Good morning All!!

I didn’t workout Friday, went to a retirement party after work. It was a lot nicer than I expected, live music, great food, great desserts, needless to say I did NOT count points :p. Saturday I did Pump & Shred, Sunday was Crossfire & don’t faint, :D but I worked out this morning before work & did HIIT 15. I liked CF but I didn’t think it was harder than Afterburn, maybe I had extra energy or something. I’ll see if I feel the same next time I do it.

Have a great day Ladies!!


Good Morning Wiggie and all who follow.

I kept looking for a new thread to be started y'day and didn't see one so I considered starting one but sometimes my eyes don't work so good so I thought maybe I was missing it. :p Apparently not this time though! LOL

Y'day I did a short but intense upper body work out with DH at the gym, ran for 15 mins on the treadmill courtesty of the running segment of ITri #8 and last but certainly not least, I did my 3 beloved ab machines. :)

Today's plan is another small portion of CrossFire or To The Max and a full yoga work out...Thinking it's time for a second go at Kundalini Bliss Hips today. :)

Wiggie:: Nice job with your weekend work outs and getting a work out in before going to work! How did it feel? Think you will do it again? You are not alone on the party food-I had a B'day party to go to so I indulged as well. Gotta let go once in a while!:D

That's all for now but I'll be back!:cool:


Hi gals!

Sorry i've been a bad checker-inner lately. :eek: :D The Judge I work for recently got elected "Chief" Judge of the Ky Court of Appeals and things have been a bit crazy lately. We had his investiture last week and a celebratory picnic this afternoon. I *think* everything will settle down now. :)

The good news - I finally got my new DVDs today. Woohoo! To bad I already worked out this morning. I'm previewing CrossFire now (so far the music is rocking). So excited!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Let's see, here's my weekend workout round-up:

Saturday: Imax 3. Love! :D
Sunday: Power Hour. It was my first time doing this workout and I enjoyed it (though I like High Reps better). :)
Monday: Jillian Michael's: Banish the Fat, Boost the Metabolism. This is another Netflix find. JM isn't my favorite fitness guru but I really enjoyed this workout! Not as hard as Cathe, but a solid cardio workout with no a dread factor. I think it is buy worthy! :p I've got my first Kelley Coffey-Meyer workout coming next (Step Boxing) and i'm really excited!

Wiggie: Thanks for getting us started for the week! The retirement party sounds lovely! I didn't count calories at today's picnic either. :D We both get a cheat day. Nice job finishing CrossFire without fainting. ;) It looks intense!!

Wendy: Nice workout yesterday! :) What are you three favorite ab machines?? So, what did you think of the Firewalker Tabata? Leg burner?? I'm watching that section now and i'm scared!!! :D


Hello Chicas.

Today's work out was Crossfire warm up, low impact tabata, fitness blast and stretch followed by 40 (out of 60) mins of Kundalini yoga-Bliss Hips. :)

Katie:: Great work outs you've been logging. The firewalker tabata was great. Tough but doable. TBH it did NOT look doable with the blue loop upon preview to me but as it turns out it was! I'm glad I didn't whimp out of even trying the blue loop like I considered doing!!! Definitely a leg burner and I'm thinking it's what gave me what used to only be kettlebell-worthy inner thigh DOMS-on the 2nd day of it now!!! :eek: My three fave ab machines are a crunch machine, a torso twist machine and the roman chair. You get all angles covered! :) Glad you enjoyed Jillian's BFBM. I like it but find some of the exercises to be too easy so I really have to give it my own special brand of effort to make it harder! ;) Have you ever tried her No More Trouble Zones? That's a goody too! I like it better the BFBM but it's focus is on resistance/toning as opposed to cardio.

Guess that's all for now.

BBL or ITAM!:cool:
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Hi there!

