Thank You Chicago Road Trippers!


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A huge thank you and a super-sized group hug to all our Chicago Roadtrippers!!!! As each day passes the post road trip blues are setting in deeper and deeper. What a weekend it was! So much happy energy and crazy fun rolled into one weekend that we almost forgot how hard we worked (NOT ). From the moment we “kicked” off Friday night, to the final hugs on Sunday morning, we had hearts full of strength and fire! Speaking of fire, how could we forget that hotel fire alarm going off at 2:45 am just hours before our early Saturday morning group photo and day full of workouts ahead of us But not to worry, we never missed a beat (rep or extra set either )!

To all of my first time RoadTrippers, you were amazing! You settled right in, made new friends and showed me your game face each and every class! Many of you even came right to the front row and embraced the challenge! I truly enjoyed meeting you and I loved our special chat time at dinner! And of course, to all of my return RoadTrippers, you never cease to amaze me with your loyalty, love and endless energy! Thank you for coming back time and time again to join me in making wonderful new memories! You are like family to me. Our community means so very much to me and you are all proof that it’s a huge part of all of us.

I’m sure this morning we are still waking up to a tad of muscle soreness to remind us of the sweat and (happy) tears we shed. Stay strong, Cathletes! I hope to see all of you again very soon, and until then I’m always just a workout away!

Healthy Hugs (topped with bonus reps )


I had sooooo much fun!! Just came back to these forums (after 10 years I think ...ahhh) and got an on-demand subscription! Sooo excited! Yay!

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