Shock Cardio sale


Anyone else taking advantage of this week's 30% off sale on any/all Shock Cardio? I feel like I just got the best deal!

The only Shock Cardio I already have is Hiit (love it!) and Travel Fit (use it in hotels, love it!) so I just bought all the remaining Shock Cardio. Between the 30% off sale, and the quantity discount (which ended up being 20% for the number of dvd's I bought) my order for 7 dvd's was $64.31 plus shipping. That's $9.18 per dvd!!! I almost didn't buy one of them, but when I added it to my cart, it bumped the quantity discount from 15% to 20%, and my order total went DOWN instead of up! So I paid less for adding another dvd!

I only discovered Cathe a year ago, and I've been building my Cathe collection, mostly around what goes on sale. This sale really helps! :D


That is a fantastic deal. I preordered all the Shock Cardio so I don't need them, but enjoy your DVDs!


I am def. going to be buying (on Friday) all the DVDs (except Travel Fit which I downloaded)!! That is an awesome deal.


I plan on getting HIIT and Travel Fit, I got CCC with the STS sale. So which of the MMA's would you all recommend the most? Also If I have her other step workout, do you think I need to get Athletic or Step Moves?


I adore MMA Boxing. I could not live without it! I also like athletic step...I haven't tried step moves yet. Have fun with your new workouts!

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