STS Body Rockers week of 5/20


Hi ladies!

Popping in for a quick hello. :) I've missed chatting with you girls! I'm slowly healing. My throat is (finally) much better today but I still feel weak and not myself. I rarely get sick like this but when I do I make a huge production out of it. :p :rolleyes:

Despite vehement protest from DH, I did sneak in few easy workouts this weekend. Yesterday I did Imax 3 STEP ONLY premix and today I did Low Max Intervals 1-4 premix. Both workouts were low impact and clocked in around 40minutes. I know I probably should have rested but, after doing absolutely nothing for 3 days straight, I just needed to move a bit. The most movement I did Wednesday - Friday was shuffling aimlessly from the couch to my bed. :confused: :eek:

BBT to catch up with everyone!



Hello All!!

Katie, so glad you're feeling better, & I know I'm late , but Happy Birthday!! :p I guess you will have to celebrate later, since you were sick. I've never had strep but I hear it's very painful. How disciplined of you to workout when you were feeling so bad!! I don't know if I should fuss at you or be proud of you!! :eek:

Wendy, how was your son's birthday party? How old is he? I bet he had a blast!! :D

Kris, great workouts!! So LIC has grown on you!! Lic is one of my favorites!!

Wendy & Kris, I been using the hula hoop a little bit everyday!! It finally doesn't fall immediately to the floor!! :p After all these years I can finally hula hoop!! I can only do it in one direction right now, but I'm working on it.

Hi Bridget!!

Oh yeah, my workouts, Thursday I rode my bike for a whole 10 minutes, just wasn't feeling it so I took a rest day. My right hamstring was hurting. Friday was AB(1-10), Body Rev cardio 1 & the extended stretch( hamstring felt much better afterwards). Saturday was HIIT 25 on the rebounder & hula hoop. Sunday was HIIT 15 that am & High Reps that afternoon.

Well that's all for now, sleep well All!! :)
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Hi Ladies:)

I did TurboBarre Lower Body express premix today - man, my support leg feeeeels that one - holy moly:eek: Yesterday was a planned day off, I went and picked up a foster dog:) (A 6 year old brittney, Cooper)

Katie - so glad you're feeling some better! Hope you feel 100% soon:)

Wiggie - glad for the review of the hula hoop - haven't got mine yet - looking forward to it:)

Hi Bridget and Wendy:)

Have a great night!



Good morning!

Starting to feel like my young self again so I decided to do Gym Styles: Back/Shoulders/Biceps this morning. Felt great! I also added on about 8 minutes of ab work.

Wiggie: LOL! Yeah, I probably should have rested this weekend but I did take off three whole days last week! It was my longest no-workout streak in a year and a half. ;) How's your hamstring doing? Feeling better? Nice workouts lately!!

Kris: TB is sooooo hard! My legs start shaking about 1/3 of the way through the workout and don't quit for an hour or two after the workout is over. :D ;) That's so great that you picked up a foster dog! Have you done this before or is Cooper your first one? Once DH and I get a little more space i'd like to do that as well.

Wendy: I hear your DS had a birthday! How exciting!! How did the party go?

Hi Bridget!!!!


Hi there ladies,

I did Afterburn today - I really love that one (well, love may be a bit strong - all those burpees, spidermans, etc kill me actually - not sure why those type are so hard for me), the time really flies for me on that workout anyway:) . I'm off today, figured one more day to settle Cooper in might be good. Since I work at home, it's pretty ok anyway, but I have a lot of phone meetings, figured I'd better be safe and make sure he is settled before I'm trying to focus on those meetings:)

Hi Katie - so glad you're feeling better! Great job getting that GS workout in! And the ab work too:) We have fostered before, but just one longer term one, and it's been a while (it was kind of hard on our brittney, Taz, and I didn't want to make his senior years anything but good - still miss that sweet guy :( ) It's definitely a rewarding experience - I made a great friend in the lady that adopted the other dog we'd fostered, he really got a great home.

Hi Wendy - what workout madness do you have on tap today? :)

Hi Wiggie - how about you? Love to hear your plans too - inspires me:)

Hi Bridget - hope you had a fantastic time at Disney:) Maybe you're still there?

Have a great day everyone,



Hi Everyone.

Well I paid no attention to what day it was when I posted this morning so I ended up posting on the old thread. :p

Here's what I wrote::

Good Morning.

