Survey results in several parts!


Thanks to everyone who completed the recent survey about Cathe's Workouts.

The results of the survey will follow in the several entries in this new thread. I will separate the results into categories because putting them all in one posting looks ridiculous due to length. I hope this is useful to folks.


Survey Part 1: demographics

79 survey respondents

How many hours on average do you exercise per week?
7-9 hours is most common with 46% of respondents.
40% exercise 4-6 hours/ week
6.4% exercise 10-12 hours/ week
6.4% exercise more than 12 hours per week
1.3% exercise less than 3 hours/ week.

What statement best describes you as an exerciser?
“Devoted exerciser” was the most common with 32% of respondents.
26.6% are called “fanatics” sometimes.
10% are moderate exercisers
1.3% are just getting started with exercise.

What percentage of your exercise is with Cathe workouts?
80-100% was the most common answer with 61% of respondents
22.8% exercise with Cathe 60-79% of the time
11.4% exercise with Cathe 40-59% of the time.
3.8% exercise with Cathe 20-39% of the time.
1.3% exercise with cathe less than 20% of the time.


Survey Part 2: Workout Ratings

Workout ratings in terms of difficulty. Used a 1-10 scale:
1 indicates an easy workout suitable for beginners
5 indicates a moderate intensity workout suitable for intermediate exercisers
10 indicates a very advanced workout that is a challenge even for the advanced exerciser

To The Max was rated as the most difficult workout with an average score of 9.42.

By Workout Type, organized with most difficulty listed first:


Cardio Core Circuit 8.84
Drill max 8.58
Boday max 2 8.57
Boot Camp 8.24
Low Impact Athletic Training 8.17
High Step Challenge 8.16
Body Max (1) 8.06
High Step Training 7.91
Step Pump and Jump 7.60
Xtrain Super Cuts 7.60
Circuit Max 7.59
Circuit blast 7.44
Power Circuit (Cross train Xpress) 7.20
Low Impact Circuit 7.17
High Step Circuit 6.93
cardio and Weights 6.69
Travel Fit 6.02


Hardcore Extreme 9.28
Terminator (Gauntlet) 9.12
Terminator (IMAX Extreme) 9.09
Terminator (Viper) 9.00
Timesaver 6.77


Butts and Guts (Abs Only) 7.52
Core Max Stability Ball 7.47
Core Max Med Ball 7.46
Core max no equip 7.19
Ab Circuits 6.93
Ab Hits 6.28

Indoor Cycle:

Low Impact Cycle Max 8.73
Xtrain Ride 8.71

Interval Cardio:

To The Max 9.42
Xtrain tabatacise 9.37
IMAX 3 9.33
HIIT 9.23
Crossfire 8.97
Intensity 8.92
Low Impact Afterburn 8.60
IMAX 2 8.56
Internval max 8.28
Xtrain All Out Low Impact HIIT 7.51
Step and Intervals (cross Train Xpress) 7.25

Lower Body Weights:

Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast 8.38
Butts and Guts 8.12
Pyramid Lower Body 7.81
Gym Style Legs 7.81
Lower Body Blast 7.70
Slow and Heavy Pure Strength Legs 7.53
Low Impact Lower Body Trisets 7.17
Leaner Legs 7.16
Xtrain Legs 7.15
Legas and Glutes 7.06
Pure Strength Strong Legs and Abs 7.00
Low Impact Turbo Barre 6.51

Other (Non-Step) Cardio:
Maximum Intensity cardio 8.46
4 Day Split Bootcamp 7.98
Xtrain Hard Strikes 7.63
Low Impact cardio Super Sets 7.59
Kick Max 7.37
Kick Punch Crunch 7.22
4 Day Split Kickbox 7.04
MMA Fusion 6.83
10-10-10 (Cross Train Xpress) 6.67
MMA Boxing 6.63
Cardio Kicks 6.56
Kickbox (Cross Train Xpress) 6.50
Low Impact Slide and Glide 6.45
MMA Kickbox 6.32

Step Cardio:

Step Blast 7.64
4 Day Split Higher Intensity Step 7.27
Rhythmic Step 7.23
Step Works (Cardio Hits) 7.16
Power Max (Cardio Hits) 7.09
Athletic Step 7.06
Cardio Fusion 7.00
Low Impact challenge Step Aerobics 6.95
Low max 6.93
Step Moves 6.82
4 Day Split Lower Intensity Step 6.75
All Step (Cross Train Xpress) 6.74
Step Fit (Cardio Hits) 6.72
Step jam (Classics) 6.64
Step max (Classics) 6.57
Step Heat (Classics) 6.14
Low Impact Step 5.89
Basic Step 3.03

Total Body Weights:

STS Total Body Workout 8.28
High Reps 7.95
Muscle Max 7.91
Muscle Endurance 7.67
Maximum Intensity Strength 7.58
Power Hour 7.23
Super Sets 6.42
Push Pull 6.04

Upper Body Weights:

