STS Check In Disc 34

Cathe Friedrich

Wow Everyone! I cannot believe we are in the VERY LAST week of STS. Actually I'm feeling kind of emotional about it (ok, go ahead and laugh :D). If you have already done this workout, we want to hear about it !!! Did you get 5% stronger?


I actually did this disc today because I will not have an opportunity to do it Monday. I was so imprressed with my strength gains. For the flatbench presses, I was actually 10% stronger than my w/o card projected. I absolutely LOVE STS :)!!!! Oh, and for the other exercises, I was right on target with my weight; struggling for that 8th rep. But, I managed to get all 8. I am feeling very accomplished.
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WOW! I cannot believe I finished STS! Last night I did Disc 36 and I actually teared up from the emotional release of completing such an awesome series! I recommend it to everyone who asks (They want to know how I got my arms!) and I link to you frequently on Facebook!

Cathe, Thank you for all of the hard work and love you put into all that you do. YOU ROCK!!!!!


I completed this workout earlier this afternoon. The weights listed on my workout card were spot on! I was able to get all 8 reps on all the exercises but probably couldn't get 9. I think it helped that I re-did my 1RMs based on what I lifted during week 2. It is such a pleasant surprise to be able to bench and do flys with as much as I am.

I can not believe this is our last week! I think I am taking the summer off of STS and then will start up again in the fall/winter. It will give me something to look forward to during the gray days in NE Ohio!



I finished this workout early this morning. I met the target weight--tho some felt HEAVY-and completed all 8 reps. When I first looked at the w/o card I thought this would be a piece of cake. Well not so. I actually have mastered those horizontal 1 arm rows during STS. I had found them impossible to do previously unless I used really light weight. What to do after this week when STS is finished. I hope Cathe has some ideas and suggestion.


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I finished last week but have been travelling for a week so I was not able to reply sooner. My strength has increased on the last week of STS by atleast ten percent if not even a little more. I had shoulder surgery 2 years ago to repair a SLAP tear and have really not been able to lift very heavy with that shoulder if much at all. I am now lifting great with it and for the first time in years it's almost stronger than the other one.
I am dissapointed that STS is over, kind of feel like what to do next? Maybe I will start it all over again, any suggestions?? Thanks Cathe, I loved it!!!!!


I cannot believe this is the last week :(! I've had a great time with STS and with the check-in here :).

Yes, I did get stronger :D! And to think I was seriously wondering from one cycle to the next how I was going to go any heavier :eek:!

I made a mistake on the bent rows and wondered why I was struggling so much - until I realized I was using 10# more than I should have :eek:. No wonder I couldn't get full range of motion or hang in there with the weight :rolleyes:.

I also had to go down 1.5# (each side) for safety's sake on the chest presses - but was only able to force out 2 extra reps before exhausting completely. So not too shabby there, either :).


What a difference just two little reps make!!:eek: My weight was dead-on from last week and I was just barely able to push it out by rep 8!:D S-u-c-c-e-s-s. I am 5% stronger and 100% more confident. Thanks to all the tips and info between sets I am also smarter.;) Who knew?
Cathe, I wish there was a cute little icon here to send you a high-five!:cool:


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Disk 34 Chest and Back

I just completed this workout, and yes, the 5% method does work! :D I am still amazed at the amount of weight I am able to lift now. I feel stronger than I ever have...and in only 3 months!!! I ordered the STS Cardio, so once I receive that I will do STS again with the STS cardio. Can't wait!
Although I have achieved overall gains, at this point I'd have to say my biggest strength gains have been in my chest and leg work. I still have some excess weight and flab to lose, but I can see that I am now well on my way to reaching my goals. Thanks everyone for all the support! I have enjoyed this check in very much. Good luck everyone! :cool:

Cathe Friedrich

Hi All, I almost forgot to post my workout. Well I am definitely 5% stronger and feel great. At times during the workout I thought I could have gone heavier for at least the first or second set, but then by the time I got to the last set I was glad I didn't as it was very hard too get that final rep out.

Wow, what an empowering feeling to put that kind of weight up. I felt like singing "I am woman hear me roar"...:D:D:D

Just two more STS workouts left :(, I am admittedly sad about that. But it's nice to see I am not alone in my feelings on that.

Ok, I'm going to try to make myself get sleepy. G'nite fellow STS'ers :)


Insomnia Stinks !!!

Sorry, Cathe and followers.....I did do disc 34 today and I will comment on it, but also saw that Cathe was having trouble getting to sleep and here I am too, sitting here all night and I know I'm not going to sleep , and it's the pits !
In fact, I have suffered so long from insomnia that I finally gave in and filled a prescription for a sleep med and took it at 9:20 LAST night and I am still awake !!!
I know I won't sleep at all tonight and then tomorrow I will be dragging myself around in a state of exhaustion.
Okay, that's it. Just wanted to say you are not alone Cathe and maybe to vent a little.

Back and Chest was awesome. I am sad, sad , sad that this is the last week, only 2 workouts left. I will really miss it !!!!

