///saturday in CHEETAHVILLE\\\!!!


so, this forum blocking thing at work has really cut into my cheetah time! i feel so completely lost as to what's going on with you all. i am going to have to figure something out. maybe i'll just have to use my treo, but i can't imagine typing personals on my treo! ouch! i will do the best i can to catch up.

wendy-how was the museum? did the kids like it? more importantly, did you stick with your plan to take a rest day? i took one yesterday. totally unplanned but i had so much to do a workout just wasn't gonna happen.

carole-wtg on your nutrition scores!!! unless i put my vitamins in there, i NEVER get a lot of a's. i keep saying i'm going to clean up my eating. i really need to stop talking about it and just do it!!! i am sooooo sorry about your mom. thsat's horrible. i will keep her in my prayers. how did beau do with mm? did he like it? that pic is TOO CUTE!!!

christine-LOL about indian food before a long ride! i love indian food but i know EXACTLY what you mean. did ya make it?

wt-did you ever try that potassium broth? i never made it *hangs head in shame* and i probably need to. as i was telling carole, my eating has been less than stellar and i need to stop talking about it and change things. i can't help it that i'm completely addicted to my peanut butter m&m's!!! so sorry about your tooth. i would have totally used that as an excuse to wuss out on a workout. you are so good for getting out there!

jackie-yes!!! SO ready for the weekend!!! and, better yet, it's the first saturday of COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!

karen-great job ont he 10 miles but no idea about the salt issue. the only time i've ever had crystals is during my marathons. also, the lost water issue. hmmm. maybe check and see what they have to say on the runner's world website?

shelly-wow...what a workout you had yesterday! your review of rumble makes me want it but i can't buy a bag anytime soon. did you get your kettlebells?

linda-OMG re: the explosion!!! how scary and especially to be awoken while sleeping by it! i am glad you did not have to evacuate and all is well with you and your family.

wendi-how ya doin' girl?

i hope i did not miss anyone.

today is the first GATOR FOOTBALL GAME against hawaii at 1230. i am going to the gator club to watch it with some friends. i am also planning on doing a tm walk or run (haven't dsecided yet, may do a bit of both) and will probably do CCPP with everyone.

i hope everypone has a great saturday. i miss you guys!!!


Good Morning Cheetahs.

Lori: Have fun watchin' the game! Yup, Joey enjoyed the museum. He was in temper tantrum mode when he didn't get his way though so that drastically cut down on MOM'S enjoyment of the day. By the time I got home with him every nerve was standing on end and I was exhausted. I was falling asleep on the couch at 8:30. I finally gave up and went to bed at 9. I love my son but boy does he take it all outta me at times. :eek:

Carole: Big big ((((HUGS)))) to you and prayers to your mom. Please keep on posted on her condition. I'm so sorry that happened to her. :(
I think you definately learning from the nutrtion program as you apparently intuitively chose the right foods yesterday when you grabbed that snack before dinner! That's awesome. Pretty soon you won't need the program at all!:) I am sure beer in cereal was in SOME movie....perhaps Animal House or something along those lines! LOL Great pic of Beau. He's a cutie. Did he do MM with you? LOL

Cathy: Sorry the tooth started bothering you yesterday. Nice work out though! Sounds like you had as much fun on your DOMSy run y'day as I had! LOL :) My legs are STILL not over it this morning and I have to run again. :eek: Your root canal issue/pus issue (LOL) reminds me of when I've gotten teeth pulled. I had one pulled as a kid and then had my wisdoms pulled when I was 18. All I remember is sitting with a bowl at the ready because while I was still numb/swollen I would start drooling/oozing saliva and blood out of my mouth. It was super gross. I couldn't spit from being numb so I had to push it out of my mouth with my tongue. YUCK! Sounds like I'd rather have had a root canal or 2! LMBO! Glad you enjoyed the bells. I've been considering going back to them after CTX but it's way to early to know for sure at this point.

Christine: Yes, having the boardwalk down the street is a nice plus for DS. We are also across the street from a beach but he has yet to be on it! :eek: Enjoy your rides. Running can wait! :)

Jackie: So what that your first time using Patrick's Body by Design work out? How do you like it? Yes, sounds like an endurance circuit to me.

Karen: When I run for a while outdoors I get salty too. It feels like I've been playing in the sand. LOL I don't bring a towel when I run outdoors so I can only wipe minimal sweat off. That being said I figured it was just happening because the sweat was evaporating thereby leaving the salt behind. When I run on the TM it doesn't happen but I wipe it off with the towel quite often.