Pyramid Upper Body 7.85
Xtrain Burns Sets 7.70
Gym Style Chest and Triceps 7.63
Xtrain Chest, Back and Shoulders 7.59
Xtrain Bis and Tris 7.52
Slow and Heavy Triceps and Biceps 7.49
Slow and Heavy Chest and Back 7.45
Slow and Heavy Legs and Shoulders 7.43
Gym Style Back, Shoulders, Biceps 7.42
Low Impact Upper Body Trisets 7.41
Pure Strength Chest Shoulders and Triceps 6.68
Pure Strength Back, Biceps and Abs 6.58

Yoga/ Stretch:

Low Impact Yoga Max 4.10
Low Impact Yoga relax 3.87
Stretch max 3.49
Total Body Stretching 3.13


Survey Part 4: Comments about working out with Cathe

Comments entered for why we like to work out with Cathe:

. Cathe's workout are so fun...the cuing is excellent. I love cathe's motivational quotes, Jokes including the cheeky ones! Content is so varied. videos are so well chaptered full of premixes.
. Cathe's workouts are IMO better than gym workouts as far as intensity, and results! She's easy to follow, thorough and she has a great personality!
. Challanging!
. Challenging! Great music and teaching style. No nonsense creative approach. Because Cathe just ROCKS!
. Encouraging. Very doable whatever level I am at.
. Exceptional quality of workouts, queuing, and DVDs
. extreme challenge, tons of premixes, great personality/ leadership, motivates me to continue, role model
. Fun
. great cueing, huge variety, upbeat attitude, encouragement, difficulty
. Great full-body workout at home
. Her form is perfect, she is not intimidating and she is very down to earth. I feel like we are old friends. Most importantly, she delivers results and she is continually coming out with something new.
. Her quality is unbeatable, her cuing is impeccable, her personality is likeable and encouraging, her moves are effective and she motivates me to push hard and to do my best more than any other instructor I have ever tried. I love Cathe and her workouts have given me great results over the years.
. Her workout are straight forward, she cues great and is professional at all times. I also LOVE the girls on the sets.
. Her workouts are intense, she wastes not time, her personality, and the fact that she pushes me hard.
. Her workouts are so much fun.
. Her workouts are the hardest you can buy. The quality of filming, cueing and cast is unbeatable. Her workouts are so varied and fun while also pushing you to your limits. There is no one else like her!
. I always feel challenged and have a new goal to work towards, or something new to learn. And because the workouts are fun and interesting to do.
. I can do the parts of the routines that I enjoy the most and I love experimenting with the premixes.
. I get results with her. She has great cues, information and overall just fantastic instruction - easy to follow.
. I know I can get through the workout - she times it just right, so that when I'm about to give up, I get a small break, which boosts me......and on I go!
. I love Cathe's professionalism, form pointers, energy, humor, human-ness, and that she's always all about the work and not about appearances.
. I love, love her queuing! I am motivated by her positive encouragement and simple direction. I feel like I've been working out with a group of friends for the last 4 years. :)
. I'm relatively new to Cathe. I've tried other workouts by other trainers, and the dread factor with them is huge. Ive built up my Cathe collection to about 40 DVD's and each new one I get is better than the last. Cathe is friendly, professional, and effective. My family knows not to mess with my Cathe collection! lol. I'm in the best shape of my life because of Cathe and clean eating.
. It's always a great work out. Excellent cueing and just plan fun to do. You may need to qualify difficulty. Is the work out difficult because of the choreography or is the weight cathe is lifting to heavy making the work out impossible ;)?
. Of her music, the way she puts together effective workouts, and her personality.
. she actually challenges me and provides overall balance and good quality
. She and her crew keep me motivated. She's always up to date on the latest in fitness; she's diverse and knowledgeable; most important she cares about the quality of the products she produces from the DVDs (just listening to what she puts into creating new routines for her next series) to the accessories. If it's got "CATHE" on it; I trust it to be of the best quality.
. She challenges me like no other trainer, works me harder than any other trainer and still makes it lots of fun.
. She Challenges me!!!
. She challenges me. Also the workouts are on trend and very effective.
. she comes across very normal and not fake, she puts out high quality dvds and they are really fun and effective and I don't have to leave my house to do them.
. she fun, professional, has a great set and cast and I love her newer music.
. She has a wide variety of different challenging workouts, along with a pleasing personality.
. she is a very good trainer. Her work outs are fun to do
. She is challenging and educational. I love her teaching style, personality and quality of her DVDs. She puts her heart and soul into every workout and cares about her fans. I also love the fact she does the entire workout with you and does not just walk around giving form pointers. You can observe her form, as well as her wonderful crew, the entire time. She also uses great music.
. She is close to my age, professional, and never 'cutsey' annoying, and she is tough. Most home video workouts are insulting and that everyone is a beginner and will never progress past this stage.
. She is encouraging and I always feel stronger after completing her workouts.
. She is freaking awesome - endearing yet tough, motivating, workouts never get old.
. She is motivating in both her actions and her physique. Her queuing is spot on and she never bugs me no matter how many times I repeat a DVD. Her workouts are always cutting edge and advanced.
. She is motivating, keeps things new and fresh, time goes quickly and I get results.
. She is the best at what she does. I really can't workout to any other instructor.
. She is THE BEST TRAINER, I ever worked with her workouts and her techniques are addictive.
. She keeps me engaged and challenged.
. She keeps me motivated and I love the quality of her workouts there is so much variety. All body parts are worked out very well. I feel Iike I'm working out with other people.
. She keeps things new, she challenges and at the same time encourages.
. She's a great instructor and challenges me to go beyond what I think I'm capable of. She gives extremely helpful cues on form and technique. She encourages you to do something else if you don't like what she's doing. I love her site and I just love Cathe. I get results with Cathe. I'm in better shape and am pushing myself to do more.
. She's an inspiration
. She's effective!
. She's fun and motivating without yelling. Her workouts are well thought-out, thorough and they feel good to my body.
. She's in a league of her own!!!!!
. She's my age and tough as nails but sweet as can be!
. The music, her personality. Her workouts are hard!! But fun and never boring.
. The number one reason is results! Other reasons: fun and challenging workouts, professional production, variety of workouts available, and did I mention results?
. The toughest and most effective trainer in the video fitness industry. Her cuing is excellent, her form is impeccable, she is funny and motivating. Her w/o's yield amazing results. Cathe is DA BOMB!
. the workouts are hard and she cues wonderfully.
. These are so well done.
. thorough, challenging as heck, well-balanced, classy (i.e. not obnoxious)
. Variety of strength training routines....I don't enjoy the cardio portions of the dvd though (lack of coordination on my part).
. Variety, great cueing, fast results, great music, excellent production of videos, so many premixes provide endless variety


