STS Total Body


Hello, I will be starting STS next week and was thinking of adding STS Total Body to the rotation. Do you think that would be overkill?

Monday: upper body
Tuesday: cardio
Wednesday: lower body
Thursday: upper body
Friday: cardio
Saturday: total body
Sunday: day off



BTW your kitty picture is soooo cute! I have two gray tigers, myself, and can appreciate the pose.

As far as the rotation goes-I would recommend trying it and seeing if you and your body can handle it. It depends how heavy you go, which mesocycle you're on, and how long you need to recover.

I'm currently doing the 3 month STS/LIS rotation from Jan. 2012 and the basic structure is:

Monday: upper body
Tuesday: lower body leg weights
Wednesday: upper body
Thursday: circuit
Friday: step/bike
Saturday: circuit
Sunday off

I'm really enjoying it and it's undulating, so I am never bored! I let myself other low impact workouts when I want for variety and feel really good on this schedule.



Hi Beth, unfortunately that is not my is an "exercise cat" I found on the internet. I wish mine would pose but he mostly sleeps. Lol! I have a tuxedo cat but grey tigers certainly are beautiful.

I've completed 2lazy4gym's 8 week rotation which included the total body which is why I'd like to keep it up.

I'm going to give it a go and see if my body enjoys it. Thanks you for sharing the sts/lis structure, it looks good too. You can't go wrong with Cathe.

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