Shelly: Glad you are enjoying your new work outs. So what did you think of the kettlebell? You really need to do a full kettlebell work out to appreciate them! They are awesome! So we have 6 weeks left til LBI, girl! OMG! :eek: LOL Question for ya...My original training plan has me topping out mileage wise at 15 miles. Do you think that's enough or should I go a little farther? I have time to squeeze one more long run in there. I could also do 15 miles twice just get my body used to it if the distance is enough. I don't want to do the full 18 though. That seems anti-climactic to me to run the full distance in training when you are racing a longer distance for the first time. Any thoughts would be appreciated. :)

Linda: OMG what a horrible explosion that must have been. My heart goes out to the families of the victims. Were the victims employees of the place? That reminds me of when a gas line blew on the property of an apt complex only a few miles from my house when I lived with my mom. It was sick. The fire ball was 200+ feet tall and created such light that it looked like dawn by my house! The birds were circling it. I thought it was because they though it was time to get up but someone recently told me it was because the light was attracting bugs so it was feeding time for the birds! The fire finally went out when they cut off the gas in the line but they had to let it burn up what was in the line. Ofcourse they "controlled" it the best they could. It destroyed a few apartments and the intense heat MELTED some cars but incredibly enough only one person died and that was from a heart attack. Everyone in that complex took off running out of thier apartments when it happened. I'm surprised no one got trampled. No one in the surrounding area got any sleep that night. It took them a while to figure out where the explosion was. I heard the fire could be seen from NY and this happened in central NJ!:eek:

So yesterday I stuck to my rest day. As I told Lori, DS had fun at the museum but he was taking fits when he wouldn't get his way so mom was not a happy camper. I was mentally spent by the time I got home which ofcourse resulted in a bad mood and being exhausted. I was in bed by 9 and probably sleeping by 9:15.

Today I will do some CTX weights but NOT leaner legs-STILL DOMS'ing from that darned work out!!!:eek: I will also run a bit today. Not sure what else the day holds. I guess I'll play it by ear.

Time to grab more java!:)

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Good morning, Lorie, Wendy, and all who follow...

Lorie :: I guess Shelly's circumvention trick didn't work for you?...I did not try the broth. Not really sure that one would've been up my alley, so I was waiting to hear what you thought of it. Ironically, I earned a C yesterday for potassium without trying--I ended up having a "cheat" day: cheeseburger, fries, sundae, AND apple pie. I flunked saturated fat but still managed to stay within the calorie limits...enjoy your walk and/or run as well as the CCCP and GOOOOO G A T O R S!

Wendy :: Sorry Joey had one o' those days yesterday...Oh yeah, the wisdom teeth removal is fun, isn't it? I don't think the bleeding was that bad for me as it was for you...Yep, I'm on day two of the heiney DOMS myself...I'm happy the kettlebells are easier to work into my current rotation than it was when I was doing splits...Enjoy your workout.

Today is a rest day, but I'll likely do some ab work since the MTV Pilates DVD was a little underwhelming. A stretch or some yoga will also probably feel good. As mentioned to Wendy, I'm still DOMSin' quite nicely from Thursday's kettlebell butt-buster.

Oh, and I'm happy to report my tooth is FINE today. :) Guess all that rootin' around in there just irritated the area of the infection for a bit.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

PS...Don't know about you cheetahs, but I am completely saturated with the Presidential election already and would be happy if we could just vote tomorrow and be done with it.


Up and worked out earlier than normal this morning. I finsihed IClimb with Keith for 40 min on the eliptical and went 2.3 miles. It said I burned 750 calories but who knows. It was a very hilly workout which I HATE but know it's for my own good.
Today I wont' be around it's Fantasy Football Draft day so we are meeting at my in laws for the big party and draft. It's an annual all day event. Right now dh is off playing there annual round of Smokey Haze Football League Golf. Smokey Haze is the name of out league and we are the Wu Tang Clan. Hope we get a good pick. Last year we were the winners of the league so the big trophy comes home with our name on it this year. Dh is going to give me a call when they are close to being done and the girls and I will head over. Already there is controversy with some of the new rule changes proposed. I think I already told my brother in law that I'm not mad at him I'm used to dealing with children. It's all in fun but my goodness is he a baby when he doesn't get his way. I really married the right brother becaue my BIL would be in time out constantly.