So I got my Itread in on Friday but no yoga...too much to do in preparation for my son's 7th B'day Party we had for him on Saturday. Lots of work but it was fun. He had a blast so it's all good. :)

Sunday was a busy day too in a way. We went to 9am Mass, then took the 30 minute drive to drop my son up by my mom b/c she was taking him to a circus as part of his B'day gift. From there we came home to change and grab clothes etc and off to the gym we went for a full body weight work out (Saturday was a rest day btw). Blew through that, took quick showers at the gym and went out for the afternoon to enjoy the weather just the two of us. DH shares ownership of a Corvette convertible with a cousin of his so we picked it up, put the top down and took off for the shore. We walked around, had lunch and just enjoyed a perfect day until we had to pick my son up around 4:30 from my mom's house. After that it was home to have party left overs for dinner and collapse from exhaustion for the second day in a row. LOL

Today's work out plan is yoga this morning and a run at the gym with DH after he gets home from work later. I need to burn some calories this week. :eek: I did NOT follow WW this weekend :rolleyes: and will be off of it again come Friday evening as we are going away for the holiday w/e! :D

Sorry for the book but it seems like I haven't posted in ages! :p

Kris:: I feel your push up pain today! We opened our work out up yday at the gym with Cathe's drop set of push ups from Gym Styles. OMG! :eek:

That's all for now! BBL!:cool:

So as it turns out my work out ended up being the following::

10 mins of jump rope intervals
10 mins of hooping intervals
35 minutes of Long and Lean Yoga (Baron Baptiste)
this morning
and then..
35 minutes on the tm tonight at the gym-27 minutes of my own hill climb walking intervalled with running.

Time for dinner now!



Hi Ladies.:)

My ub is still quite sore today so I decided to nix my original bob and a yoga work out plan and work lower body instead. That being said, I figured I go for one I KNEW would work me really well and that meant, ofcourse, doing STS D9 including the bonus plus the STS Extended Stretch :)-ALL of the stretch too!!! Not just 5/8's of it like Miss Katie does! LOL :p Back when I did STS disc 9 gave me DOMS for THREE DAYS so wish me luck getting around after today!!!! :eek::p;):D:eek:




This morning I did Rhythmic Step. Total butt kicker! :D It starts off so easy and then by the time i'm 1/2 way through the second combo i'm dying. That Cathe! :)

Wendy: Yikes, Disc 9 still give me nightmares!! It's sooo tough. Enjoy those DOMS. ;) Tehehe, great job getting in the ENTIRE STS Extended Stretch too. :p Wow, your Sunday sounds absolutely perfect! Can I borrow a Sunday like that this weekend? :p ;)

Kris: I love Afterburn too. :) Have you heard about Cathe's newest workouts? I find Afterburn to be difficult so an Afterburn+ is going to be killer! :eek: :eek: :eek: I'm so excited. :p ;) I think it's so wonderful that you are willing to foster dogs (or any animals). I have a soft spot for domestic animals (mainly dogs and cats). I volunteered at an animal shelter growing up and still remember some of the animals there.

Hi Wiggie!

Bridget!! Come back! We miss you. :)


Well it wasn't part of the plan but I ended up heading to the gym after dinner for a last minute run. I did Itread 20 mins #1. Felt great! I was restless and cranky and figured a good sweat might help snap me out of it and it did. I feel tons better now! :)

Katie:: Before I actually made up my mind to head to the gym I almost put RS in the dvd player b/c of you but I really wasn't looking for an hour long work out. I wanted something shorter then that so I pulled it off the shelf but ended up putting it right back. It IS a great work out though! :D

Kris:: AB gives me some wicked lower body DOMS! How's your butt n thighs feelin' today girly? ;) Fostering dogs is wonderful of you!:) I know another Cathelete who does that. I would consider it if I had a bigger house. Some day we will but then I'd be worried about getting too attached and having to give the dog up so IDK if we could do it. Plus our son would probably be heart broken and that's even worse! :( That being said, we own a male Golden Retriever named Clyde whom we got as a pup 2 years before we had our son. He's a doll. We'd like to get another dog once we move. Hubby wants a shepard so that's probably what we'll get since the Golden was my idea!:)


Good morning Ladies!! :)

Monday's workout was Cardio Strength & Tuesday's was Step 2 Success. I am still adding some hula hoop at the end of every workout. I do pretty well going to the right, going left is still a struggle. :eek: You guys are giving me some good ideas for workouts this week. I am going to revisit disc 9 & RS this week.

Are you guys familiar with Marlo in the new workouts? I've never heard of her.

Katie, great workouts!! Glad you're back at 100%!!

Wendy, do you hula for 10 minutes straight? Wow, you are headed for an eight pack, if you don't already have one!! :p You are becoming quite the runner aren't you? ;) By the way, what is Itread?

Kris, good job on AB!! I always reach for that one when I need to burn alot of calories but don't feel like jumping. It never disappoints!!

Make it a great one Ladies!! :)
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Good Morning...

