STS Body Rockers week of 4/15


Good Afternoon Ladies!:)

This morning's work out::

1) 5 minutes of BM2 warm up not using a step

2) Interval cardio/leg work as follows:

6 rounds @ 10/20 (3 mins total) of burpees (no push ups)
1st weight exercise from BM2 power circuits
6 rounds @ 10/20 (3 mins total) of squat jumps
2nd weight exercise from BM2 power circuits
6 rounds @ 10/20 (3 mins total) of dixie cup line taps
3rd weight exercise from BM2 power circuits
6 rounds @ 10/20 (3 mins total) of jumping lunges
4th weight exercise from BM2 power circuits
*used a 40# bb and 15# db's for weight work*

3) Yoga for the Warrior (43 minutes total @ 30 mins of yoga and 13 mins of stretching)

That's all the "yapping" I have time for right now.

BBL or tmrw!:cool:
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Hi ladies!

Yesterday's workout was Afterburn. I didn't feel 100% yesterday and I started to crumble a bit at the end. Candidly I should have rested instead of working out. :eek: :confused:

I'm feeling much better today, though, so I did STS M3:W2 (chest/back). I went with my sister to the YMCA so I could use the heavier weights. My chest/back muscles are still trembling. :eek: I've decided I enjoy working out at home so.much.more. I missed Cathe, hated having to wait/fight for equipment, and disliked creepy men looking at me (I was the only girl in the "weight" section). Even though one guy said "I didn't think a small thing like you could actually lift that much." Compliment? or insult? :rolleyes: :p

Wendy: Oooohhhh i'm LOVING today's mish-mosh!! How do you come up with these fantastic workouts?? Yay for the puke factor (I

Wiggie: Still no Bob workouts. How did Wendy get hers so fast? She must know someone on the inside. ;) :p I love how you pushed through on Friday. I do that too (say only 20 minutes, but then I keep going). :)

Bridget: I hope you're having a great weekend!


Hi girls! Just stopping by to stay hi:cool: I am really not doing a lot of strength training these days. Once in awhile I will throw a Cathe cd in just for a change. I bought my first bike and I love her, she treats me well. I am just focusing on run,bike and swim all week. I keep saying I am going try to get in a BR workout but never seems to happen. I did some crazy swimming drills with the team yesterday and I am so much better for it! Hope all is well over here, I will be back after this tri!


Good morning All!!

I ended up working 2 games Saturday, no one else showed up!! When I got home I did CTX S & I, then I did Rodney Yee AM Yoga, hip openers. There are 5 different workouts on this dvd, all about 20 minutes long. Sunday I did CTX All Step & the Extended Stretch that am, then did CTX LL that afternoon. I weighed myself Sat morning, first time I weighed since I went to the symposium in Myrtle Beach. I know I ate alot of non diet stuff so I wait until I'm back on track to weigh again. Anyway I lost 2 pounds. I was thinking of joining WW again, they have a special that lasts until the 21st, pay for 1 month get 1 month free.

Wendy, great workout combo!! I still struggle with the working out w/o a dvd to watch!! :p

Katie, that was definitely a compliment!! ;) Any time I hear small & me in the same sentence, I hear compliment!!:D & still no Bob!!:(

Bridget, hope you had a great weekend!!

Erin, nice to hear from you!!

Have a great day Everyone!!
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Hi gals!

No workout for me this morning. My silly cat knocked my phone off the charger (again). The phone battery died so no alarm this morning (luckily I work up in time for work). I'm going to try and sneak in CTX: 10-10-10 + abs or yoga (or both) after work.

Erin: So glad to hear from you!!! Crazy swimming drills sound fun! ;) I used to play soccer back in the day and once a week the coach would put us through insane swimming drills. Fun (but crazy tough). I can't wait to hear all about your tri!

Wiggie: LOL! Good point. Sadly, though, when he said "small" I think he meant "short". I'm a homunculus (miniature human, not really, just short, really short, like Cathe short, lol). I have a Rodney Yee yoga DVD that I really enjoy. Actually, I lent it to a friend not to long ago. I need to get that back and get my yoga on! :p


Good Morning Ladies.

Yesterday's work out was:: 4 minutes of hula intervals @ 10/50, Bob's Ultimate Cardio Body (2nd half only-30 minutes) and last but not least, the STS Extended Stretch. Not sure what's on tap for today but I'll come back later to report on it after it's done! ;)

It's amazing how little time for personals I suddenly have sometimes now that I don't have a job! :p I feel bad but am here to catch up this morning! I promise! :D

Katie:: TBH I have no idea how I come up with my mish-moshes! They kinda create themselves! If I have a few ideas of what I want to do but can't decide, that's when mish-moshing comes in handy coz then I can do a little of everything! Like the other day when I used part of BM2 in my mish-mosh..I had pulled out that work out as an option but couldn't commit in full to it b/c of the other ideas in my head so I used it in a mish-mosh instead!:D So you got your Bobs? Bob with an S? You ordered more then just the yoga!?!? Do tell!!!! So have you tried one already?? :)