Anyway I'm out for the day. Tomorrow is my rest day and my legs need it.

Wendy- Sorry about Joey's melt down. I swear it's always the worst timing when they decided to go at it. It doesn't get easier the problems just change. If you have another child in the future watch out for the jealousy factor. You never will figure it out. They will just wear you out :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Lorie- have fun watching the game .I'm sure it will be on at the draft. Should I say it " We are Seminole Fans" Ok enough said.:D:D

Cathy- Glad the tooth is doing better. At least that is one thing off your plate now. When is your next long run?
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Good morning cheetahs

Cathy...thanks for your beautiful Hugs. As Mom does smoke and have a drink every night she is very much wanting and missing that! She was just resting last night. Had been sick from the pain meds which does seem to happen. Thanks re my Beau pic, he is quite squeezable..:)...Sorry to hear about your tooth acting up...Good job getting in the run with that DOMS! Good, glad to hear the tooth is better today. OMG, I so hear ya on the Election coverage...Enough!!

Lorie...thanks for your prayers for my Mom. LOL about Beau and MM, sometimes he is just too funny...:D...Thanks re my pic of him.

Wendy...thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my Mom. I will keep you all updated....LOL as I was thinking about Animal House too for the beer and cereal! Thanks re my Beau pic. I was surprised he stayed there for me to get the camera! Sorry about Joey acting up yesterday. I can see how that would mentally exhaust you. Enjoy CTX today.

Karen...thanks for your prayers for my Mom. I know this will be a tough road for her, but things happen for a reason I do think. Good job with the iClimb workout. Sounds like you guys really get into Fantasy Football, enjoy the draft day and celebrating!

Christine...thanks for the Hugs and prayers. Luckily it is not in her hip. It is actually her knee as the top part of her femur got shoved up in the knee...yeah..OUCH! Thanks re my Beau pic...:)

Update...So the problem is in my Mom's knee. Her femur was pushed up into the knee, so there is a fracture there. Not sure when they will do surgery as for all the tests first. My Mom has not been in the hospital (get this) since she had me! She has also not been to a doctor for many, many years. So they found an anamoly (sp) with her heart and a cardiologist should be coming today. My oldest sister (as usual) has been a PITA! So I might become some sort of a ref today!

I am going to try and get in a kickbox workout this morning, then church, then off to the hospital. I will let you guys know what is going on when I can. Thank you so much for being here for me. I so appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers...:D



Good morning all:D Heavy workout day for my yesterday... and it felt great! I got my first kettlebell... stuck with just a 15 lb one for now.
I'll do the instructional vid that comes with it today and introduce myself to the art of kettlebelling:eek: I'll give myself a break from running today. I've had some pretty heavy duty runs the last 5 days in a row.

So, I'm thinkin I'll do mostly step cardio today with Seasuns The Next Step
and maybe learn more of ASC3. We'll see. I'll get nice and sweaty and tired before my nap. I'll be working the next couple of nights before heading out to central Pa again on Labor day.

I'll be back for personals



Linda- Wow, that was a scary event last night!! I'm surprised I didn't see it in the news this morning... but I guess there's alot going on in general. You would enjoy Rumble. I really didn't notice the glitch in the Menu, whatever it is. The stretch section, like the rest of the workout is quite different... it's a very dynamic stretch.

Carole- I"m so sorry that happened for your Mom!!! HUGS and Prayers for you and your family!!I know you'll be in the middle as usual being a rock of support for your mother and dealing with sis too! I just hope you'll remember to take care of yourself during this time!!! Loved that pic of Beau by the way!! Please keep us posted!! That is worrisome that your Mom hasn't seen any docs for years... I'm afraid that is all too common.

Lorie- Sorry my trick didn't work to enable you to view the forums at work. You have a determined employer when it comes to web blocking I'm afraid! Hope you get in a nice run.. or whatever.
Go Gators! Did I ever mention that I lived just outside of Gainesville, Fl for a couple of years?Naturally became a Gator fan at that time... you can't help it!
Wendy- I will be working out more with the kettlebell today so I'll let you know what I think.Like the change of it so far! I think 15 miles will definitely suffice for a long run in preparation.A bigger key is your weekly mileage and during this time you should be aiming to get 4 runs/wk in
consistently to keep your endurance in shape. Getting in two long runs is a good idea if you can manage it. Sorry Joey had an episode of the terrible twos yesterday... er... I guess he's 3 now?