Yesterday was a rest day for me - much needed after Crossfire on Saturday -I really loved that one though:) Today was Disc 20 (Legs), felt pretty strong throughout, love that:) I haven't tried To the Max yet, that one scares me - tomorrow is supposed to be AT per my rotation, but thinking I might sub To the Max... :confused:

I went off track with food this weekend too, back on it today again though:) I'm giving myself some leaway on the weekends, figure maybe I will stick with the plan long term if I have the weekends to relax:)

Hi Wendy - great workout today! I know what you mean about the blue firewalker, I thought about using my green one too, but went for the blue and got it done:)

Hi Katie - Yay on getting the new workouts! I love the music in Crossfire too, love the recognizable tunes:) Great workouts - Imax 3... oh my!

Hi Wiggie - Great workouts this weekend! Glad you had fun at the party!

Hi Bridget:)

Have a great evening everyone,



Good Morning Glories. :)

Well my morning started off with a the mouth that is. :eek: My dog wacked me with his big rock head when he went to sneeze and now I have a fat and very painful lip on the left side. I am icing it but I don't think it's doing much. :(

Today's work out will either be cardio at the gym or this BR: | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness | plus yoga or stretching depending on the time/motivation/energy I have. Whatever I don't do today will get done tmrw!

I'll be back a bit later with personals!:cool:


Good morning All!!

I am off the rest of the week, Yay!! I took some extra days off for the holiday. We don't have any real plans, gonna play it by ear. We will probably cook something on the grill, just the two of us

Monday's workout was Pump Revolution(55 min). My weight selections were just right, because I was tired right after I finished, but felt energized the rest of the evening.

Wendy, I got the workout done, but I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda rough!! :eek:

Katie, I agree with you, we do deserve a cheat day once and a while!! :D

Kris, right back atcha re: the workouts, I'm about to do To The Max right now, wish me luck!! :p

Hi Bridget!! :)

Have a great fourth Everyone!!


Hello Ladies. :)

Ok after a morning completely devoid of motivation to work out (I cleaned the house instead), and a bit of hemming and hawing over what to do once I finally put my work out clothes on, I settled on the BR mentioned above and added Fit Body Yoga: Lower Body Tone to it which is only 20 minutes long but since I started working out so late already it's really all I had time for. :rolleyes:

Gotta hit the showers and then try to figure out what's for dinner in time to get to the foodstore if I need anything so no personals right now but I'll be back with them later or tmrw!:cool:


Hi there ladies!

Holy moly - just got done with To The Max... :eek: Time flew in this one for me too, I already had some bum DOMs, so we'll see how I'm walking tomorrow! Anyway, I really liked this one too, though I must admit to some modifications, I am afraid that i would end up eating it if I jump up with both feet on 3 risers.. :eek: Another great workout, looking forward to trying the Premixes on both these new ones too, looks like almost unlimited options!

Hi Wendy - great job on the BR and yoga! Cleaning house counts as exercise I think too:)

Hi Wiggie - enjoy your time off! What did you think of TTM?

Hi Bridget and Katie!

Hope you all have a really nice holiday - I'm off tomorrow, but work the rest of the week. Pretty quiet holiday for me, my husband is gone still, my parents are leaving to go to Michigan tomorrow a.m. and the friends that I would usually get together with are also out of town :( Well, no excuses to not exercise I guess anyway:)



Hello beauties! :)

Just a quick check-in to say hello and report I did To The Max this morning (great minds Kris ;) ). Yowza! What a fantastic workout!!! Tomorrow is Crossfire, yahoo! :D

BBT to catch up! :)


Hello Ladies.:)

We were supposed to hit the gym today but it didn't happen.. DH wasn't motivated to go and I wasn't motivated enough to go with out him :eek: so I ended up staying home and doing CrossFire Circuit Blast Premix. Again I hemmed and hawed forever before making a decision :rolleyes: but atleast I got it done! I SHOULD be doing yoga now but we are supposed to be going swimming today so I probably shouldn't waste anymore time! :eek:

That's all for now...BBL or tmrw!:cool:


Happy 4th of July everyone,

Hope you're all having a fabulous day! Raining here, it hasn't rained in months, so it's pretty nice to have a rainy day:) Probably put a damper on a few bbqs, but most people will probably sit out in the rain and just enjoy it:)

I just did STS Disc 21, Back and Biceps. Good for my lower body to have a rest today, pretty sore! Love that though, sore right there in the thutt :eek: (saw that from someone on this board once - that area where the thigh hits the butt = thutt- very descriptive)

Katie - yep, great minds on doing To The Max! What did you think of Crossfire today? :eek:

Wendy - Great job on the Crossfire premix! What are your thoughts on them so far? Any you've really loved?

