Summer Fun


Its hit the 90s here in CA. So, as far as I'm concerned, its summer. What kind of fun things do you gals have planned for summer? Fitness or otherwise?

For fun: A trip back home to show off our 5 month old baby girl to friends and family who haven't met her yet!

For fitness: My 4th round of STS.


I am here in Calif. too. I am in the SFO Bay area and it WAS warm today. I am glad DH and I started our bike ride at 8 am! We were done by 10:30 and it was starting to get to hot for me to ride in.

This summer I am working all summer because I just started a new job! So the most fun I suppose I will have and am looking forward to just keeping my fitness up and my workouts on and gaining in fitness and not in weight!


I live in the bay area too. I got out on my paddle board and enjoyed the weather. I am going to get a kayak this summer and hopefully do some longer trips. The traffic out to the beach was crazy. I had trouble just trying to get to the store I am so gad I didn't plan on heading out there. Hopefully this summer I can play a lot more and get some hiking in.


Fun - stay inside in the AC!!! I'm a winter girl :)

Fitness - marathon # 2 on 05/05 (which is still spring around here :D:p) and I start STS # 4(or 5?) in June. Goal by the end is to bench and squat my body weight, and be able to do all those pushups. I'd like to be able to dead lift my body weight, but I have ongoing back issues that appear to be more "on" than "off" now. Hopefully by June they'll be "off"

Also, almost to my goal weight. 2.5 lbs to go and I'm at the 100 lbs lost mark. These last 10 have been hanging around forever,but I think I've got them beat!!



Don't have summer plans yet, but chiming in to say.... another Nor Cal girl here. Heading down to Berkeley this afternoon to see two of my sons. :D:D:D

LOVE LOVE LOVE the weather. Rain is in the forecast for next week, so soak it up while you can ladies.


I'm with spyrosmom - chillin' indoors in the AC!! As soon as it hits 82, I'm done. The only thing I like about summer is sitting outside in the evening and having margaritas and guacamole. Oh, and summer shoes!! Otherwise, I much prefer winter.


Ahhh Summer fun :cool:. I still have 2 more months of crappy weather and then bust out those tank tops!

My Summer includes trips to the beach, splash pad, zoo, amusement park, BBQ fun w/beer, long walks, provincial parks, hiking and trails. I have to "get it all in" before September hits :(.

Fitness: STS May, June, July !!! :eek:


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