SNM,Not sure where to post this. There is an Omission in RWH Plyo HiiT One



Not sure where to direct this so please excuse me if I posted in the wrong spot. I noticed today when I entered today's workout Ripped with HiiT One there was no offering of a premix on this workout with Bonus Abs One. Then I noticed the premixes listed were 1,2, 3,4, 6, 7. For some reason there was no Premix #5 that has Plyo HiiT One+ Bonus Abs One. I did see this premix #5 offering on the Disc when I was looking at the premixes that were available for that workout. So, I just thought I'd respectfully mention it and pass it along to whoever handles the premixes info.

Congrats to Cathe and SNM for another wonderful workout offering. I appreciate all your talents and hard work that goes into it.




Hi Nora,

Obviously, not Cathe or SNM, but I think with all the work they're doing with the streaming that there might be a glitch in the system at times. I've noticed at times when I go to enter my workout for the day that something won't pop up like it should. The next day when I check, whatever was missing is back. HTH. :)

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