Hi Wiggie and Bridget! What are you ladies up to today?

Have a great rest of your holiday everyone, talk to you later,



Happy Fourth Everyone!!

Hubby & I cooked out just the two of us, I went shopping this morning for a few last minute things & stayed home the rest of the day. I know, not very exciting but I am enjoying every minute. :)

Tuesday's workout was TTM that am & HR upper body premix that afternoon. I really enjoyed TTM, you guys were right the time just flew by. I was soaked when I got finished!! Wednesday's(today) was Pump Extreme(55 min)this am & Body Rev cardio #1 this afternoon.

Wendy, I forgot to ask, how's your lip?

Kris, it's pretty hot here, it rained heavily about 2 days ago. Sorry that everyone is gone for the holiday, sometimes I enjoy having some time to myself. :)

Katie, how was Crossfire? I enjoyed that one too!!

We are going out of town tomorrow, DH's birthday is the 6th. We are not going very far, we are mainly going so we can hang out in a pool for a couple of days!! :p

"Talk" to you later!! :D


Morning glories! :)

Happy (Belated) 4th of July!! I had a wonderful, relaxing day yesterday. Well, except for Crossfire, which was AMAZING by the way (and definitely harder than TTM IMHO). :eek: Today's workout was Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Step Boxing workout. It was just...okay. Kelly has more of a "bouncing" step style, which I don't particularly care for but it was easy just to step "my way". ;) Actually, I really enjoyed the step boxing segments, but didn't care for the "toning" section. I guess, to me, 10 minutes of weight work just isn't enough. Geez i've gotten picky. :eek: :rolleyes: :D I've got another KCM coming from Netflix this week, though, and i'm excited to give it a try. :)

Wendy: How dare you skip your workout and enjoy a nice, relaxing holiday! :D :p ;) Did you make it to the pool? It's been so beastly hot I would LOVE to jump in a pool right now! I agree that Jillian's BTFBTM is easier than most Cathe workouts. I had to up the intensity a bit (especially with some of the kickboxing segments) but I think that's what I liked about the workout so much - I can make it easy or hard depending on my mood. ;)

Kris: Send some of that rain to Kentucky please!! Pretty please, with a cherry on top! ;) It's rained one time in almost a month. The grass is all brown and crunchy. :( I love the word "thutt"!!! :eek: I made the mistake of referring to my "thutts" once in front of DH and he thought it was the funniest thing ever. Now, every once in awhile, he'll ask if my "thutts" are sore after a workout. :eek: :rolleyes:

Wiggie: Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I love relaxing days like that. :) I loved TTM too. :) So much fun! I think next time i'm going to try the premix that leaves out the lower body work and, instead, inserts another tabata segment. :eek: Have a great trip and a fun time at the pool. Happy (early) birthday to DH!

Hi Bridget!! Come out, come out, where ever you are!!! :)


Good Afternoon Ladies.

I'm late today but I'm here! :p

This morning's work out was gym cardio...FINALLY! :rolleyes: I did a 15 min steady state run, 5 min of steep hill climbing at a fast paced walk and then 5 more minutes of some hill runs for a 25 minute work out plus time for w/u and c/d. Then I came home and did Kundalini Yoga-Cardio, Stretch and Strengthen: 43 minute yoga only premix. :)

Tmrw's plan is a ZWOW/BR and yoga.

