Start over?


I completed Mesocycle 1 and have done the first week of Mesocycle 2, but when were on vacation for 3 weeks and it has been now 5 weeks since my last Mesocyle 2 workout.

What do you think, should I continue on week 2 of Mesocycle 2 or just start over all the way with Mesocycle 1?

Thanks for your help.

Kristine :)


I would start over with Meso 2. I wouldn't go all the way back and redo Meso 1 unless you're really feeling you need to.



Same situation

I will be in more or less the same situation. I am doing the 5 months rotation (2x meso 1, 2x meso 2 and once meso 3). I am in my second month now, so starting week 3 of meso 1 which I'll be repeating. The day I finish my 8 weeks of meso 1 I will get surgery on my thyroid, which will put me out of action for a while. I plan on starting back meso 1 but just once, then continue with the original planned rotation. I am hoping to be able to do some light resistance training the second week after the surgery, so I can retain some muscle toning. We'll see.

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