OMG I am sore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

Just finished today's work out...30 minutes of Bob's Body Rev Cardio Conditioning + all of Baron Baptiste's Journey Into Power 2 yoga dvd. Good stuff. :D

Time to shower eat, and head out to take care of a couple things...

BBL for personals!:cool:


Hi there ladies!

I did Disc 2 yesterday and today I dared attempt LIC again. Not sure that I looked any more coordinated than when I first did it, but maybe one day :rolleyes: Anyway - my triceps are sore today from Disc 2. I got my weighted hula hoop today - just tried it for a few minutes, it'll be fun to work on that:) (Though I can tell I'll be bruised for a bit while I get used to it:)

Hi Wendy - Great workouts today! Enjoy your DOMS! Love that:) Yeah, giving up the dog is hard - when we did it before, the family he was going to was just so perfect for him, and they were so thrilled to get him, that it was doable. That said, I know some people who have fostered who have ended up adopting the dog (They call that "fail fostering" - but it's all good - the dog still ends up with a loving home, which is of course the goal) I bet Clyde is adorable, Golden's are great dogs!

Hi Katie - Great job on RS, you're such an inspiration with the tough choreography! I preordered the new 2 workouts :eek: - can't wait to get them, though reading the descriptions I'm a little scared:)

Hi Wiggie - Great workouts for you again too! I love the inspiration I get from all of your posts:)

Hope you all have a great night!



Woo Hoo- I'm Back!!!

Disney was wonderful last week! So hot outside- we all came back to CT with a little more sun on our faces! It was a conference for me, as well as a mini-vacation for dd, DH & me.

I did manage to get some running in there early morning- when it was a bit cooler- yet still quite humid. I made a point of running, eating fruits & veggies each day (not always easy to do) and eating enough other sinful delights that I put on 3.4 today at WW. Part of me wonders why I even bothered weighing in, but it gives me something to work towards.

Delightful spin this morning.

Okay guys- bulk checkins:
What's going on with the hula hoop talk?!? and weighted hula hoops?
AB is the workout I love to hate, I am long overdue for it too.
I used to love RS, kinda burnt out on it many years ago, but LOVE MIC from the same disc- it is my "I have arrived" workout, IF I can do it.
We lost our Brittany last Christmas- they are the best dogs, though our chihuahua mix is our pal too.

Missed you guys!


Hi ladies!

Okay, i'm here to make a confession. I've fallen off the clean eating wagon. No, that's not true. I jumped off the clean eating wagon and then set the wagon on fire! My eating has been soooo bad lately! I'm talking about 2 glazed donuts, cake, ice cream, pizza, and french fries all in one day eating. May is a hard month for me because we have soooo many celebrations: graduation, mother's day, my birthday, wedding anniversary, memorial day, and DH's birthday. Every celebration, of course, invovles lots of unhealthy but sinfully delicious food. No more excuses though. I've noticed since i've quit eating healthy i'm tired all the time and feeling sluggish. So i'm getting my act together. I already feel better "confessing" everything to you girls. :) Thanks for listening to my rant!!

I did manage to workout the past few days. Yesterday I did GS: Chest/Triceps + abs (my muscles are screaming today) and this morning I did 4DS: HIS/LIS Double Cardio Premix + abs.

Bridget: Welcome back!! We've missed you around here. Sounds like you had an awesome time at Disney! I love that place. :) So great that you were able to get in both runs and fruits/veggies while traveling! I need to take a few lessons from you. ;)

Kris: LIC is tricky tricky! Just attempting the workout is a double bonus - you are working your heart AND your mind! :p Yeah I do love me some tough coreography. :eek: :) You're going to have a blast with the weighted HH! I can't wait to hear what you think!

Wendy: Wicked LB Doms i'm guessing? :D :p Love those! ;) So I finally downloaded a copy of Bob's current rotation (or at least the one I could find). I've decided i'm going to do a modified Bob/Cathe/running rotation. Things are quiet at work right now so I might try to piece the rotation together this afternoon. Here goes! :)

Wiggie: Disc 9 and RS is the same week?! You're brave! :p ;) I've never heard of Marlo before either. Maybe she attends Cathe's gym? I know this is silly but I was kind of hoping it would be the "usual crew". :eek:


Hello Ladies. :)

Today's work out was originally going to be a 20 min itread run at the gym and then home for upper body weights ala Bob's work out #2. Well...I got to the gym, running shoes on and ipod in hand and as I was noticing how NOT crowded it was something told me to me face my fears and try a weight work out on my own so that's what I did! An hour later I had a totally FRIED upper body! YAY! :D Had I eaten more then 2 pieces of fruit before I got to the gym I would've stayed for the run I had originally intended but I didn't want to push my lucky having not eaten so I went home, ate and after a little digesting I did my own 16 minute tabata work out consisting of hooping, burpees without push ups, jump rope and jumping jacks! :)