Yesterday we went swimming and then to my mom's for dinner and afterwards my mom and I took my son for a walk to get icecream. Well he got a big ol' waffle cone with 2 scoops of icecream in it and not even 5 minutes into the walk home he made the mistake of turning it too far over to lick some dripping icecream and all of the icecream fell out of the cone onto the sidewalk! :eek: Needless to say he wasn't too happy. :( My icecream was good though! :p LOL

Then today for lunch DS and I picked up the best pizza ever and brought it to work where my DH, mom and her SO all work together and we had lunch with them. After that my mom and I took took DS for an icecream cone do-over and this time he didn't drop it! :D Ofcourse I had to have icecream again...after eating pizza for lunch :eek: but it was good! :p

Ok I've rambled on so much I now have no time for personals but I'll be back to catch up!:cool:


Hey ladies!!!! So tri is done and I was toying with the idea of doing more this summer! However it's so hard to do with the little ones to commit to that kind of training,., hope that's not a cop out.. Lol I did cross fire Monday had a blast then pub yesterday was some laps in pool trying to recover from serious DOMS! I was suppose to do TTM Today but got busy cutting up veg and fruit and preparing 4 work a long 12 ht shift in the am! So calling he next few days with work and pool recovery unless I workout tonight=o



No workout for me today. :) I'm enjoying my rest day so far!

Erin: CONGRATS on the triathalon! You are a rockstar!!! :) Wow, so very impressive. I'm thinking about doing a sprint tri next year sometime so I might be bugging you for tips. ;) How did you like Crossfire??

Wendy: Nice gym and yoga workout! I'm FINALLY joining the local gym (i've been saying that for months I know, lol). It'll be nice to change up my routine a bit. :) Awwwww I can't believe you poor DS lost his ice cream. I know I would have cried if my ice cream hit the sidewalk! :eek: ;) I love pizza and ice cream days. I probably have way too many of those, oops. :eek: :D


Side note: speaking of food, I've discovered my new favorite treat: wheat toast topped with sliced banana, homemade blueberry jam, and cookie butter. Seriously yum!! :eek: :eek: :eek:


Hey Ladies.

Today isn't the best of days so's brutally hot outside, TTOM has arrived so I am cranky with cramps and I have a viewing to go to this afternoon by myself which does NOT make me happy. :confused:

Today's work out is going to be CrossFire's warm up and Firewalker Loop Tabata followed by this BR:: | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness | and last but not least another mix from my Kundalini Bliss Hips DVD. Hopefully I'll be in better spirits when I am done. :)

I should add that I forgot to mention that I worked high reps on the crunch machine y'day at the gym. I don't want you gals thinking I am slacking! ;) I would have done the other 2 machines as well but they were occupied and I hate waiting. :p

Kris:: I haven't tried To The Max yet. I am still whittling away at CrossFire. :eek: No worries here about modifying with less risers when it comes to jumping on and off the step. I am a HUGE chicken when it comes to that and NEVER do it with more then 2 risers on each side. Just not worth the risk for me...:eek:

Wiggie:: You are getting in some awesome workouts! Glad you loved TTM. My lip is on the mend-almost all better. Thanks for asking. :) Your holiday and time off sounds wonderful. Glad you are enjoying some well deserved relaxation.

Katie:: I like KCM and have a bunch of her work outs that I enjoy but me and her step/step boxing style just do NOT get along so I understand where you are coming from with that one. Yep, we made it to the pool on the 4th. It was wicked hot but we had a good time. So you joined a gym? How cool! Did DH join with you? I love having the extra added variety. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Hi Erin. Nice to hear from you! :)

Okay, gotta get my arse movin' but hopefully I'll be back before the day is out!:cool:


Hi there ladies,

I am heming and hawing about what to do today... hmmmm. I'll check back in later with what I ended up doing. I took a rest day yesterday, had to make an unexpected trip into the city early yesterday morning, then work, and then went to dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time.

Hi Katie - Enjoy your rest day! You deserve it!

Hi Wendy - sorry about your day so far :( Hope it gets better. Your workout plan sounds like a great one!

Hi Wiggie - Great workouts! Hope you are having a great time away with your hubby, enjoy the pool!

Hi Bridget!

Hi Erin - great to "see" you here:) Congratulations on the Tri! That's awesome!

Hope you all have a great day, I'll be back on a little later to fill you in on my workout - I will get one in :)


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