I've had some guests recently from Sweden. They are workout hounds and wanted to try my Cathe DVDs.
Their English is quite good, but they understand British accents better than American ones.

Do you offer subtitles or do you offer other formats for European languages and formats?
Thanks in advance.

Anyone who knows this answer please reply.

I have been working out cathe for 8 years now. I am bilingual French and English. French is my mother tongue.
I do speak british english having lived there for more than ten years:).

I never had any issue to understand cathe's instructions. There is no subtitle in Cathe's dvds I am afraid.

Kind Regards,
I understand your friends not wanting to shell out money if they are afraid that they won't understand what she says. Ask your friends to contact me at [email protected]. I live in Sweden and have a bunch of DVD's I don't use anymore because I have subscribed to streaming. I speak and write fluent Swedish so they don't have to worry.


Cathe Friedrich

Hi loneswaneast,
No, unfortunately we don't but thank you for your interest. I hope your guests can continue to enjoy my workouts.

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