The Challnegers July 10


Morning girls

Im fixing to head out the door to walk my dog for thirty minutes,thats the only workouts ive gottne in this week. Im loving this recovery week:)

Sorry i was MIA yesterday,wasn't having a very good day:-( i got turned down for that intership(after i thought i had nailed it) and well took it pretty hard:-(. Im still trying to pick myself up and continue on my quest for a job. I won't give up:)

I will bbl,ive got my neice/sister spending the night with me so i need to do some cleaning! BBL:)


Good Morning,

Well here is the bad stuff I ate while on the road, Brkfst ceral, lunch 1/4 of a burrito(probably not even that much didn't like it) and a banana split sonic blast. Supper was grilled steak. I will do better today. Tonites workout is MM upper body.

Jean-I was doing rounds every 12 weeks next time is 16 weeks because of the price of gas.

Ameli-sorry to hear about the job just keep your head up and something will come along.

Have a good day everyone.


Hi everyone.

Amelia, so sorry to hear about the internship. DD didn't get her's either. What a drag. Hopefully something else will come along.

Roxie, Sonic Blasts are so good(and yet so bad). We have a Sonic right down the street that I drive by almost every day. I won't have one for months and then I'll have a craving and then I have to have one. My favorite is the Reese's PB cup one.

Today's workout was Bi's and Tris from 4DS. Made it to spin class so I figured I better leave off the cardio this morning.

Hello to all who check in later.


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