Stress Weight, does anyone else have this?


My schedule is full of working full time, going to school for my MBA full time, maintaining a home, and attempting to have a social life. My goal is to lose weight. I went to WebMD and they stated the best way to get rid of stress weight is to remove the stress. Kind of impossible right now, any suggestions?



I am in a similar situation, so what I am working on is how I respond to the stressors. I try to stop and assess my emotional state, and decide whether it really needs my attention or if it is something I can just let go.

One of the ways I cope is to assure that I have down time every single day, where I lounge and just stop thinking for a while. I usually do this at the end of the day.

I also work on prioritizing. Obviously, work and studying are not optional, but I will rearrange my workout and social schedule as needed, and assert my needs with others as needed.

Hmm, if I think of anything more specific, I will post it, but those are some of the general things I do to try to reduce stress.


Sounds like you have a full schedule! I would suggest to try to find at least 15 minutes to yourself and meditate, get a mini-massage, listen to soothing music. Anything that gets your mind off of all you have to do on a day to day basis. If you can eek out even more time, the better!

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