Starting STS next week - looking for advice


For those of you that did STS, did you do the STS cardio with it, the LIS cardio, or some other strategy? Any pros/cons to one rotation over another? I am planning to do the 3-month plan - just haven't decided on the cardio. I don't want the cardio to distract from strength, but I do like to have a planned schedule. Thanks!
Starting STS next week

I did Cathe's Cycle workouts, kickboxing workout and Amy Dixon's Breathless Body workouts.


I also mainly did Hiit, although I limited my cardio b/c I wanted to focus on building muscle. I just started a round of Body Beast and I probably won't do over 1 cardio day a week.


Thanks for the feedback! I started today (6-month) rotation. I decided that's enough of a set plan for me to commit to, so I'll do cardio of my choice on the off days. I need a mixture of structure and freedom.
I am doing a routine someone mentioned, two body parts a week with one day of cardio. I've been alternating cardio with strength training for years and now I want to focus on weights - I love lifting!

I started out doing the 6 month STS rotation, but this new routine has me finishing it quickly, and I plan on using all my other Cathe workouts to continue this cycle.

I do 3 days weights, 1 day cardio, 3 days weights, 1 day off.


I remember tacking on a short Hiit workout after the weights. On days that were not weight workouts - I would do a mixture of steady-state and Hiit - but I would keep your cardio to under 45 minutes.

STS does make you tired more because you are really building muscle. I noticed that I did get tired from the DOMS and started to burn out toward the end of each cycle because of doing too much intense cardio.

I have also read that longer cardio sessions actually make your body break down your muscle. You want to keep some cardio fitness but keep the muscle you are working so hard to build. PLUS you don't want to burn out... it is a challenging program. Good luck:D

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