The Challengers July 6


Morning Challengers

we there not a thread yesterday?

We took the kids to the GA Aquarium yesterday and there is two words to describe the experience...Expensive and Crowded x(x(! There should be a limit on how many people they can sell tickets too(im sure there is and they had to be close to it yesterday)i mean OMG :eek: We won't be going back,it wasn't worth the money:-(. oh, and if i could add the word frustrating as well;-)!I can't even begin to describe all the crap we went through at that place:+.

Today is LIC,i need to work it out with cathe today;-)


Good Morning,

Didn't workout yesterday by the time I vaccumed 18 stairs 2 landings and 3 rooms I figured I got a workout. Today is stretch day and rest day start a new rotation tomarrow I think it will be cathes intermediate rotation or FF intermediate fat burning rotation. I have thought about repeating FF Summer 07 Rotation I saw good results with it.

Amelia-there was a thread yesterday it was called weekend challengers. Sorry you didn't have fun at the aquarium. Enjoy LIC its my favorite.

Have a good day to everyone that follows.


Peeking in....

Hi all! Sorry I have been MIA, summer has been super busy! I miss checking in with you all! I hope everyone is having a fantastic fourth of July weekend!

Amelia, sorry you had such a cruddy time at the aquarium yesterday. Hopefully LIC will be the therapy that you need!

Roxie, all that cleaning is a wo! Enjoy your rest day! I did FF's summer 2008 rotation and got great results with that. You might want to try that next to mix things up a bit.

I am in rotation limbo land right now. I was on vacation last week and then this week I was training for a 5K. I am going to start Cathe's July '08 rotation tomorrow with modifications to add more running. I am doing another 5K in August so I want to focus on building up my endurance.

Have a great Sunday all! Hopefully I will see you all more than just once a month!:7

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