I feel stronger and look better. My teenage daughter told me the other day that I have "seriously muscular a man !" hmmmm not sure about that last part , but I think it was a compliment ..??
I see the most improvement in my arms & shoulders.

What's everyone doing after their recovery week ?? I'm looking for ideas !!



Hi Cathe and STS Warriors,

I can't believe this is the last week of STS. Oh, that reminds me are we doing a checkin for Discs #37-40 ? I wasn't sure what was going on with that. If you've mentioned it early on in STS, I must have missed it and would appreciate the info.

STS-Meso 3 week 4, Disc #34 Chest & Back= 68 minutes
calories burned= 528

I'm super late tonight. I had lots of interruptions when doing STS Disc#34. So, I just finished it and it was another good one. I like finishing up with dumbells that felt nice. I also felt like the weight I was using as per the workout card and my 1 rep max was dead on. Great workout today. I did feel that the 8th rep on the third set definitely did make me work hard to lift that weight up to complete the rep, but I probably couldn't have done more with good form, so I guess that's the right weight for me then. Yes, I have experienced strength gains in this Meso 3 and through out the program. On this Meso, I have been lifting 5, 10% more than what it says on my workout card. I'm counting that as real progress. I love STS it definitely is the bomb!:D

Great job everyone on this STS workout, see ya all next STS check in.




I did it!!! I even added weight on a couple of exercises to round up the weight and use a plate rather than an "add on" (about 2 pounds on flat chest press and one or two other exercises) so I may even be about 6% stronger. :p I started rows thinking "Why is this so hard?" (I use the small adjustable dbs where you use plates from the barbell) Well, on set 2 I noticed my weight was 5 lbs heavier than it should have been. No wonder!!! I was happy to see that my REAL weight was manageable for 8 reps. :)



Hi Cathe,

I'm hoping you will see my question here. I am soo bummed. I have been doing STS right along with you, and suddenly on Sunday, I developed a really bad pain on my right shoulder. I have not been able to get on with the last week of STS, and feel like I made it this far, and I just want to finish this rotation strong. I originally had hoped, I could get going again with Chest/Back tomorrow, but now it's looking like I'll need at least a full week of no weights. What are your thoughts on this? Should I complete my last week of Meso 3, next week, and just give my body some healing time? I trust your judgment, and would love to hear your imput. I am just soo bummed to have come this far, and suffer an injury at the very end of the rotation.

I love STS, and will definitely do another rotation soon :) Thanks Cathe.


Phew! We're into the home stretch! I did Chest & Back, wk 4, early Saturday morning. Got a great pump in the chest, and a very fatigued back. I did very well with the weight loads, they seemed right on, except for the incline presses. I failed early with those, so lowered the weight a bit, but never managed to quite eek out a full 8 reps. Oh well. Failure is good.



I completed STS on Friday and am in my final recovery week. I was truly amazed at the weights I was able to lift. I definitely struggled to get the 8th rep on some exercises but man I am feeling strong. You don't want to meet up with me in a dark alley, haha! I'm sportin some pretty defined arms and am showing those babies off. My legs are slimmer and I've started running and adding that to my recovery weeks and cardio days. I've had some major strength gains and definition and with that comes plenty of confidence. Thanks Cathe for all you do. I think I love you, haha!



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When can we do it again??? People are actually asking me about my muscle tone and where I work out.
Thanks Cathe, I am going thru a tough spot in life with my awesome dad and mom getting older. Dad suffered a stroke last week and although he is better the stress is overwhelming. Thanks for your STS outlet, there are times I dread the workout but soooo happy I accomplished it in the end.

larks mom

Yes! Stronger!

Wow Everyone! I cannot believe we are in the VERY LAST week of STS. Actually I'm feeling kind of emotional about it (ok, go ahead and laugh :D). If you have already done this workout, we want to hear about it !!! Did you get 5% stronger?

I finished STS almost 2 wks ago, passed the "test" and felt great about that, but I was afraid it was simply a part of STS. The recovery week was welcome (and necessary). This week so far for weight workouts I've done Push and Pull, and Muscle Max with HEAVIER weights than ever before and I DID IT!!! :) I was tempted to cheat with bicep curls but said "hey you did before, you can at least try". So glad I did.

Summer is physically strenuous for me, I turned compost piles today, so I plan to wait till Fall to do STS again--but I sure did enjoy it. And! :D I AM stronger!!! Yippee!


I did this yesterday and yes, I have the strength gains. 5% in some cases, and more in others. I admit I did struggle on a few to get the last reps but hey, I did it! :)

I know I feel stronger, and there is a noticeable difference in my muscle tone. Thanks Cathe!

Now on to legs tomorrow! I quit plyo legs after developing some pretty serious knee pain and started fresh with Squat Rack Legs (minus the rack, plus a backpack full of plate weights LOL)... so I'll be finishing STS about a week later assuming I'm able to do the legs every 4 days or so instead of weekly. Though honestly, my legs are still talking to me after last week :eek:, so we'll see.

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