STS 2.0 Filming Starts This Week!

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone!

The STS 2.0 silence is finally breaking as we have now reached a point where we can begin to share some long-awaited details!

After a couple of months of rehearsals, we finally had our last one on our new set yesterday! We have just a few production details to work out over these next few days and then we will light up the set and get those cameras rolling! You read that right! STS 2.0 filming begins at the end of this week and as soon as we can, we’ll start posting some pictures and behind-the-scenes fun! It will take several weeks to complete filming as there are lots of new workouts in this comprehensive weight workout program. We’ll continue to share details of STS 2.0’s content, structure, and breakdown, as well as presale details, filming highlights, etc., but for now, I just wanted to thank you all for hanging in there and waiting so patiently as I created this project for you. I hope it will be everything you want and more!

Healthy (and excited) Hugs!


Thank you Cathe! This type of thing must be a ton of work. I hope you and the crew are enjoying the work you guys are doing. Can't wait to start hearing some details. If you wanted to started leaking a bit of information about the recovery portions... I wouldn't mind. :cool: Sorry, for some reason I've been feeling a bit closer to my actual age lately. My mind has been on figuring out to adapt to some of these midlife changes. How on earth you keep up with yourself, I'll never know. Maybe strength training with recovery is just what I need right now. :)

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