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Insanity is a chunk of change so I need some more info before I buy it (wish there were some more detailed clips). Anyway, I want something hard and I know this will be, but I'm leery that after one workout my knees will be toast. For reference my knees are achy after alot of jumping jacks and moves like Cathe's fast feet shuffles using the step. I love Burpees b/c they are tough and dont kill my knees, and if I do moves like a slow plyo jack my knees dont ache as much as when I do faster more jarring regular jumping jacks. So.....would I have to modify too much to get a good workout?? If so, I really dont want to spend the money. Are there some dvds in the series I could do all the way thru with no modifications? Some where I'd only have to modify here and there?? Or should I forget this series altogether?? My Bday is coming up so I dont my hubby spending the money on this if it really isnt a good option for me.



It is very high impact but easy on the knees IMO. Ofcourse, I don't have any issues with my knees either so that may not help you. He does do jumping jacks in every warm up just so you know. Not sure if you would get the most out of these work outs but BB DOES offer a 30 day money back garuntee so you COULD try them and return them if they aren't for you!



I am currently doing an Insanity rotation, and here's what I can say. I do have a knee that gives me a problem from time to time, and has been acting up a bit, but not bad enough to make me stop Insanity. I do modify quite a bit, but am still getting pretty good results. The key is to go to at your own pace. Sure, you may look at the screen and see the crew, doing jumping jacks at blazing speed. I've learned to just use them as my guide, but I focus on myself. If my heart-rate seems to be elevating quickly, I modify the arm movement. I would say everything is modifiable. People who are truly "Insane", lol, may read this and say, then why bother with the videos?. But the truth is I do modify these workouts quite a bit. Sometimes hitting the floor for those burpees, or whatever Shaun throws in, is a bit much for me, so I'll just do my own thing. Sometimes it's Power Squats, followed by high knees or a sprint. I'm making Insanity work for me and enjoying it so far. I'm just completing my 4th week, and next week is my active recovery week. I don't blame you for wanting to find out more about the series before investing in it. It's definitely not cheap.

Not sure if you are aware, but on the VFF forums, sometimes people will loaner trade. If you have something that's popular, some people will temporarily trade. I've seen people trading CLX for Insanity temporarily. It's something to think about.

Good luck with your decision :)
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Although I like Insanity very much but I have to say my knee problem started to flare up after the second week on it. Now that I have stop doing it, my knee problems had subsided.
Guess it all depends on how you can take to it. I don't want to go through not being able to get down the steps or can't get up when I stoop down so have to stop Insanity.

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