STS 2.0 update 1/4/2023

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! I want to give you all an update on the progress of STS 2.0! Editing is completed and we are in the “authoring” phase which means we are that much closer to being able to provide workout lengths, premix info and, most importantly, VIDEO CLIPS! (I know how anxious everyone is to see these workouts in action!) The authoring phase has moments where things move a little slower and then pick up speed again so we’ll keep you updated as we continue to move along through this phase. Thank you so much for your excitement over this series and for your patience! I’m just as eager to get these workouts into your hands as you are to receive them.

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aqua girl

I think dvd work is done here in US
Terina, I think you are correct ......the dvds are replicated in Calif . and then it usually takes
about a week for them to make the trip from there to NJ, pending no nasty weather, etc.
I predict they will take a month or so at the replicator since it is so many dvds and putting
them in the cases, etc and then back to total prediction is that we might see them
somewhere around end of March, first of April.....


Cathe’s original estimate for delivery was first quarter of 2023. Looks like that’s tracking. :thumbs up: Meanwhile, I’m doing STS, 1.0 as of today. So I’m staying busy. If 2.0 is as good as the original, I’ll never have to worry about my weight routine ever again. (But the pushups — THE PUSH-UPS! IM DYING :D)

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