Cathy- Great to hear that your painful tooth episode was just temporary! Hey, I'm with you with all the political coverage!! I'll be ready to pull my hair out come Nov!! What was the kettlebell workout you did Thurs that was so effective? Have a great rest day! Are you doing a step back tomorrow or going for another 18 or 20 miler?

Karen- Great EXT workout! I'd take that calorie burn reading with a HUGE grain of salt. Especially if it doesn't have you entering your stats-- age, weight, etc. But what's important is how you feel anyway! Sounds like a very fun party day for you... enjoy!!



Wendy: Sounds like an exhausting day yesterday. I know field trips with the kids are much more tiring than teaching all day. My student really did love her gift.

Carole: So sorry about your mom. :( Please let us know how she is doing. I will be thinking of her. Beau is too cute. He is getting big!

Christine: How was dinner last night? Does your DH work out as much as you do? My DH will work out in the winter a little bit, but he is not committed like me. Enjoy your biking!

Cath: I think I told Wendy my MRI story where the nurse had to hold my hand through the whole thing. I am not even kidding. Yeah, not so good with that either. I am glad you are feeling better today. How long tomorrow?

Jackie: Cool idea to have the open house. Hopefully you will have some time to relax this weekend.

Karen: We have the stainless steel appliances too. Great getting in 10 miles! I don't have any advice with the salt thing, sorry.

Shelly: I am like you with the weight thing. Just change it up if the pants fit a little more snug than usual. Thank you for your kind words. :) Great workouts for you.

Linda: How scary! I am so happy your family is ok.

Lorie: I used to read the forums at work sometimes when I had downtime. I decided I will not do that anymore since people are watching our every move. Enjoy your walk/run today.

The girl I tutor loved her gift. :) Took a rest day yesterday. My feet were sore probably from running three days in a row. Feeling good today. Will let you know what I decide for a workout today. :)


Good Morning Cheetahs!

Cathy – I’m sorry to hear your tooth was more painful yesterday! I’m glad you feel better now! I’m feeling Newport. I love these workouts because you can make them as tough as you want simply by upping the weight of the bell! Enjoy your rest day. I hear you on the elections.

Lorie – You need to talk to your school about the forum blocking. We miss you! :p Nope, skipping the long ride today – I’ll do it tomorrow. Enjoy the game!

Wendy – I’m enjoying the bike. It’s a good time. I’m going to stop by the local bike store (LBS), and pick up some little things today for the long ride tomorrow. Should be fun! Sorry DS was a bit obstinate yesterday!! Enjoy your DOMS!

Karen – sounds like a fun day in store!! Good job on the hilly workout, especially since you hated it! I love hills. :D

Carole – oh my! I’m cringing just hearing what happened to your mom. Thank heavens her hip is not broken. Wow! Your mom hasn’t been to the hospital in that long? Wow! I am glad the found the anomaly now – hopefully it’s something minor. I’ll be thinking of you and her, and keeping y’all in my thoughts and prayers!

Shelly – Congrats on joining the racks of the kb owners! Artofstrength.com has many instructional videos as well so if you want help with exact form, go there. Enjoy your workout! Sounds like fun! Hope the nights go quickly and smoothly so you can be home again soon. Only a month to go, isn’t there?

Gloria – Glad to hear your student loved her gift. How sweet! Dinner was fun! Yeah, my DH goes to the gym daily. So, he works out like me. Enjoy your workout!

The long ride has been postponed until tomorrow. Too much wine and Indian food – bad combo! But oh sooo good!!!! I’ll do some light cardio before my hair appointment today (not sure what yet). I’m feeling okay, just tired. Then it’s groceries, and then relax! I love having 3 days to get everything done!!


Hello Cheetahs!

Karen - Good job on the 10 miles yesterday! I never change anything up when I have salt show up on the old bod. It does cause my lips to chap and hate that. You know appliances back in the day were much better than ones these days. Your Magic Chef may not ever play out. :D Do you find yourself cleaning fingerprints off the stainless steel appliances quite often? That's the only thing I hate about them but love them otherwise. Enjoy the Fantasy Football Draft. Sounds like lots of fun.

