drink with you.. like Gatorade, Accelerade, etc. My favorite is Cytomax.

Cathy- What a nice plan to just have a week with FUN workouts- no rigid training schedule to adhere to:D. What is your fav type of fun workout, other then running anyway? Mine would have to be kickboxing I'd say.

Judy- Thanks for the HUGS cheetahpal! Unfortunately that Rock HILL HM falls on my weekend to work:(. Anyway, the following weekend is a half marathon that is held right here locally in Chambersburg which I am off for so I'll be targeting that one. I WILL get up there for a race with you NY cheetahs tho some day for sure!!!!! Okay, you are seriously asking us if you should get the STS series?????? Oh come now, you don't really think anybody here is gonna say don't do it??? ;););););) Honestly, it really does sound like an incredible fitness package to me! You won't regret it!
I know Wendy and I can't remember who else wants to do it together.... should be fun!!!!

Wendy- Sounds like you had a wonderful family Christmas and I'm happy for ya! Did you get any $$$ type gifts that you could use to get AOS?
Since we are currently paying off two mortgages finances are a tad tight and DH and I opted not to exchange this year. Yeah... work has been VERY insane lately... oh well, what are ya gonna do? Glad I have the cheeths to pull me out of my funky moods anyway;):D Have fun with B&G today!!!

Wendi- Great job with the run yesterday!! I am impressed with that pace considering it had been a while. Must have felt fantastic!!

Carole- Another kickbutt awesome long distance run for you yest I see!
What are your plans re: STS and your upcoming marathon. Are you going to pass on the leg workouts?

Dallas- The cold air may well bring on a "reactive" type asthmatic response for your DS and I think the scarf idea is a good one... worth a try anyway and will help keep his spirits up being able to go outside more and play. I would have loved to hear your rendition of "eye of the tiger"!!!:p I do feel rested and better now.... thanks!!! I remember those awesome stair climbs you were doing.... you go girl!

Gloria- Oh my, you have had more then your fair share of wicked winter weather and it isn't even Jan yet! Hang in there and stay warm!!
Your friends are lucky to have you. There aren't many people who would go thru the trouble and time to give such assistance.

Jackie- Okay, that was one CRUMMY present Santa brought you... LOL!
Hope you slay that nasty cold virus soon! Good to hear you are taking it light with the workouts. Take care!

Haven't had time to go back and catch up from prior days postings... sorry!

Karen- Hope you can post soon and let us know how you are doing.......
WE CARE!!!!!

Yesterday I had a nice 4 mile tempo run on the TM and did SJP... pretty good for between work nights! Today was Amy's HiLoKnockout and in a bit I'll be going for 40-60 min on the EXT.

Tomorrow am I'll head out for a nice hilly 4-5 mile run :D:D:D:D




Hey Posh! Posting together today. It's about time you got a quiet stretch!! I'm sure you're enjoying every minute of it!!!



Well, the stairs were a bust. :( Afraid I'm not ready for that either. Geez Louis! :confused: I only did 6 and thought I'd better not push it. I've been cleaning/laundry since I got home and plan to do a little EXT before the day is through.

Posh ~ Well, those Bears just blew it! :( So, I'm rooting for Dh's team.:p I can't believe that they'll face the Colts...again! You know he's never been diagnosed w/asthma re: DS5, but I think I'll take him back to the specialist for a re-evaluation. Good luck getting all that stuff done. I think I'll wait to take the trees down until the kids are back in school. Glad you're enjoying that break.

Jackie ~ lol'd about you gift from Santa. Are you sure you were on the nice list? LOL We actually looked up the kid's names on some Christmas website. It told us DS5 was borderline! ha ha He was being impish before Christmas. ;) Glad your bil is staying in good spirits...that's half the battle. Sounds like you and DD had a nice visit. :)

Judy ~ Ouch on the nails! :eek: IA I don't think purchasing STS is selfish, but I can understand about all the holiday purchases, etc. I guess, I look at it this way (of course, I did the pre-sale a long time ago) its money already spent. I was thinking of canceling in light of our new developments, but I canceled my gym membership not long ago.

Gloria ~ That was nice of you to be there for your friends. Oh, the hip is getting there. I do think the MT appts help. I have to *try* to stay on top of those appts. I do hope to be running by Spring at this point. GRRRR :confused: Oh well, at least, I've found some good subs. :)

Laura ~ Your romantic dinner sounded wonderful! Yeah, that globe is pretty cool! I can use it to brush up on my geography, etc. :p Cute about DD4. Kids say the funniest things. :)

Well, I finished putting all the wrapping stuff away. I still have to sneak the Santa paper back into hiding. May have to wait until the kids are not here. ;) Well, my in laws want to stop by, so better get the rest of my stuff done.:eek:


Shelly ~ You snuck in here on me. Oh, no you wouldn't have re: the singing! Although, I got "awesome" according to xbox several times. ha ha :D Yeah, it would be way too hard keeping DS in the house while everyone is out playing. Funny, no one wants to go outside now...there's no more snow. ;) I love that Cytomax too. I use it for my long workouts in the basement too. :) These Cheetahs are great for pulling one out of that funk mode! Nice workouts, of course!

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