The meaning of your user name


I thought it might be fun for us to share how we came up with our user names since there are so many unique, interesting ones here on the forums.

Mine is pretty simple...I'm a girl from Alabama (in the land of dixie) :D


Because the ones I wanted were already taken, including the names of all four of my cats so I add an 's' to one of their names and got Jaffas. I recently got an account on another site and got the user name Cathlete!


My daughter's name is Juliana, and we sometimes call her Jewels (she's the last born and the only girl of 4 kids) :D


Fun post!

I, too, had trouble finding a name that hadn't been used. So I combined my first two initials "L" and "C" to get Elsie. The number 3 rhymes with my last name. It's not very imaginative, but I was running out of ideas.;)


Mine stands for "are you LAMB enough" (which is one of Gwen Stefani's slogans for her line) then the year I created that user name-09 :)


mine is 2121 because I am an idiot and thought we had to put in a number. My favorite number since I was in junior high is 21, from the back of Mick Jagger's tshirts he wore a lot. Melissa
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When DH and I started dating, my FIL would tease him about me and call me Paula Baby. To this day, I sign all my cards and emails to him PB.


After raising a family, my husband and I are enjoying the serenity of empty nesting. I was 46 when the last kid left for college, so that year my password and/or username became serene_46 to reflect what was going on in my life.


My user name isn't that creative - my eldest daughter's name is Cecilia and my youngest daughter is named Sofia. At home we often call them Ceci and Fifi so that's how I came up with my user name - CeciFifi.

Fun thread.


How fun :D

Mine is a nickname that my younger sib's call me that I've always despised, lol. Then I moved 1000 miles away, and missed them all terribly, it was the least I could do. :p


mine is parts of each of my three names-first middle last. Not that creative :(:D Actually, I joined this Cathe site six years ago and was off it for a few years and could not for the life of me remember my sign on name, also during that time I changed my I was up a creek because I could not use the old name since I didn't know it and had to make a name that would be difficult to forget....based on my own!


Mine is my aunt's first name. She is originally from Spain. Her name is so beautiful and mine is so boring. I couldn't help myself.



This is a fun thread so I'll just jump in with mine. Ok, I'm a huge huge fan of a Tv series that got cancelled by the evil network. The tv show is "Roswell" I have a huge crush on Jason Behr's character, Max Evans. Max's girlfriend Liz and her friend Maria would refer to the alien hybrids, Max, Isabel (Max's Sister), and Michael, as Czechoslavkians was there code word to refer to the alien hybrids. So, I came up with Czechfan, because I'm fan of the Roswell Czechoslavakians. I love that show! I even wrote some fan fiction because of it about five years ago.

Have a great day!;)


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