Thanks Cathe,
looks great this is my 2th week, its almost over,today I did disc 6 amazing,I love it.Getting ready for week 3.....I'm sad my husband is deploying on the 23 of March so I'm kind of lost but I'm getting ready for this long 7 months of been single and(hot) thanks to you. When I got my videos my husband said, looks like you are going to be busy...o yea very busy....
Thanks again...
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after 3 1/2 months are done?

I posted on a forum, but cannot find where it is now or any postings in response. I love STS!!! Can you tell me the difference between the 3 month and 6 month rotation? I only saw one rotation on the forums. What do I do after the 3 1/2 months is done? Start again?


Hi Jessica

Cathe has said that the program is actually better for 6.5 mos but she figures most people wouldn't stick it out for that long. The 6.5 mos is where you repeat each week back to back (i.e. Disc 1 - 3 in week one, the again Dic 1-3 in week two and so on.)

i never saw that post - well if that is the case and im on week 2 i should just start from here and do them back to back or should i go back to the beginning when i'm done?

what happens after 6 mos of doing it?


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This is a very good suggestion! I am so thankful to have found this thread!!! :eek:


Just wanted to thank Cathe again for doing this... almost three years to the day AND Superbowl weekend. :)

I subbed out some of the cardio because I wanted to use my new LIS series and also for some of the DVDs I don't have, but this is incredibly helpful because I wasn't sure where to add the Ab Circuit workouts... and these abs need WORK!
Thanks Cathie!
I am currently heeding to your suggestions on brisk walking and biking, so far my breathing has improved and my body is more energetic now.

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