So where are YOU located? :)

I was born and raised in the Chicago 'burbs but now I'm in Southern Georgia about 15 miles from the Florida state line.
western burbs of IL. We have been here for a little over a year, but may be moving again with DH's job :eek::confused:

Prior to this we were in hoo haa burbs of NYC for 4 years....aka the black hole of money (a big reason we said 'peace out').

I'm originally from MD and DH is from MI, though.
Born and raised in Pennsylvania.
Currently live in Montana.
But my heart, home, and friends will always be in St.George, Utah.:( Makes me sad when I think about it too long. Haven't been in Montana very long - a little over a year. Don't fit in here AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(it is beautiful though)

Sugar Land, Tx...basically Houston. Hot, muggy, nasty...but, people here don't get as many wrinkles due to the humidity :confused:
I'm in a small town in the rural Quiet Corner of CT, also known as the Last Green Valley. It's the largest undeveloped area of land remaining between Boston and Washington DC.

I love it.

Southeast Indiana, 2 blocks from the Ohio River, 45 miles west of Cincinnati.

Catherine: I grew up in Northern Kentucky and I never went barefoot unless on vacation!!

Tricia: Where in Rhode island are you? My MIL is from Providence and we have spent MANY MANY summer vacations on the beach at East Matunick. Now we take the grandkids there....

Brenda in Indiana
Another KY girl! :D

Grew up outside Madison, Wisconsin and now live in Waukesha, WI. It's pronounced WAU ke shaw, not Wau KEY shaw. :D
I was in Waukesha last June for a few days. :D I'd never heard of it prior to this. Loved the downtown area.
Hey netsnotes! How are you? DD getting ready to head back to USC!

I'm upstate South Carolina ~ Clover


Hey Becky, how is it goin'! Well you have my info if DD needs me. I am hangin' in there. Waitin' on school to start, even though I dread the busyness of it all. Almost ready for football season, not too excited with Clemson this year, except for CJ Spiller hopefully Heisman. Hopefully USC will have a good year.

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