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Hi Everyone! I'm going to do this workout in about 40 minutes (waiting to get the kids off the bus :)), but I thought I would start the thread now so you can start posting how you did. Hmmm, I should have thought to post this thread this morning, silly me. Ok, I'll report back after I finish. I can't wait!!!!


Hi Cathe - it is so exciting to be able to do the STS workouts with you! Thank you so very much for your dedication to this huge project! If you have time, I do have a couple questions :).
1. On the straddle push ups, I cannot bend my arms beyond halfway (this is true for any straight leg push up). So would I be better off to do them on my knees where I can use full ROM or to stay on my toes? Or alternate?
2. On the lat rows, I couldn't get myself lined up using the step like you did. Is it acceptable to put the non-support leg up onto the step to use as support for the arm that's not working? (Hope that made sense!)
3. For the Cardio Quick Fix, which of your workouts do you suggest to use for background music to go by?

Thanks, Cathe!


Hi Cathe!

I just wanted to pop in here for a sec. I did Disc 2 on Monday night and I am still feeling it!! Tris and lats are talking to me.

Tonight is Disc 3 and I'm looking forward to breaking out my plastic plates!!!:eek:


Hi Cathe and all who follows,

I did disc 2 this morning, time went by fast! I love, love, love STS! I think my weights are sometimes a lttle to light, but have to remind myself it's endurance workout:D I am so used to picking up heavy weights! I do like the pull ups, I do them on my squat rack! Works out perfectly! Enjoy your workout, Cathe! I am getting ready to go to sleep and you starting your workout:p:D See you in the morning!


I flip-flopped my workouts for today and Friday. Did disc 3 legs today so I'll be recovered enough to ski my first day of vacation (this Sunday) at Big Sky, Montana. Besides, my triceps are still screaming at me from all the push-ups in disc 1 on Monday!

I'm looking forward to your full report, Cathe!


Hi Cathe, and Everyone else doing STS !

I did disc 2 this morning ! I workout in the morning anyway, but I could not WAIT to get started today ! I was practically pushing my poor husband and daughter out the door !!!! Dh was like " WAIT ! I dont' have my coffee !! " :rolleyes: LOL

One question I have is that my upper body was still a little sore from doing Disc 1 on Monday. Mostly my lats and some shoulders. I felt fine working out today but I wonder if it happens again if I should switch and work legs in between the 2 upperbody workouts ?

I LOVED the workout :D:D:D. This time I did a few modifications. I don't do dead lifts at all due to my back, so I did the stability ball roll in's you showed and that worked great. Also I did all the pullups I could - which was only 4:eek::(, so then I switched and did all the rest of them like you did the last set , with my legs straight out and using the treadmill to pull up on. I loved that, because I could pound out all the reps, and I feel like it WILL make me stronger and able to do more REAL pullups eventually.

I loved all the band work and again, the whole feel of the workout !!!
I have NEVER looked forward to doing weight work like this !

See ya Friday !;):D


I'm going downstairs now.....

I have come home from work...had a healthy clean snack....taking a deep breath...and going downstairs to do the disc......




So I did this w/o about 7 hours ago. My triceps and lats ALREADY hurt. And I'm still sore from Monday! Trying an epsom bath tonight. And motrin :)


I switched today's & Friday's workout. Did disc 3, legs workout. I'm doing 6 month rotation & this was my 2nd time w/ this workout & I did better; knew what to expect & timing was better; just felt more comfortable all around. Great workout. Last time I did legs I was sore for 2 days. I'm not feeling anything yet but then DOMS don't usually kick in until next day so tomorrow I may be standing more than sitting. I'm having trouble w/ wall squats w/weights but did better this 2nd go around. Absolutely loving STS. I'm finding muscles in places I didn't know I had them.


I was still a little sore from Monday but went ahead and did Disc 2 and am glad I did. I pretty much hit my target weight for each exercise and was able to do all the reps. Some were a little heavier and some a little lighter--ex. one arm kickbacks I had to go lighter. I adjusted a bit better to the pace today. My only problem is chinups/pullups. I have no way to do these at this time. I don't know whether to get some tubing or a pullup bar or to wait for the tower. I don't think I will be able to do even one at this time so I am leaning towards the tubing. This has even inspired me to clean up my eating habits as they had gone downhill over the winter. Not so much junk as quantity. Really enjoying this program. Thank you!


I did disc 3 today since my lats and triceps were sore from a kickboxing workout I did yesterday. My legs were a little sore too, but not bad.

I'm doing the 5 month rotation, and this was my second time w/ disc 3 - Cathe you kill me!! The first time through I actually fell off the step after the deadlifts because my legs were so tired!! :eek: Note to self: Don't lose your focus or get lazy during these workouts! Luckily, I didn't hurt myself and I learned a valuable lesson!! :D This time around I felt a lot more comfortable, and I didn't fall!!