Shelly - Glad you had a nice run yesterday. Did you get that kettlebell? Bet you'll miss that fitness center when you move for good. Are you getting your workout room set up the way you want at your new house? Rumble sounds good. Sure hope I can get a bag for Christmas from some of my lovely family. :) Hilly and Steady is only 20 minutes long. It's a good workout but don't think I would cough up 10 bucks for it now. I got it before the prices went up and haven't bought one since the prices went up either. I want more bang for my buck with at least a 30 minute workout.

Linda - Do you have a Patrick workout that uses heavier weights? He's fun to work out with once you get use to the quirky laugh. How awful about the explosion and someone losing their life. Glad your homes were ok. Hope you made up for the lost sleep last night.

Carole - Thanks for the info on Picturetrail. Wanted to make sure there were no free accounts before I renew mine. I like it too and have a lot of pictures stored there. So sorry to hear about your mom. ((((HUGS)))) I hope she's recovering well. I know that had to terrify you. She will be in my prayers. Beau looks so cute in the midst of your workout stuff. He looks like he exhausted from working out. :D Thanks for the update on your mom. Tell sis to take a chill pill.

Cathy - No special plans this weekend. I'll clean the house so that I don't have so much to do next weekend before the open house. Got the bathrooms cleaned and the floors mopped. Need to run the dust mop today. Since it's only me, it doesn't take long for me to get the cleaning done. Glad the TL role will add some $$$ to your wallet. That will make it worth it. I'll try and get some pics posted today if I get a chance. Good job on the run and workout with the tooth. Enjoy your rest day. Glad the tooth is better. ITA about the election. Get it over and done.

Lorie - Sorry you can't check in from work. Hope you figure something out. So, you'll be in front of the tv this weekend enjoying football, huh? Have fun!

Wendy - Glad Joey enjoyed the museum but sorry mom didn't have an ideal day. I've done Patrick's workout before just not that often. Too hard to work into my rotation. You know how we have all of these workouts and just can't get to them? I like the workout a lot because it has some different moves in it and it uses a body bar. Enjoy your workout today.

Gloria - Glad your student liked her gift. Did you get DH to massage your feet for you? ;) Hope you had a good workout.

Christine - I giggled at you postponing your long ride. Hope the effect of the bad combo wears off soon. Enjoy your workout and getting your hair done. It's nice to have these long weekends.

I got outside for a 6 mile run this morning. Started with hill repeats during the first mile and then it was flats for 4 miles and ended with another mile of hills. My legs were feeling it. Came inside to do a cool down mile on the treadmill but challenged myself to see if I could crank out 2 miles. Got them done. Working with Grace and the hills has really helped. Did Stretch Max #1 for a good stretch. Thinking I might want to do another half marathon. Don't want to commit to it yet though. I want to see if I can increase my mileage to 10 miles without my hamstrings crying for mercy and to get my feet use to the pavement again.

I need to finish my cleaning and then hop in the tub and soak these legs for a few minutes.

Have a sensational day!


Hey Girls.

I ran 5.50 miles this morning with Grace. I ignored her when she wanted to run hills and just kept a nice 10 min mile goin' instead. :p

I'm off to take a shower and a nap and then we are heading out this afternoon with DS to an indoor fleamarket. I haven't been to a fleamarket in a while and have an itch to go...I will probably be the only one having fun there but DH agreed so now it's his problem! :p:D LOL

I will catch up with personals later on...I promise!

Much love to my girls! MWAH!



CHARLESTON DISTANCE RUN IS DONE!!! yay!!! The first 10 miles felt great! Even going up Capital Punishment Hill!!!! But....they ran out of Gatorade after the first few miles and there was only water. I was sooo mad at myself for not taking my water bottle! Note to self,,,,,,,never, ever, rely on them to supply the Drink of Choice!!! It was very, very humid today (88% humidity). I started cramping after 10 or 11 miles. I was drinking water and using my AccelGels. But I have never cramped in my quads before today. First my feet started cramping......another couple of miles my calves started cramping. But the last mile mile my quads were also cramping. I was so mad at myself. I had to take several walk breaks. My time was 2:48 minutes and some seconds (don't know official time yet). I didn't realize how bad the conditions were until my family and friends told us that several people collapsed and had to be put on gurneys and some just walked the lap around the track finish line. Seemed like everyone was having really bad cramps. :( Anyway.....I did it. That has been a goal of mine for around 30 years! I have never done that race. I have always been petrified of the hills. Okay.....sorry for going on and on!

