Skechers Shape Ups


Has anyone tried the new Skechers Shape Ups? It seems like there are several different styles and I'm not sure what the differences are. Can anyone help or point me to a website that explains they various types? I'm looking for one as a gift for someone who primarily does a lot of walking, versus running or other strenuous exercising. Thank you!


I have a pair and have used them twice. The first time, it felt like my calves were going to burst into flames. The 2nd, still definitely felt it more but neither walk made me sore and each lasted about 45-1 hour.


I actually work for a shoe company and I work in the production division so I know a ton about these types of shoes! We are actually developing a brand of them right now. Anyway the differences in them all are virtually very little. They are all based on the idea that you will "rock" back and forth and will be working your hamstrings, calves and core. They are suppose to add a bit of intensity to walking. You should buy a pair that you find comfortable. you should begin using them for only a few minutes a few times a week. you need to work up to a full workout in them. If not then yes they will "burn" you, also you could hurt yourself. I think the best kind are the ones that only have a slight rocker bottom. The MBT brand is a very steep rock and personally I think it's to much.
Beware though, they are more of a "gimick" than true exercise. You wont get thin or beautiful legs by using them alone.

good luck!


I have 6 pairs of MBTs. I liked them so much now my mom and dh have some. Both have back do I. We wear ours 90% of the time. We wear other shoes only when we have to.

MBTs were created as medical therapy for injured or weak people.

My back feels great when I wear them when I want to look dressy and wear something else my back pays the next day. My dh and mother report the same thing.

I did loose about and inch total on my upper thighs when I first got them. They make all of my workouts harder. IMO MBTs are made with the most integrity. I bought the last pair of high ones on the market:D


Has anyone thought of strapping bricks to their feet? That would make a great calve and quad workout :p


I work out in them but I dont know if it is recommended I definately makes the work out more challenging but I have the high version. Dont know about the low.


Ok I totally caved and bought a pair of the Sketchers Shape Ups. They are totally ugly, BUT super comfortable! I definitely felt it in my butt when I was walking and my boyfriend said he could see my butt really flexing. I think for someone who walks a lot they would be a great gift!


I love my Skechers. I wanted so much to get a pair of MBT after my friends had such good review on it but being so expensive, I look and found Skechers. It is the best pair of walking shoes for me. I walked about 2 to 3 miles everytime with them. It makes walking a total different experience. They keep your strike even. For walking workout, I definitely will get Skechers again. Walking with normal sports shoes would not be the same anymore. However, I don't think you can really run in them though.


I own a pair of MBT's
and to me I totally agree with the previous poster that said that they are more of a gimick. My mind wanted them to work but I just don't think they did. I wore them at my job when I was in the office (dental office). My backside feels more of a difference running a mile or walking up a hill than they do wearing them and gosh I hope I don't offend anyone but I think that they are so super duper ugly.

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