Thinking about getting a spinning bike...


But I really don't know what the difference is between a spinning bike and a regular stationary bike.
I have a recumpent bike and I like it but I have recently gotten much more into riding using iCYCLE and CC . With the recumbent bike I can't do any of the workout standing, so I've been thinking about getting a different type. But I'm not sure what to look for .
Any suggestions ?



NRG Woman

I have a spinning bike and love it. Before I got my spinning bike I used my road bike with a trainer attached to ride indoors, it was sort of a nightmare. I like that my spinning bike is really sturdy and not computerized so it will last forever. For me it was the way to go. HTH.



I just bought a used-in-excellent-condition Schwinn IC Elite through the classified ads in my area. It's an $1100 bike and I paid $400. I wanted a gym quality bike and this is just that. My daughter goes to Golds Gym and they have the Schwinn IC Pro. Mine is the upgrade to that.

Google "spin bike reviews" and you should get a good idea of some good spin bikes and what to look for.

Here are a couple of links that helped me.

I also have a Tunturi Stationary bike (which was quality in it's day) and this new Schwinn IC Elite is much much sturdier and quiet and it is super easy to adjust to both me and my husband. I also like that I can clip in the pedals now. The Stationary Bike puts me in a more upright position whereas the Spin Bike puts me in more of a bent-over real-road-bike-feel position. You can also stand up and pedal very comfortably on the spin bike (love this).

So, my advice is to first look for a used gym quality spin bike (in your area if possible to avoid shipping costs) vs. a stationary bike. You can find a bargain and spin bikes are tough and should last a very long time. Mine shows hardly any wear and I was told it was used in a small gym that went out of business and got about a months worth of use.

Look for Schwinn, Lemond, Startrac. I'm sure others can name more brands, but those are the brands I was looking at.


Thank you so much for your responses and all the help ! That's a lot of good information and I will do some reading and looking around before I make a decision. I really don't know if I'll miss the programs and clock/timer etc that I have on the bike I have now, other than that.........I'm excited and ready to move on to a spinning bike !!!:)



Becky - I use my bike set up in a trainer and love it, and have used it for a few years now. To me, it is a much more comfortable feel than a spin bike, but that is a personal preference. Plus, I can take the bike out of the trainer and ride it on the road.

Shayne - the trainer should not have been unsturdy. Wonder what was wrong? Glad you found something that worked for you though.

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