Sticker help please for my OCD self (or CDO if you've seen that LOLcat)



How I love to put workout stickers on my calendar. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment to see them marching across my days....

Here's my thing. I have some of the older stickers that you could actually purchase - the 4DS ones and ones from the somewhat older series - up to Body Max 2. And I love them.

BUT! I don't think you can purchase stickers pre-made anymore. I know you can download them and print them yourself. Here's where the OCD kicks in.

As best I can figure out you can only download and print an entire page of just one workout. And I have high ambitions for my program but....that's a lot of just one workout.

What I want to do is basically print ONE page of stickers that has multiple workouts

I am not all that technologically advanced to manipulate these files (if there's even a way to do so).

Anyone got any ideas for me?
If you have Microsoft Word, you should be able to set up a document with the label size you want and copy and past the picture onto the label. You will probably have to resize the picture and it might not be as clear as if you printed directly from Cathe's site.

By the way, I totally understand about putting stickers on your workout calendar. I do the same thing but I just use kiddie stickers that have smiley faces or animals or say "WOW".
I too derive a lot of pleasure from using stickers to mark my workouts - it is just so lovely to see that full calendar!
Hey, are you talking about that LOLCat of the cat saying it has CDO, because the letters "are in alphabetical order... As they SHOULD be." That thing is hilarious :).
Stacey...yes, that's the one! I about fell off my chair when I saw it. :D

Julie....thanks for the suggestion...I'll try that.

Renee...there's a section on the site called Fun...I always have to hunt for it but that's where the stickers can download a pdf file and print the stickers out at home.

Try this link:

Right now I'm just making my own - I bought appropriate sized blank stickers. For my LIS rotation now I just write LIS at the top and the abbreviation for the day's workout at the bottom and then draw something to symbolize the workout.

Since I am not artistic in the least (except for maybe with the baking), the drawings are fairly funny. know...we try to release perfectionism and Just Do Things sometimes. Not always successful - work in progress.
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Hello. I understand about seeing what you have accomplished on the calendar. I do not use stickers, I have a dry erase calendar that hangs in my exercise room. I write each workout on the day. Then on the last day of the month I take a picture of it and print it. Then you can either keep your monthly workouts in a scrapbook or notebook. :)

Yes, I am OCD also!!!! :p

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