They came!!!


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Hi! I think this is my first ever post as I usually just read the forums.
Just wanted to say I received my DVDs yesterday (I live right outside of Philadelphia). Today I did Flex Train and it was awesome. I am not too good at reviewing but here is my imput.... Great music...high fun first I thought this isn't too bad but of course Cathe got me...especially the triceps and core work!! This was a fab workout all around! Tomorrow I plan to do Party Rockin Step 2!

Another splendid job by Cathe and her crew! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: very sorry about Cathe's father


Do you think I can do flex train a day after doing lean legs and abs? How much leg work was there and were you sore the next day? I would love to do this one on Wed. I just did rockout knockout today and am planning on doing lean legs & abs with step #1 tomorrow.


UPS man just delivered my box. Tomorrow, I am going to do Lean Legs and Abs with the Barre segment. Since I am a Federal employee, I can work only a few hrs tomorrow, assuming Congress doesn't workmagic,so I might have time to preview some of the other workouts. By the way, the DVD boxes are more solid than those holding the low impact series disks.


Today just happens to be my birthday, and what a surprise is was to find my new Cathe DVD's waiting at the door for me. Now it really feels like my birthday! I know what I'm doing tonight (previewing the DVD's) & the rest of the week (getting to know the new Cathe workouts).:D


Feeling Jealous in California

I found it amusing when I read that the DVDs were shipped via truck from California where I am, to New Jersey, to then be put on another truck headed back to California. I'm glad I didn't know what truck they were on or where it was coming from or I may have considered a small, friendly truck-heist at one of the rest stops along the route.

It always feels like Christmas did when I was a kid when I wait for Cathe's new workouts to arrive. I'm sure I'll have my little workout gems by the end of the week...maybe tomorrow...oh, I can't wait!

Keep the reviews coming!


I'm still waiting. . .Went from NJ to Illinois! I live in NM. Would have been here if USPS had them in a jet. . .Oh well they'll get here when they get here.

Fun to hear the reviews. Please keep them coming!


Mine showed up yesterday - 10/01, outside of Chicago. I can't wait. I'm eyeballs deep in marathon training, but will find a way to squeeze at least one in this week.


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