So disappointed, only Cathe fans would understand!

Tracey M

I have to share; my co-workers and friends don't understand the magnitude of my disappointment...

I get to travel from time to time for my work, only 3 or 4 trips a year and rarely anywhere really interesting. My dream has been that we land a client in Philadelphia and I get to drive over to NJ and take a class with Cathe. I'm in Mississippi so driving is out of the question and I doubt the family budget would allow for a Road trip should I ever be lucky enough to sign up in the first 10 seconds. ;)

Anyway yesterday I'm told "Go to Philadelphia next week". Hooray! Due to flights I'd have to go in Tuesday, meet with client Wednesday and fly out Thursday morning. What's Cathe's schedule? Tuesday a.m. and Wednesday a.m. Okay, I can't get in early enough on Tuesday to make the class so my only option is Wednesday morning. I email the client, say I can meet on Wednesday and PRAY they offer Wednesday afternoon. AND THEY OFFER 1:00 WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON! If I jump in the shower right after class, drive like a crazy woman back to Philadelphia, pick up my co-worker and drive to the meeting 20 miles north of Philly I can do this - barely - but doable. My prayers are answered! Yippee!!

So why am I disappointed? My co-worker, who is going to rent the car, calls and informs me there are NO rental cars in Philadelphia on Tuesday (apparently due to the inauguration) and we have to be at the car rental place at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday (during Cathe's class) to pick up the rental car. I explain to her my disappointment and who Cathe is, how I've used her DVDs to lose 60 lbs and my plan to attend the Wednesday morning class. Her response (mind you she really is a sweet lady, kind of a mentor to me professionally and I dearly respect and like her) is non-understanding. Too bad and basically she didn't think it was a good idea as it would cut it close to the meeting with the client (she's a real early bird that one!).

Anyway SO CLOSE to meeting Cathe and taking a class next Wednesday. I told a few co-workers, they didn't really get it. My husband was sweet about it but you know he doesn't understand like you guys. I guess I needed to share with people that really get it. I flew high and crashed hard today with the prospect of taking a live class! :(


Of course no one else will get it. I've faced this as well, when talking about Cathe and how great her workouts are, etc. The collective "huh?" from people is a liittle annoying.

I feel your pain! It would be a dream to take a live class from Cathe someday. Driving is also out of the question for this North Dakotan, but maybe someday I'll get up enough nerve to go to the Cathe roadtrip.

Just know there are many-many-many people on this forum who understand how you are feeling and get where you are coming from. :)


I am so sorry things are not going to work out for you:( Hopefully you will get another opportunity to workout with Cathe! My DH travels a lot for work and I have been able to go with him a few times. TWICE to Philadelphia, pre-Cathe. I was on the RT in August, but of course I want to go back. Now that I know about Cathe, he hasn't had a single conference in Philly. The closest we got was Pittsburg. :(

And, yes, we DO understand! :)


Oh, Tracey. I understand. While I'm a newbie here, and have never been "so close, yet so far away", I would be totally bummed. Hoping you get another trip to Philly soon after this one so you can get to one of Cathe's classes!


Aw, Tracey. :(

Hang in there. Just because it probably won't happen this time doesn't mean there won't be another opportunity.

Will you have the chance to run over to her gym and at least check it out? If you told them you are a forum Catheite, maybe you'd get a tour. :eek:


The first thought I had was: can your co-worker go get the car while you are "playing" with Cathe and then come pick you up?

Heck - I'd ask just in case !


My heart broke when I read this! That is a bummer. I get the "deer in the headlights" look as well. People just don't get it. I'm glad you came here for support. We empathize! I pray you get close and fulfill your dreams again soon!


You can get a "limo" to take you back and forth on Wed. morning and let your coworker deal with getting the car. There are a ton of "limo" services in the northeast to get you from state to state. I took one from Philly to Cathe and it was about $60 one way. This may end up being way too expensive if the car has to wait for you while you are in the gym, but you may want to check it out. Car services are very popular in the northeast. You may find something reasonable (although, then you may be giving up reliability which probably isn't worth it when you are dealing with being at work on time).


Schedule another meeting with this client after the meeting that works around Cathe's classes. This time might not work out but another time will.
I understand your pain.


You can do it -the real question is, how much are you willing to inconvenience yourself and others and how much are you willing to pay to get it done? If you really want it, you can make it happen by thinking creatively and not giving up.


Okay, totally off topic.

Tracey, I looooooove your avatar. I'm always telling co-workers about "That Avatar picture of the yellow lab laying down with a little black kitten sitting on it's butt."

It really is the cutest thing. Especially since your dog looks so happy.


See if you can get your colleague to take care of the rental in the morning, and you offer to do something else so she won't feel like you're inconveniencing her for your own trivial (in her opinion) reasons. But make sure you arrive at the meeting on time, if not early!

Tracey M

Thanks for the understanding gals! My husband and I have looked at a lot of options (taxi, shuttles, etc.) but when it comes down to it without a rental car I can't guarantee being to the meeting on time. I'm going to see if my co-worker will drive me over after our meeting on Wednesday. The only excuses she can have to say no would be bad weather or if the meeting runs long and we get done during rush hour traffic. At least I'll get to see the gym!

SirenSongWoman- thanks for your compliment of Izzy (doggie) and Little Jerry Seinfeld (kitty). They are bestest friends. Such trouble makers but really sweet to each other.

Tracey M


My co-worker was really sweet after our meeting and asked "hey, did you want to drive over and see that Cathe lady?" so we did. I called the gym and knew Cathe was not there but I really enjoyed taking the tour and seeing where it all happens. Linda, who showed us around, was so overwhelmingly nice and understanding of how much it meant to me. I'm still a little giddy from being there! Here I am in the entrance to the studio (could I BE wearing any more clothes? I swear in MS we don't even own coats and scarfs, I had to buy these for my business travel and always feel like the Stay Puff Marshmellow in them!)


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Great pic....glad you were able to make the best of it....
and you're RIGHT....only a Cathe-Fan would understand.

:) Terri

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