Wiggie:: So you go to a symposium where you eat bad food and end up LOSING 2 pounds!? :eek: I don't like you anymore but great job! LOL Just kidding on that first part ofcourse! ;) My weight is up and has been for a solid week now BUT I can't see it or feel it so I'm trying to take it in stride but yet I am being careful coz I don't want it to go up anymore! :eek: I never tried Rodney Yee's yoga. Have you ever tried Brian Kest? Everyone here raved about him back when I was into yoga the last time so I bought a dvd with three of his work outs on it and um...well...EWWW! I HATED IT! :eek::eek::confused: For me with yoga, unlike other work outs, it IS all about the instructor and although he mighta' been hot (I can't recall if I thought he was at this point but I know he was widely drooled over, lol), I hated him as a yoga instructor. Luckily I purchased the dvd at Collage so I was able to return it after trying it. So anyway, Rodney is another that seems to be popular and I since I tend to disagree with the majority around here I am afraid to try him. LOL :p I hear ya on non-dvd work outs. They take getting used to and even at that you may NEVER get used to it! I can do BR and all of that kind of non-dvd stuff but trying to walk into a gym and do a weight routine w/o a dvd?? Hah-never! That's why I only do weight training with DH at the gym. He's my Cathe! :p

Hello Erin! Glad tri-training is going well. Hope to hear from you again soon.
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Good morning All!!

My workout yesterday was Pure Burn by Bob H. I previewed some of the others,(I bought 6 ), & I like them all. I really like him as an instructor. It's kinda nice to workout with a man for a change.

Wendy, you've been working out a lot more, & since you don't actually see the gain(clothes are not tighter, etc.) I would think you are gaining muscle. Your body is not used to hour long workouts, & being so lean, you probably gain muscle very easily now. As for my weight loss, notice that I waited 2 weeks before I weighed, to make sure I had undone that damage!! :p I've never tried Brian Kest, I have a few yoga dvds but never used them much.

Have a great day!! :D



I was able to sneak in CTX - 10/10/10 yesterday. This morning's workout was Leaner Legs. Yowza! I think Cathe was trying to take me out. :p I really enjoyed the workout though - quick, fun, and (hopefully) effective. :)

Wendy: Excellent workout! What did you think of Ultimate Cardio Body? I got several Bob DVDs....5 I think. DO NOT tell DH! :p :eek: I just couldn't pass up that awesome price! Let's see, I got (hold on, gotta go look at Bob's website so I can remember): Totally Ripped Core, Ultimate Cardio Body, and 3 Inside Out Method workouts (Bob's Workout, Yoga for the Warrior, and Body Rev). I did the bonus section of Totally Ripped Core last night. I really enjoyed the non-traditional aspect of the workout. I've only previewed "Bob's workout" but from reading the descriptions it sounds like most of the workouts I got incorporate weights and cardio so I won't be able to do much until I finish STS (2 weeks, 2 weeks!!). I'm so excited to try something different, thanks for the tip re: the fantastic price!

Wiggie: I saw your message about getting your Bob DVDs right before I left work yesterday and I was bouncing in my seat the whole way home I was so excited. THEY ARRIVED! WOOT WOOT! :eek: :eek: Which six did you get? I agree it is nice working out with a man, just to change it up! :)


Hi Ladies...

Ok, so no work out for me. I decided a rest day was an order! ;) Instead I went food shopping, did some cleaning, laundry and lotsa cooking. I made eggplant parmesan but had to make the sauce for it first so it's been an "in the kitchen" kinda day! Hope it's good! Just waiting for DH to get home with bread so we can dig in! The link to the recipe is on my facebook and I will post it here too if we like it! :)

Tomorrow is another super busy day!!! 8:30am physical (getting bloodwork done so no eating drinking anything but water/plain coffee-tea after midnight. :(), when I get home I am shoving breakfast in my face and then heading to my mom's to do a little shopping with her, home in time to p/u DS from school at 2:50pm then hopefully home for a short work out and shower before another appointment at 5:30PM! I am gonna be exhausted and ready for bed by the time I get home (around 7pm)!!! See what happens when you don't have a job?!!!:eek::rolleyes::p

Katie:: I haven't done Ultimate Cardio Body in full all at once yet but I did both halves on 2 different days and those 30 mins each kicked my azz so I can only imagine what the full work out will do! :eek: Does that answer your question? :) Sorry you asked? Heheh...:p Bob's work outs are both very good but the first one is far more intense then the 2nd IMO. The 2nd one is also a bit annoying in that the guy doing the work out takes waaaay too long a rest at times so I found myself having to fast forward in order to not lose too much momentum. The 1st one is all out puke factor though for sure! LOL Body Rev is the cardio work out and it's a killer as well! Ultimate Core was great and ofcourse you already know how I feel about his yoga work out!;)

Wiggie:: I love your explanation for my weight gain so I have decided that that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! ;) So which Bob work out will you try first?? :)


My workout today(Tue) was Body Rev by BH, Monday was Pure Burn. Very different style from what I'm used to. I can see this being another way to shock my body.

