Thank you Cathe, for making a plyo leg workout just for me !!!!!!!
No tuck jumps or air jacks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:p

I really like each exercise in todays workout.....maaaaybe with the exception of the 1-legged squat thrust !!!:eek::eek: That one I did good & strong on one side , but the other side was awful. I'm glad I couldn't see what I looked like doing that one !!:eek: Very uncoordinated and much weaker on one side . But looking at it positively.....there is much room for improvement !!!;);)

Lots of heavy breathing and sweat, so it wasnt' that this was a walk in the park, I just liked it more.

And thanks for the advice to try working through the doms . If I had any soreness during the workout, I was too busy to notice !!!!!

Definitely my favorite plyo leg workout so far !



Good morning :)!!!

I just finished disc 32, and I feel I'll go cut my grass. I love the slow straddle jumps. I had trouble with the one leg squat thrust switches, though. That's just something for me to work on.


Hi All! Report your success here :D

My "success" report is that I actually lived to talk about it :p! For some reason, this week was a lot harder than the other 2 in this cycle - not just aerobically but also in the quads. They are still screaming today :eek:!


Disc 39

I did the squat rack legs workout yesterday. Not much new to say about it, really. It felt very heavy, and my upper back is telling me I need to get a bar pad. My lower back, hips and quads are fatigued and stiff today. Even my shins feel a bit stiff, from the squatting motion with the heavy bar. I was glad to hear Cathe say in the workout that these workouts simultaneously work the core. I'm getting better visible results in my core from all this heavy lifting than I've ever gotten doing non-weighted crunches.

Today I'll be doing the cardio rotation's suggested 4DS Bootcamp cardio, and AC Pilates abs. Can't say I'm looking forward to all the lower body power in the cardio workout, but it's good for me. And it's only 30mins :D

Have a great day,

Cathe Friedrich

Woohoo! My workout day is OVAH!!! I had my lower body blast class today and went right next door to the filming studio and got Plyo Legs done before my stomach growled or my mind had a chance to get weak on me ;)

I'm so hungry that I'm going to eat this keyboard....but before I do I'll let you know how it went.

This workout was as tough as the rest but it was refreshing to have those few new exercises in the mix.

The one legged squat thrusts are a riot to watch. They many not look pretty but they work. By the time I got to the other side I felt like I had two left feet. My coordination was "stuck" and I just couldn't seem to do this with any grace or rhythm.

The band hops felt like playtime "weee" ....a nice break from all the other super duper high intensity stuff.

I made to the end dreaming of my recovery meal which I am now going to sink my teeth into.

Good Luck everyone and have fun!


I'm glad you waited to eat the keyboard... Otherwise we wouldn't have had a report in from you! ;)

I had to wait on this one. My knee is bothering me way too much and I knew I'd really hurt myself if I attempted plyo on it. Frustrating... not sure what to do to replace it. I may simply skip the legs for the next 2 weeks and do something low/no impact for cardio. It is going to kill me! LOL But better that, then REALLY hurt (and honestly I may already be there...)


This plyo workout was a favorite for me, too! Those one legged jump squats were TOUGH! On the last few, I caught my other leg trying to help out. :p


Disc 39-Squat Rack Legs it was for me as well. I was able to hit my targets on all exercises except the front squats. I am finding that "resting" the bar on my front shoulders HURTS! I am thinking that when I get and utilize a weighted vest for the next round, it will help. I LOVE the feel of the heavy weight when doing regular squats and lunges. It "forces" me to go down further. The funny part was that my DH acted as my "squat rack" loading and unloading the bar off my shoulders. By the front squats he was ORDERING me to get a weighted vest. Here was our conversation:

DH: Cathe doesn't have all that weight on her bar. Are you saying you are stronger than Cathe?

Me: No, Cathe is using a weighted vest for this exercise so she doesn't need to heft as much weight over her head. It is a safety thing if you don't have a squat rack.

DH (with labored breath as he is hefting weight onto my shoulders): GET...A...WEIGHTED...VEST...!!!

It was very funny and, good sport that he is, he agreed to be my "squat rack" again next week!



Active Member
32 Plyo Legs

Finished this workout and had to shower before I posted. I think I lost 5 lbs. in sweat alone! (it is hot here today, and no a/c :( ) My favorite move was the opener plyo, "sit n stand up w/ jump". The lifting of the legs when you sit back down really got into my quads and felt wonderful. The most difficult move was of course the one legged squat thrusts. It wasn't pretty. :eek:
Got the "ick factor" after doing the "lateral jumps over step" for some reason.
But that was the only time I felt sick to my stomach. I feel VERY accomplished after doing this workout! I, like most, am going to miss this routine and check in. This has been one of the best exercise-related experiences I have ever had! :D Hope everyone has a great workout.


I love how each week's plyo leg routine is different! It is really keeping me challenged. This week's seemed to have more a toning emphasis more so than pylos/jumping. I felt my legs burning more than I have the last 2 weeks. It seemed harder, but still was fun. My legs were thankful when the end came though! :)


Hi Cathe and my fellow STS Warriors;)

STS-Meso 3, week 3, Plyo Legs- Disc#32= 48 minutes
Calories burned= 373

I really enjoy the plyo legs workouts. The only problem is that I have Runner's knee so the tendon around my knees (yes, it both of them) are inflamed and definitely make their displeasure know if I do too high an impact on them while they are still on the mend. So, I have to either try it and see if it hurts, if so modify, or skip that particular exercise. So basically jumps are out. I did all the other exercises and the jumping ones I tried but if pain I skipped them.

Ab Hits- Abs from Pure Strength-Back, Bi's & Abs= 10.5 minutes
Calories burned= 72



library girl

Boy, I just love these plyo workouts! I didn't have to stop even once today (since there were no 180 degree jumps). One legged squat thrusts were not pretty on the left side but I did them all. My HRM said that I was at 172 bpm on that move. Thank goodness it was only for 10 reps!

You are right, just a few new moves made it seem like a whole new workout. I will be returning to these plyo legs routines often even when I am not doing an STS rotation.


disc 32

I did this plyo leg workout yesterday, and I love it, but I miss the heavy weight:( I was happily surprised that I was able to do all those jumps on the high step:). That's right I was sweating so much and feeling good after all. I can't wait to do it again....

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