I will run tomorrow! :)

K, gotta go for now..sorry for the lack of personals as of late but I'll get to them soon. I promise!:D

BBL or tmrw!:cool:
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I did TRX with my Y-mates this morning. Picking up my bike on Saturday, and we were talking about going for a ride together on monday. I drove in to work this morning with joy in my heart from getting my morning workout in- I really feel the difference! Since I started going to the Y regularly- one year ago Memorial Day Weekend- I have picked up a hunger for vigorous exercise, and new fit friends who talk me into healthy activities- like getting a bike and going running, and considering a tri. It is such a change in lifestyle, and I am embracing it to the fullest!!

Katie- what do you think I was eating in Disney?!?? We were on the dining plan, which doesn't include salads, but does include desserts- and you cannot switch. I paid out of pocket for the salads- because it was the right thing to do. But there were plenty of cheesecakes, flan, creme brulet (mmmm) ice cream- and chocolate covered bananas, which I rationalized, count as a fruit serving.

Wendy- that workout sounds like tough-fun! (like tough-love, only fun!) I feel your joy too!

Great to be back!


Good morning All!!

Wednesday I had every intention of working out, but I laid on the bed to rest a little first , like I always do, & woke up a 11pm!! I almost never take naps so my husband thought I was sick. I guess I was more tired than I thought. :eek: Thursday my workout was Athletic Training, you know the part where Cathe says she’s tired, I can totally relate!! I don’t stop, but it’s so hard to keep going, then a little later I’m fine.

Kris, LIC again? Aren’t you brave!! I have having fun with the hula too!! In the past I’ve never been able to do it, so I’m loving that. Doesn’t seem like a lot of work, but my heart rate gets up the longer I do it.

Wendy, how’s your doms? You are so good at putting together your own workouts. I suck at that!! :p I pretty much have to have a dvd to guide me, it’s just more fun for me.

Katie, no worries, we’ve all been there. We don’t do it all the time, so it’s all good!! :D I noticed that your workouts didn’t suffer, good job!! ;)

Bridget, glad you could fit in some fun even though it was a working trip!! ;) I love cheesecake!! It’s great to have workout buddies. Well I imagine it is, the closest thing I have are you guys, & I feel blessed t know you!! Glad your're back!!

Well, I guess that’s all for now, we're going out of town for the holiday, have a great weekend!!


Good Morning...Sorry but it's gotta be another fly-by...:(

This morning's work out was the first 30m of BH Totally Ripped Core and 40 mins of Yoga for the Warrior. Good stuff and now I gotta go! Sorry!

BBL if I have time or on Monday...Heading for the casinos this weekend as soon as DH gets his buns home from work this afternoon!:cool::D


Happy Friday ladies:)

Yesterday was Athletic Training for me too! That first 25 minutes or so is tough still for me. Today is scheduled as a rest day, but I may do Disc 25 today and move the rest day to tomorrow depending on how our plans lay out. (We aren't going out of town or anything - I have a vet appt for our foster dog tomorrow a.m. and then we'll go from there:)

Wiggie - we must have been on the same wavelength with AT yesterday. I'm enjoying the hoop too, though my midsection is kind of sore (like bruised feeling), the hoop I got is 4 lb.

Wendy - Great workouts this a.m. lady! - have a great weekend at the casinos!

Katie - You'll get your eating back on track without problems I'm sure, we all have those times! Great workouts!

Bridget - welcome back! Glad you had fun at Disney! Good for you for getting some healthy food and exercise in too! That's no small feat:) I remember you losing your britt in December - we'd lost ours end of November - I think (I know actually) that's what started my funk:( I still miss him every day, and just now felt like I was ready to foster another dog.

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend for those of you with travel plans!



Happy Friday!

Today's my rest day and i'm enjoying it. :)

Wendy: Ohhhh I like today's mish-mosh! Nice! Have a great time this weekend and win lots of mulah! ;)

Kris and Wiggie: Did I miss the memo that yesterday was "Athletic Training" day? ;) :p I love that workout! The first 25 minutes or so are soooo stinking tough (as you both know, lol). :D

Wiggie: Naps are good for the soul! ;) It's your body's stop sign. I never nap either unless i'm extremely tired or sick (like last week).

Kris: What fun weekend plans do you have??

Bridget: ROLF!!!!! Well a little chocolate mixed with a little salad never hurt. ;) :D :p I love that you are embracing your active life style! That's fantastic! My sister talked me into attending a class yesterday evening at the YMCA and I must admit it was a LOT of fun working out with a group. I'm going to start attending more.

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