Carole - Oh my gosh! Your poor mom! I hope she is okay! The break was bad enough, but to have an anomoly on top of that. Hope your sis doesn't behave too badly! Hope you are able to get in your KB and that you have a good day. I know it won't be really good....but sending you good vibes and hugs that everything will be smoother!

Cathy - Thank you sooo much! I got the Cytomax! I didn't use it today, because I was afraid to try something different...but I wish I would have went ahead and tried it! Sorry you had a rough day with your tooth yesterday, but glad it is doing better today!

Wendy - Oh my! The gas line explosion sounds awful! That is sad about the person dying of the heart attack! It is amazing no more people were killed, though. Sorry Joey gave you a hard time!

Jackie - I am not sure if Dumb Training used heavier weights or not. I have Kitchen Sink and the BBD. That is all that I have. I really need to try DT. I have had it for around a year and never tried it! I like him a lot! His laugh cracks me up! There was no damage to our house from the explosion. Some homes directly across the river from the plant had windows blown out. Great job on your outside run!

Christine - Sorry your ride got postponed! I understand about the wine and Indian food,though!! So you saw our explosion on the news?

Gloria - Glad your student liked the gift!

karen - Good job on the iClimb! Awww...Fantasy Football time of year again! My SIL is nuts about that!

Shelly - Yes, it was very scary! It happened Thursday night, but I am surprised you didn't hear anything about it, too! I know when I Googled it, I saw a lot about it on the internet. Rumble really sounds good! I am sure I would have not noticed the glitch, either.

we have to go to my SM's for a get together and cookout. I have to leave in just a little while. I am not quite feeling ready for that....I am a tad in pain! :( I think it is from the few mile of steep downhill. Oh well.

I will try to bbl! Hey to everyone!!

It is pouring the rain now! Wish it would have rained during the race!



Lorie - Enjoy the game! It is so great that football season started! I just love fall! Also, enjoy the TM run! I feel for ya on being blocked out of Cathe at work! I was soooo furious when that happened to me!



I'm back!!! Ended up doing ASC 2 - the premix where you do through, then you do all of the finished combo's 3 times - but I quit after 2 times. Fun workout. I wanted to do ASC 3 but I did not feel like thinking. :rolleyes: Off to shower and get my hair cut.

Jackie - GREAT run today!! Wow! Yeah, I'm kind of feeling the affects of last night, but I managed to sweat a lot of it out. Just have to be careful what I eat today. :p I have a nice mild chicken dinner planned.

Wendy - Nice run today! Enjoy your fleamarket!

Linda - WAY TO GO!!!! I'm so impressed that you were able to finish with your entire lower body cramping! Wow! I have never seen a race run out of Gatoraide! That's amazing. I'll bet your friends and family were thrilled to see you, after seeing all the bad stuff. Glad you finished and you should be darned proud of yourself!!!! :D:D:D Yeah, I saw your explosion on the news. In some of the outlying areas here in the Bay Area we have had similar accidents, so whenever a factory has an explosion, it makes our news. No worries about the ride. At least now I don't have to feel rushed on it. Last time it took me 3 hours and 20 minutes. I want to go a little further tomorrow.

Have a great day all!



Cheetah FRiends Weekend edition

OH Cheetahs, I cannot seem to get here with any regularity any more. We are between hockey games for DS I have to leave in just a few minutes. TG we are at our home rink this weekend.

Carole- I did not read what happened to your Mom but I gather she fractured her femur and a heart anomaly was found on her pre op work up? I will keep her in my prayers. Do not PITA SIS get to you. (((( You really need these HUGS))))))

Linda- Whoo Hooo!!!!!
congrats on finishing one tough race!!! Especially under such difficult conditions!!!!

Wendy- Kids can be tough when they get into tantrums. And I think it is hardest on the Mom who gets blamed for everything. But there are good times to counter act the bad times.

I have had a good week of workouts :
M: PP heavy and later CC#8
T: no workout
W: AOS Firepower #15 KB, twice through premix, later yoga class
T: seni recumbent stationary bike 45 " varying speed and resistance while watching DM cardio premix 45"
F: AOS Newport #!5 KB
today : CCPP on semi recumbent stationary bike 70 minutes total, 23.7 miles.

I only had two very good days of eating, then PMS and no discipline :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Ok I gotta go DS's game is in 18 minutes!


Judy - Thanks! (regarding the race!). Great job on your workouts! I totally understand you not being able to get here as often as usual with all of that going on! Just say "hey" when you get a chance! It is so hard to post when real life has you going so many different directions.!

