The new turbo jam ball workouts....


Happy New Year everyone in Catheland!

I was just over on the Beachbody site and noticed that Turbo jam has 2 new Ball workouts....looks very much like segments from Drill Max.

Has anyone tried these new workouts yet? I just thought they looked interesting...



Hi, yes, I bought the TJ ball workouts. I really like them both. nice and different. NOTHING compared to cathe's drillmax workout at all. Chalene does upper body, lower body, abs and cardio w/ the ball. However, the cardio w/ the stability ball is more of a functional/kickboxing type of thing. Hope that makes sense. I really enjoyed these workouts!

take care:)


I have both of them as well and really enjoy them. I really LOVE kickin core - it has 30 min of cadio and another 15 of toning/shaping with the ball. I have only done Total Bosy Blast once and had DOMS the next day. They are great workouts.


I also have these workouts and really adore them, particularly Kickin' Core. It's like a Cardio Party with a nice core section attached. If you like TJ, you'll really want to have these. And yes, the ball work is similar to drill 3 in DrillMax.



Would you guys say these are intermediate compared to Cathe's workouts? I have a lot of workouts from Beach Body- Slim series, Great Body, Power 90 3-4, Master Series power 90-core cardio,cardio intervals, plyo legs, sweat 5-6, and UML. I actually used to do Slim Series all the time but now I do not find them very challenging at all and use them for an easy day-plus since doing Cathe them seem really boring but they did get me good results. Tony's master series are good but I don't do them often anymore, I think plyo legs and cardio intervals are my favs for a day when I need to sweat but don't have much time - some people find Tony annoying but I like his unique way of working out, nice to change things up!

Anyway, just curios about the new TJ ball workouts!

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