Katie, I got the Inside out collection all 4, Kettlebell sculpted body & Ultimate Cardio. I found them doable, but at times extremely challenging. Tomorrow I might do the yoga one or I might take a rest day.

Wendy, it seems that you're busier now than when you were working!! You're going to have to go back to work to get some rest!! :p


Today's workout was STS M3:W3:Shoulders, Triceps, and Biceps. I also added the abs segment from C&W (it's one of my favorite ab routines, lol). I finally ordered some supplements i've been wanting too. I got more protein powder, creatine, and Xtend. I'm not

Wendy: Wow, you are one busy gal! I actually find it harder to find time to check-in on days I don't work (weekends, holidays) than days I work. I guess that's because at work i'm in front of the computer, and when i'm not at work i'm always running around doing stuff. :p Thanks for the excellent descriptions on BH's workouts. Maybe I should start with the second "Bob's Workout" so I can get those extra rests. I haven't done much cardio lately and, geez, i'm turning into a wimp! :p ;) :eek:

Wiggie: Ooohhh you got some goodies! ;) Did you like Body Rev? Did it incorporate weights with the cardio? I've previewed most of the workouts I got and, I agree, they look brutal. Can't wait! :D :p



Time only for a quick check in once again while I eat a couple pieces of fruit. I had an appointment at 8:30am, then it was off to mom's for shopping, home for a a late lunch/work out/pick up DS from school and now I am having a snack before I am off again in a bit for another appointment and then finally home for dinner after that. :eek:

Today I did Bob's Total Body Transformation and STS Extended Stretch! Not sure what's on tap for tmrw. It depends on what hurts :p but I'm leaning towards yoga.

Have a great night ladies and I'll catch up on personals again soon!:cool:


Hi ladies!!!!

Just poppin in to see how everyone's doing :)

I just finished the STS Pyramid and had a blast, but will now be dusting off all my oldie-but-goodies that got ignored for the last 5 months :p

I've missed y'all, but seems like y'all are still rocking it out :D

Have a great night!


Hey Gang

I've been out of town to Washington DC with a group of nurses for the past few days. I brought my running shoes, and made some decent times on the treadmill- currently, I feel spent from all the activity, flying, and coming home to what wasn't done over the past few days.

Wendy- eggplant parmesan sounds good- maybe I'll put that in the menu for next week. Enjoy your physical
Katie- there are a lot of lawyers in DC- you would fit in well!
Wiggie-I'm with Wendy, how did you lose weight at a symposium? I am up 2 lbs yesterday from my sins in DC
Kiki- welcome back!
Erin- love the tri-training! I have a bike on layaway too- debating on going with clip less petals or a combo.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I will spin!



Good morning!! :)

Wednesday's workout was Yoga by BH. I went to church last night & almost took a rest day & decided at the last minute to try the yoga.

Wendy, I see why you love it, I didn't intend to do the whole hour, but it felt so good I didn't stop.

Katie, I liked Body Rev alot, I used a kettlebell instead of the dumbell. He seems to incorporate weights in all his workouts.

Bridget, the secret is to wait 2 weeks after to weigh yourself!! :p Hope you enjoyed your trip!!

Kiki, we've missed you too, I can see you got great results!! I wish my arms looked like that!! Any secrets you'd like to share?

Have a geat day!! ;)
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Good morning!

Today's workout was plyo legs (M3:W3). Only 4 more workouts left! I've LOVED this round of STS (bulking is fun), but i'm excited to start my cut and, in turn, start shedding fat. :)

Wiggie: Nice job sneaking in that yoga even though you were tired! I'm hoping to give BH's yoga workout a shot during my upcoming active recovery week. So excited!

Wendy: Oh yeah, how did the eggplant parmesan turn out? I've been wanting to make it a few months now (i've seen several mouth-watering recipes), but I always get skeered. :eek: :rolleyes: DH likes his southern, fried, completely unhealthy cooking. Sigh. What yoga workout did you do this morning?

Bridget: [email protected] in DC. Yep, definitely way to MANY lawyers around there. ;) Glad you had a fun (and safe) trip!

Kiki: Glad you popped in to see us! :)


Hi Ladies,

Gonna have to be another fly-by until later...heading out in a few...

Did one 4 minute hula [email protected]/20 + Bob's Yoga for the Warrior in full this morning.

Heading out to breakfast and a matinee of The Titanic in 3D (so excited!) with my mom for her Birthday in just a few minutes :D...BBL!:cool:


Katie tell me about how to do this:
(bulking is fun), but i'm excited to start my cut and, in turn, start shedding fat.
I only want to lose about 10 more pounds(maybe less), so I am definitely interested.


Wiggie: yes I loved it! Like, Katie, I just finished a bulk, and now I'm 4 wks into my cut. I didn't have Wendy whipping my abs into shape this year, so I've seriously slacked in that though, lol. :eek:

Bridget: only 3 months left! Are you gettin excited for the RT, yet?

Katie: I can't wait to see your cut results, lady! You were such a trooper and your rotation flew by! How did we finish at the same time? :confused:

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