STS 2.0 DVD Cover Art


What a great idea! That's the one thing I hate about getting a set - the lack of covers. I really like having the picture and info on the back. I have so many Cathe workouts that I rely heavily on the covers to "jog" my memory. I'm a very visual person. I tend to buy a couple of DVDs from a set, like them, then end up buying the whole set (Strong & Sweaty, XTraiin, etc.), and donating the individual DVDs (and the cases) that I liked so much. Every time I do it, I end up regretting it, because I really like having the info on the individual cases. Once, I thought I'd save space on my bookshelf by taking all of the DVDs and putting them in a CD binder. Thank goodness I hadn't gotten rid of the cases, because within a week, I had all of the DVDs right back in their plastic cases. I'd love to be able to print the cover art for all of the sets that I have. I think I'd use the sets more. I tend to use the DVDs that are in individual cases, because I feel more confident that I've selected a workout that I remember that will be what I need at the time.

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