The ripple effect on my life


Thank you for sharing your story. I hope that each day gets better and better for you. (((((((HUGS TO YOU!))))))
I loved meeting you on the 07RT and discussing how we were both "step-challenged".

Take care!


Thank you everyone. I hesitated posting this but I can't help but think there may be someone(s) out there in Cathe-land who is struggling with a difficult decision and maybe this will help them see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is OK to make a positive change, however difficult it may be. I know for a long time I felt trapped, isolated, confused and most of all - just plain scared. I feel none of those things anymore and am finally sleeping at night without meds. Now that I'm almost single, I wonder why I waited so long. Life is good...and short!!


(hugs) from your South Carolina neighbor! I would love to meet the Cathe Workout Girls from Atlanta, I am only 4 hours away. That would be really cool!

wake up eager

Put me on the ATL list...

...if ATL Cathe-land folks get together again, and you're open to a new edition, I'd love to come. I'm in Marietta/Roswell area. Tess, I went through something similar in 1990's. Today, I am re-married, this time, to my soul-mate and living the life I always wanted. I see the very best and more for you. Take care, Suzie


awww jeeez

I swore I wouldn't get all misty before my run this morning, too late now. I hope things go well for you and if you would like to join us in the yoga check in please do:)



you KNOW i am never on the forums anymore, except for something important, and you are important. so, here i am! i know, big tada! anyway, you know i am here for you (luckily, i get to be here for you in person) and sending lots of hugs. {{{{{TERESA}}}}}

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