Sean T's ASYLUM--Now available!

Denise R

I didn't order directly from BB, I ordered from an independent Beach Body coach. Did you order from a coach? I got my shipping notice from the coach.


I purchased through Team Beachbody. I've always received shipping confirmation in the past. I"m still waiting to hear something. I hope it ships today or tomorrow so it will arrive by Friday.


I just ordered mine yesterday from Mary...I held out for several days, telling myself it was too expensive, and that I can create a great rotation with the workouts I already have as soon as I completely finish STS in 2 weeks. Then I got paid for some freelance work, and the money was quietly sitting in didn't make it more than 24 hours.

So now the only question is...where is my shipping notice?!? I'll be posting at least one review once I've done some of the workouts.
Thanks for posting this Denise!

As much as I was geared up for this set, I am going to be holding off on it for a while after all. I just don't have room for it in my routine right now. Not to mention the fact that I should probably do the regular Insanity rotation again before I attempt Asylum. Insanity is on my schedule for the holiday season. That being said, I am thinking of putting Asylum on my Christmas list this year...

Would love to hear your reviews though! Have fun! :D

LOL! I have Insanity but also have not incorporated it into my routine and I'm already looking at the Asylum set! Like you, I should probably do Insanity first!

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