Thank you Cathe for such an unbelievable series!! I can't wait to see the results I get!! I'm not letting myself measure again until I complete meso 1, but I know they're going to be fantastic!!


Can't wait!

I just had a lot of fun reading both reviews for your STS disc 1 and 2 workout.... I can hardly wait to start mine (I had a sprain ankle and I'm just "chilling" for a while but hopefully will start March) and if I had any doubts of doing your STS your posts have given me the chance to appreciate your "human side" (just joking!) besides your "Super woman" alter ego (another joke!) and the confidence that I will do fine! Even my husband appreciated your professionalism, and the quality of the series while helping me taking my RPM's. (Just a little more, and he will be a converted "Cathite" ).

Just to give you my kindest regards and a big "HOLA" from Puerto Rico.


Hi Cathe,
I am supposed to be starting week 3. But I am forced into taking a rest week, I am sick! Should I pick up where I left off once I'm well, or do you think I should start over so my mesocycle is not interrupted?



Hi Cathe & Everyone,

I did Disc 2 on Monday. It went a lot smoother for me than Disc 1 did. I think I got used to the flow of the routines & the push-ups did not scare me as much (mainly cause there were a lot less of them!) It was a challenging, but enjoyable workout for me. I felt like the time just flew by & after it was over, I found myself looking forward to Thursday when I will do Disc 3. Also, managed to lift weights according to my workout card (60% 1RM) & didn't have to deviate or lower my weights at all.

I'm so excited about doing more STS. Can't wait until tomorrow! :) :) :)


Good workout this morning. I used my assisted pullup bands, which I attach to my pullup bar, to do the chin ups and pullups. Not as good as a Gravitron, but a lot cheaper! I managed all the tricep pushups--which have always been my nemesis--and the only exercise I skipped was the side lying tricep pushups. I hate those (sorry Cathe) and if I can avoid them I do so at all cost!

Off to do 30 minutes of cardio before dinner!


STS Disc 2 Check-in


Oh, happy day! I hope you enjoy this workout as much as I did! I experienced this one for the first time the first Tuesday of this month. I am a morning glory girl all the way, but I listened to my body and saved STS Disc 2 for the evening that first week. I started my STS journey Sunday evening during the Super Bowl (right after watching the kickoff) and needed a full 48 hours to recover. I am happy to share that I am enjoying every minute of STS no matter what time of day it is! The Mesocycle 1 workouts are fun, and the time flies! The pace of this workout is not quite as fast as STS Disc 1. I was able to record my weights and make notes without pausing.

I filled up with warm fuzzies during this back and triceps workout. I have never cared for 3-day splits before STS and was not sure how I would like an hour of focused weight training, but I am amazingly loving every minute of it! I basked in the afterglow of this STS workout for the rest of the night. I feel so strong and accomplished after an hour of STS. Cardio gives me this burst of joy and energy. This is a first for me with weight training. Who knew that it could be enjoyable? The only thing serious about STS is the results. The workouts so far are fun, fun, fun!

I am so glad you recommended epsom salt. I went through a super-size bag of epsom salt the first week, and those warm baths were so soothing! Ah!

I love the music in this series. Words cannot express how much the music enriches these workouts, energizes me, and inspires me. It is not something I hear with my ears. It is something I feel with my heart. STS is something to experience, not something to do. This reminds me of the way the music in a movie sets the tone for a scene. The background music in movies is often unnoticed unless you are focusing on it, but it really creates a mood and influences the viewer’s emotions. I have no doubt that this is one of the reasons why I feel so happy and strong during and after these workouts. Please express my thanks to the composers who may not read reviews in these forums as well as the team from NFL Films. The music and production quality are stellar and both make these workouts a delight to experience. The fact that I am melting like a snowball on the 4th of July is just icing on the cake. *wink*

I am looking forward to experiencing STS Disc 6 for the first time in the morning. I have heard rumors about sit and stands on one leg. Oh my! I need to preview tonight and put my game face on! It is time for a fun step workout. I completed STS Disc 5 yesterday morning, slept for 9 hours last night, and missed my cardio workout this morning! Thanks again for all your hard work on STS. Hugs! :)

P.S. I love the Fitness by Cathe heavy (red) tubing for a pull-up option. It is much stronger than my other tubing, and the door strap is nice.

Heather B.

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God" (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV).
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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did disc 2 and my triceps and back are feeling it today. I am really enjoying these workouts so far. Tomorrow is legs (disc 3) and my upper body is happy, it really needs time to recover. ;) I may do the treadmill this evening but am still not certain what I am going to do yet.

I am also enjoying reading everyones experience.:)

Hope you all have a wonderful evening.


I just finished this one - and my bath is running - HOLY CRAP my triceps HURT!!! But such a goooood hurt.
Thank you Cathe!!


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