Survey Part 3 Correction: favorites and struggles (struggle numbers were wrong in fi

Favorite Workouts:

All workouts receiving 5 or more votes as a favorite are listed with number of votes received.

Cross Fire 24
To The Max 18
Low Impact Afterburn 17
XTrain Cardio Leg Blast 13
Body Max 2 11
Imax 2 11
STS series 9
XTrain Burn Sets 9
XTrain Tabatacise 9
Kick Punch and Crunch 8
Low Impact Athletic Training 8
Muscle Max 8
Step Blast 8
Low impact step circuit 7
XTrain Super Cuts 7
Butts and Guts 6
Intensity 6
Xtrain Hard Strikes 6
Drill Max 5
Gym Style Chest & Triceps 5
Imax 3 5
Low impact challenge 5
Pyramid Upper Body 5
Rhythmic Step 5

All workouts receiving 5 or more votes as being a struggle to do are listed with number of votes received.
Tabatacise 13
Cardio Core 11
Cross Fire 11
Intensity 10
Drill Max 9
To The Max 9
Afterburn 8
Hiit 40'/20 8
IMAX 3 8
All complex step workouts 6
Athletic Step 5
Gym Style Legs 5
Terminator 5


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. This looks like it was a huge task to complete! I really enjoyed reviewing and reading all the comments. Again, thank you!

Thanks so much for compiling and sharing this.

Uhh I enjoyed reading comments about why we love working out with cathe.

I recognised straight my own comment from your list above wow.
Great job, this will come in handy for sure.

Kind Regards,


Awesome job! Now it should be a sticky.

sleeping mom - Thank You for doing this, like the original Ultimate Guide to Cathe Workouts it's refreshing to see and gives some idea of what some of the newer Cathe workouts are like.

Well Done.


so helpful!

This was so helpful! Thank you!! It just inspired me to order 5 more dvds. :)

This will be so helpful to me when doing a rotation and looking for a substitute for a workout I don't have.


Sleepingmom was obviously NOT getting her sleep during this survey!!!!:p
It was so much fun to see how other folks feel about Cathe's workouts! I just ordered the Slow & Heavy series (based on "Natty the Enabler's" and other's recommendations, plus the fact that is was Deal of the Day) and see that it is rated as a toughie!!!! I am so glad I made this purchase (can't wait 'til it arrives!)! I'm sure this survey will help a lot of people to make the right choice between workouts!
THANK-YOU for foregoing your rest to do this!


Sleepingmom was obviously NOT getting her sleep during this survey!!!!:p
It was so much fun to see how other folks feel about Cathe's workouts! I just ordered the Slow & Heavy series (based on "Natty the Enabler's" and other's recommendations, plus the fact that is was Deal of the Day) and see that it is rated as a toughie!!!! I am so glad I made this purchase (can't wait 'til it arrives!)! I'm sure this survey will help a lot of people to make the right choice between workouts!
THANK-YOU for foregoing your rest to do this!

You are very welcome! The "sleeping mom" moniker is more of a wish than a reality dating back to when my kids were babies and not very good sleepers! S

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