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I was hoping to get your opinions on Chalene Extreme. I was thinking about Insane Asylum but I've been thinking that with knee issues I don't think that sounds like a good idea right now. I have completed 1 complete round of Insanity and loved it, 1.5 rounds of P90X, 1 full round of Turbo Fire loved it, and 2 rounds of STS and loved it! My goal is to burn fat, gain muscle, and lose weight. Oh and I tend to be a workout-a-holic and I have MS. So what are your opinions or experiences with Chalene Extreme? What results did you get? I'm really anxious to read your replies.

Thanks in advance!;)



I purchased ChaLean back in January and so far I love the results. Its not really the amount of weight I've lost (about 5lbs) that has me hooked, its the way my body composition is changing!:) I'm shrinking and things are firming up. And Im sure i could lose more weight if my eating was better. im working on it...

And whats really striking is how easy most of the workouts are? There all under 40mins, which is really nice. And perfect if you want to add on something by Cathe (which I do often)

The burn phase was a little challenging with the compound moves. Right now I'm in the Push phase ( 7th week) and the goal is to exhaust your muscle's lifting only 6-8 reps.

The two cardio workouts that come with the package I ordered are pretty challenging too. They're more plyo type of workouts. But she has a modifier showing a lower impact version...

The only complaint that i have is how chatty Chalene is during the workouts:eek: she is very motivating and uplifting but when i have a 20lb dumb bell over my head and trying to can get a little distracting:eek::eek::confused:
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I did a round of CLX. I din't lose much weight, but I gained a lot of muscle definition, especially in me back and shoulders. I like that the workouts are short and you can get good results from it. I did find the lean phase to have bit of a dread factor. I though it was really tough!

NRG Woman

I've started this twice before and only made it through a week. Maybe I'll try it again starting next week.

Roxie 1965


I have done 2 rounds of CLX and I saw nice muscle definition, I didn't however see alot of wt. loss. She recommends adding in extra cardio and that I didn't do.


I love CLX. I did it after my third little boy was born and lost some weight but really gained muscle. I started doing it again last month but didn't stick to it because I didn't want to devote myself to a full rotation again yet. I like that the workouts are short... 30 to 45 minutes. I also like the interval cardio one that incorporates endurance weights and cardio circuits. I like Chalene. Of course she's no Cathe, but she's fun.


I did CLX many time and LOVED IT. The workouts are short and you will get results. I got more muscle definition and stronger. There are three phases and all of them are challenging. I highly recommend it and Chalene is great as far as giving you instruction. You may have to do a little of counting the reps (we're so use to Cathe counting for us!) but it's not an issue for me. I think you will be pleased with the workout; she uses different exercises that you may have not done before, so it will be challenging. Again I would recommend trying it and going through the whole program. Good luck.


I don't think you can compare CLX to STS. I don't have STS yet (because I don't have a barbell or room for one yet), and I'm sure it's amazing (as are all of Cathe's workouts), but I know it is completely different.

CLX is very effective IF you use heavy weights. I mean you should be able to barely eek out 12 reps the first phase then 6 reps the following phases. If you don't go as heavy as you can, you won't see results because the workouts are so short IMO. But if you do the exercises right and go heavy, it's very effective.

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I love her Turbo routines

I love Chalean's Turbo routines, but not CLX. I had purchased it last year thinking it would be nice to have something different, but I didn't like her style compared to Cathe's. Chalean's counts are much faster.....she'll do a four count that's really a two count and sometimes she goes too fast or too slow. I found couldn't keep with her beat. I also don't care for the way all the beach body instructors stop what they are doing and walk around.

I guess after years with Cathe I've grown to enjoy her style of leading. JMO. :) (BTW...I returned CLX and got a full refund).


I loved CLX, I used it as a work up to STS. Using it I lost 50 pounds in around 8 months. It was definitely different from STS in that all the workouts are shorter and most all use compound exercises. I did find the cardio that came with the set dull, but no problem! I just did Turbo Jam or Cathe cardio instead. I would say the most annoying thing is that the music she used in the series is now used a lot food network shows and i'll be watching an awesome diners, drive-ins, and dives and suddenly I'm thinking about lunges with an overhead press. Haha!


I loved CLX. The workouts are short and effective. I lost 20 lbs with the 3 month rotation. I am doing my first STS rotation now, and I also love it. You definitely have to go heavy to get results with CLX. I honestly consider it my best fitness purchase...... :)
Good starting point

Chalene Extreme is a good workout. I did 2 rounds of it. It gave me good results, but I wanted to be challenged more after doing it for 6 months. I would say it's a great program to do if you are trying to work your way up to some of Cathe's programs. Just be sure to write down your weight like Chalene tells you to and increase it accordingly. Good luck :)


I really enjoyed CLX. I did one round a few months ago. Like others have said, it's a great weight workout but if you decide to do it, make sure you lift as heavy as you can since that's how it's designed. If you want weight loss throw in a little more cardio than is on the program.


Ditto with what some of the others have said. I did two rounds of the program back to back with incredible results. The muscle definition I got was amazing! I highly recommend it.


This is making me want to revisit, I just could not get into it my first time in, I don't think I made it past a week. But sometimes an old workout I could not stand all of a suddenly can become a favorite, and every ones comments here are so motivating. Food for thought for sure. No time for a full rotation after i finish STS next week, but ya never know, maybe this summer.


I did a rotation of chalene extreme last summer and enjoyed it. I was recovering from a lower back problem and appreciated that every exercise could be done with either bands or free weights. I also was able to stick to the schedule due to the shorter workouts. I work 12 hour shifts and was able to fit in a workout after work. My goal was to build strenght and get toned and I felt I accomplished it. I think next round I'll add more cardio and improve my diet to lose weight.


Love that the workouts are short and the only equipment required is various dumbbells or a band. Don't like the cardio so I sub a Cathe cardio or Turbo Fire on cardio days. Don't think much of the music - music is so important to me to keep me motivated. Get bored doing the same set of workouts every week for 4 weeks so tend to lose interest by week 4. Pleased with my purchase but really miss my Cathe weights workouts when doing CLX so never make it to the end of the program. Wish Cathe would make a similar kind of program - I'd love an STS type series with shorter workouts and minimal equipment.

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