Christine - I was totally shocked. I have never run into that around here. We don't have huge races....and they are always well prepared. This was kind of a fluke, I guess. Next time I will carry my bottle! My running buddy's DH met us towards the end with a bottle of Gat. so that helped some. I checked my Garmin and the last 4 miles was reaallly slow! HOpe you guys don't have any more explosions!

Very strange thing that I just discovered a few minutes ago.....I was looking at my medal and the ribbon has "Bayer Corporation " stamped all around it. I guess they provided the medals. How very sobering. :( (they are the company that had the explosion the other night).

Oh my gosh....I have got to get out of here and load the car!!!!

Bye, bye!



BF's mom: small update

I got a couple of emails from BF's work friend. Apparently the family from across the country got here and after they did the family had the docs take BF's mom off of everything but saline and morphine at some point yesterday. I was also told that BF texted this same friend y'day telling her that her mom told her she was not ready to go and that she was hanging on for her daughters. The woman is in pain and miserable after fighting for sooo many years but is holding on to every last bit of life because she doesn't want to leave her daughters yet. That's one hell of a tribute to moms, don't you think!?


Afternoon, cheetahs! :)

Linda :: AWESOME job with your 15 miler--and under tough conditions!

Bet it feels great--and deservedly so!...You're very welcome...I was nervous about Madison getting into it. When I saw the single serving packets, I figured it would be perfect for you to try. Gotta look out for my fellow newbie-marathoner! :) Hope you get a second wind & can enjoy the cookout. It's nice to have license to eat whatever you want, isn't it?

Karen :: enjoy the Fantasy Football Draft Day--sounds fun. Hope you get a good lineup...Great job with the EXT. You could compare that readout with what the Workout Manager calculates for calories burned, and see how close they are. The WM is pretty on target when it comes to running. Tomorrow is a scaled-back long run.

Carole :: your poor mom--that sounds so painful...and now a heart condition to boot. I hope it is not serious. More positive thoughts & prayers coming your way. Will be waiting for the latest update. I hope your DSis is cooperative.

Shelly :: congrats on the kettlebell purchase! The one I did the other day was AoS Providence. The other two (Firepower and Newport) are also outstanding, but this one seems to give me DOMS in the hams and glutesconsistently...tomorrow is a "short" long run. :) Gotta love those...Have a great, sweaty workout, and hopefully, some low-key nights on the job. (Is it possible there?)

Gloria :: I wish I could be more lax about my food intake, but I have a ways to go and need the structure!...Tomorrow will probably be in the range of 11-13...When I had to have an MRI done, I went in the standing machine. I don't think I could have gone into "the box."...enjoy whatever workout you do. Glad the little girl enjoyed her b'day gift.

Jackie :: whew! Ending with a mile of hills?! Just reading about it makes my legs twitch. :) They are still hurtin' from this week's punishing. (Ain't it great?) Hope you can knock out the cleaning soon enough and then kick back.

Christine :: glad you had a good time last night. Enjoy your salon visit. I always find getting my haircut to be relaxing, for some reason. What happened to your rest day??? Anyway, great going!

Hi to everyone else!

I opted for Core Max #3 and Eoin's Daily Dose of Bliss. Will go & enjoy a bit of sun before tackling some long overdue school prep.


Hi Cheetahs!

I will do my best to get here tomorrow and catch up. It's been crazy here. So crazy that I backed my SUV into the garage door. :eek: I had pressed the garage button and proceeded to clean out the very back, back seat, etc. I planned on taking it for a good vacuuming/car wash after the kid's hair cuts. Not only does my car need repairs, but we need a new garage. :confused: Honestly, I don't know how the garage couldn't have been all the way up after my de-cluttering. ???? Not sure if the button got pushed again?? I've had a heck of week with insomnia, so anything is possibly. I did manage some good runs this week and the stairs. Not much weight work. :( Today, was beautiful outside and I ran 6.5 miles. Did some foam rolling and stretching. That was all the time I had. Judy, IA with these crazy, non-stop days...what the heck!??!

Anyway, enough about me....want to at least say:

Carole ~ (((HUGS))) and prayers for your mom. Hope your sis is not a PITA!

Linda ~ WTG!!! You're awesome! I don't know how you did it either with the leg cramping. :eek: Great job!

Hi to the rest of the Cheetahs. I'll be back, hopefully, tomorrow to catch up!

Have a good night!
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