Tank Top Rotation Update


At least you know where it is….mine still says shipment received…package acceptance
pending, Glassboro, Monday, 5:29pm. It got scanned at the truck pickup, and that’s it.

or should I say, tracking # got scanned…actual package did not.
I’ve had stuff like that happen before with packages. It would show it had been picked up then no movement for a few days and then poof! It would show it had been processed at the north Houston facility. I hope you get yours on time. My package is a small fish in a very very big pond! :cool:


Mine arrived today, a day before estimated delivery date.
I tracked it the entire way and was excited to see it was being delivered today instead of tomorrow! aqua girl, i hope you get yours quickly, especially since you paid for expedited shipping.


I just tracked mine and it’s now in Dallas, Texas! Dallas is about 4 hours north of Houston! Even if I’m not able to pick it up til Monday, I’d actually rather wait until I’ve printed all the worksheets. Those make my workout so much smoother because I know what exercises are coming up and what weights to have handy.


My plans to incorporate STS 2.0 into this week's tank top rotation hit a snag when I had trouble with my printer (still haven't fixed it). I was planning to do Upper Body 1, Lower Body 1 and Giant Sets as new workouts. I grabbed my laptop, plugged in the Upper Body 1 disc and started typing my own worksheet of exercises. I was going to print it and then go exercise by exercise to write down weight loads. When I went back to the printer, I kept getting a message the printer was "offline". I was perplexed and did all possible troubleshooting. The printer is on wifi and connected, so that's not the problem. I spent over an hour messing with it and never even got to hit play on Upper Body 1. I ran out of time and my husband kept telling me to give it a break and come watch some sports - Indy, golf and baseball were dominating our TV today. I did hook up a USB cable and print the stuff I'd typed, but never got to preview any of the workouts and write down weight loads, so that's put on hold until I get a chance to actually see the workouts. I'm just going to wait until Cathe posts the worksheets with the users guide. I was just so excited to start something new, but the printer thing was maddening.

This week will be:

M- Pyramid Upper Body

T- Pyramid Lower Body

W- STS Meso 3: Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps

Th- Cardio TBD

F- Total Body Giant Sets

S- Cardio Slam

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