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I am a mother of 3 children, after i gave birth to my last i lost alot of weight! I tried for so long to gain my weight back because I believe a woman should have curves. Glad to say, I am slowly but surely gaining it back!:) I DO NOT want to be skinny, I want to have a nice fit curvy figure. I weigh about 133 right now and I actually want to get up to 135 to 137. any suggestions as to what I shuld be eating to maintain my weight and stay fit as well? I have a little bit love handles that I just can not get rid of, any suggestions?


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I have heard about weight gain shakes (not the kind to build muscle like celltek (sp) ) Not sure if that is what your looking for. I agree with you as far as the skinny vs fit look. My goal is to be thinner, but with muscle definition.
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I am so happy to hear you say being fit over skinny is your goal. I actually hate the word skinny! If you are naturally thin, that is one thing. But too many people are obsessed with being skinny that it often interferes with their health. I wish we could all unite and convince people how important it is to take care of our bodies and strive to be healthy. While we're at it, wouldn't it be great to replace every Nutrisystem ad we see with Cathe!

Sorry, I don't have any good advice to help you gain weight. Good luck with your goals and for allowing me to vent a little!



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Thanks guys for your advice! I have tried the protein shakes while working out, and it just did not seem to work at all! My husband suggested that mabey I stay out of the gym for a while and off the shakes and I'll gain. Believe it or not, it started to work! After I had my last baby I was down to 120 lbs,me being about 5'5, medium built I felt I was too skinny for my built. I have worked my way up to 133lbs, which I am very happy with, I am just looking for workouts that will help give muscle definition without losing my weight. And a healthy diet that will help keep my weight on with out gaining fat.

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