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This question has probably been asked a million times... :-/

Any suggestions on sports bra's that come in bra sizes? Which have the best support, etc..?

I'm one of those where small, medium, or large just doesn't cut it.

Thanks!! :)


My new favorite is the "Juno" by Moving Comfort....I'm a 38 D...I use it for running and other high-impact activites


All of my sports bras are made by Champion. I usually get them from their outlet store. I have found that the styles that have an underwire work best for me.


I really like the Fiona bra

Buy Womens Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra at Road Runner Sports

It has bra sizes so you can get the right band and cup size. And it hooks in the back like a bra...sooo easy to get on and off!! I am completely spoiled about that now! No more going through contortions to get my sports bra on nor off.

Ah, perhaps I should add that I wear a 36C - so I may not need as much support as women with a larger cup size. That Enell bra looks like it would definitely do the trick, but I am ok with a little less support.
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I have each of the above mentioned moving comfort sports bras. I like them, but for high impact, nothing I have tried comes close to the Enell bra. It is the mother of all sports bras - not pretty, but it does the job! The sizing is tricky, so you may need to try a few on. It does hook in the front.


I like the Moving Comfort Juno for high impact and for medium impact Athleta's Glory bra (it would probably also be good for high impact). I also really like Lululemon's Tata Tamer (yes, that's the real,name!), but mostly for lower impact like spinning. I've also heard great things about the Enell, but have never tried one.

If you find something great, please post!
Sports bra


I always go for various "shock absorber" bra.
There are many unknown brand making them.

Not the most flattering:eek::eek: cut but it keeps my chest in place, especially for plyos, box jump etc :D:D:D:D. shock absorber is important for over dd cup.

I get mine from this small company specialised in big cup.

Max Sports Bra by Shock Absorber


For me, my horse's sitting trot is the only test of how effective a high- impact bra is. SERIOUS bouncing.

The enell bra is the ONLY bra that helps keep everyone quiet while I'm riding. Even then, it's not perfect.

The one thing that kept the ladies absolutely still while I was riding was when I wrapped my chest in two ace bandages. Of course, I couldn't breathe, so there you go. Still not perfect.

I'm a 38D.

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